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TechPowerUp! / TPU

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TechPowerUp! – Following the pursuit of technology across the universe.


TechPowerUp! Is a website dealing with PC hardware, tech and gaming founded in 2004. W1zzard is the founder of the website and has created tools such as ATiTool and GPU-Z. We are a friendly and helpful community and everyone is welcome join!

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ATTENTION With the implementation of Organizational Espionage I want to assure you that this practice will be very difficult to occur with this Organization. We do not allow hidden or [REDACTED] affiliations. This Organization will have only a few things that it will own. Ships, hangars, equipment will all be owned by the citizens that make up the Organization. TPU is a conglomeration of free citizens with individual ownership rights. It is up to the individual whom they want to share their assets with.

Our manifest is basically this:

We’re a bunch of Privateers with a focus on technology. We love tech, we obtain tech, we research and tweak the tech. Tech, tech, tech…

Okay, aside from tech there will be other goals to achieve. Things like building a base of operations, trading, exploring, salvaging and some dirty work if necessary.

Once the Organization System is more robust, we should have our own forum to discuss any ideas you may have. Everyone’s voice is welcome in molding and shaping the Organization.


1. Love tech. Embrace it!

2. Obtain tech. The more tech the better.

3. Overclock thy tech.

4. Use the tech, sell it, flaunt it overclock it some more.

5. Keep your fellow tech enthusiasts backed up. They are your tech family. We need to be a close knit bunch in order to survive.

6. TheBat! (CaptainRocker) is the founder of the TechPowerUp! Organization. He is not your leader.. meaning he’s not here to give you orders. You as a member of TechPowerUp! can lead yourselves. Teamwork is always welcomed and encouraged.

6.b. However, if you act like an a**hole you will not be a welcomed member in this organization. A**holes are determined by a complex and robust democratic system (the chat system :p) between a majority of members. If you do have issues with a member, please contact TheBat! (CaptainRocker).

What does this all mean?

You are a part of this organization as an aficionado of technology that can be obtained in the universe with the willingness to share this technology with the rest of the organization to be engineered, copied, looked at in wonder, pats on the back, etc.. You can basically do whatever you want in the universe to obtain technology, however TechPowerUp! will not be held liable for those going against the UEE’s rules, laws and regulations. Everyone in this organization is accountable for their own actions.

Basically, we are here for the tech and we are here for each other to have fun, profit and/or whatever else you can think of.