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Trash Pack Industries / TPKIND

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Trash Pack Industries – an elusive corporation of nocturnal creatures looking for loot all over the galaxy.


EST. 2683 – In response to the incursion of the Vanduul in to Human controlled spaces.

In the year 2681 Humans made contact with the Vanduul in the Orion System. The initial ‘meeting’ of the two races was anything but peaceful with the destruction of the Dell Township on Armitage Planet.

Seeing an opportunity for some quick Credits, and maybe help fellow man, many entrepreneurs flocked to the Orion system after that initial attack. Since the system was an active conflict zone the UEE required corporations and aid services be officially registered with the UEE before being admitted in to the system. Two years after the attack, still seeing an opportunity to make some credits, Clay Enright founded Trash Pack Industries and submitted an application for admittance.

Approved, and for the next 29 years, Trash Pack Industries (TPKIND) with it’s freelance members were able to service and support the human population in the Orion system until 2712 with the onset of the much larger “Battle of Orion” which resulted in the UEE abandoning the system. Since then traveling to the system has been at your own risk and slowly the human presence all but faded from the system.

Clay Enright or has he was known later on as “TrashPanda” used his connections he gained in the following years help guide the company in many different directions to help maintain a steady profit margin. After the aid runs in Orion, it was a natural transition to general trade contracts, then dabbled in mining, data collection and extraction, smuggling, bounty hunting… As TrashPanda would say “If it pays, we’ll do it!”


Here’s what we know for sure: There is money to be made in the ‘Verse
We believe in the power of Credits.
We want to live in a world where our toliets are golden.
We embrace discretion.
We want nothing more than to be filthy rich.
We care deeply about employers.
We hope to one day… on second thought, lets skip this.
We feed off wars and disasters.
We will be responsible for NOTHING.
We will show the world who truely rules the shadows.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.