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Trash Pack Industries / TPKIND

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Trash Pack Industries – an elusive corporation of nocturnal creatures looking for loot all over the galaxy.


EST. 2683 – In response to the incursion of the Vanduul in to Human controlled spaces.

In the year 2681 Humans made contact with the Vanduul in the Orion System. The initial ‘meeting’ of the two races was anything but peaceful with the destruction of the Dell Township on Armitage Planet. Since then there have been many opportunities for companies to capitalize on many opportunities on many fronts. Be it mining the raw resources to rebuild, reclaiming and recycling old materials for reuse, defense and security, intelligence and reconnaissance… the list goes on.. This is where Trash Pack Industries was born, providing discrete services to any and all in any discipline.


Here’s what we know for sure: There is money to be made in the ‘Verse
We believe in the power of Credits.
We want to live in a world where our toliets are golden.
We embrace discretion.
We want nothing more than to be filthy rich.
We care deeply about employers.
We hope to one day… on second thought, lets skip this.
We feed off wars and disasters.
We will be responsible for NOTHING.
We will show the world who truely rules the shadows.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.