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The Plexus Syndicate / TPXS

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So you’ve found The Syndicate or perhaps The Syndicate has found you? Whatever the case may be, we’re glad you’re here! The Plexus Syndicate works off of a few basic concepts… stealth, unity, strict adherence to The Syndicate & it’s hierarchy, & finding opportunities wherever they exist.


The Plexus Syndicate was created by renowned entrepreneur Alsandair Thraushtins in an attempt to protect a secret so valuable that it could change the entire verse completely. What is this secret? Only Alsandair knows and he alone. In attempts to keep this secret from ever being loosed on the verse, The Plexus Syndicate was born. Alsandair regularly keeps his vid journal up to date as to his adventures through what he calls “The Plexus Chronicles”. Many of these vids are available within The Syndicate’s Spectrum Database where members regularly appear.

What is known of The Plexus Syndicate’s operations? Not much, other than it appears on the surface to be a freelance organization with descriptions of jobs ranging from trade to most recently piracy. Little is known in regards to just what exactly The Plexus Syndicate is up to and the UEE currently has them labeled as an Outlaw organization. Alsandair has appealed and denied such claims publicly, but most in Empire space laugh at the attempts to make The Syndicate look like a reputable organization. However, many have turned to few, as those who laugh, have appeared to gone… missing.

Members of The Plexus Syndicate (normally referred to as “The Syndicate”), are just as shrouded in shadow and secrecy. Few live to know the names of those employed directly by The Syndicate. Those lucky enough to live are smart enough to keep their mouths shut in regards to it’s members or it’s actions. The very mention of The Syndicate by anyone usually is followed by many uncomfortable seconds of silence or sends many away from the lips the name is uttered from.

No one seems to know the purpose of The Syndicate’s activities, but one can extrapolate from the public archives that The Syndicate always finds itself in important large scale events that have meaningful impact to the verse. The Syndicate seems to have no affiliation or loyalty to any one faction other than themselves and this alone has brought upon them much attention to all powers that be in the verse… human and alien.


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?