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Welcome Citizens, to TradeIn.Space,

Your premier market analysis company for all things Start Citizen. We strive to provide accuracy of information and rapid updating to match the games regular update schedule.


Disclaimer: TradeIn.Space is a fan-project made in my spare time (and during quantum travel,) so please keep that in mind :)

With our initial launch into the start citizen universe, the TradeIn.Space website currently supports these features for all citizen traders.
  • Trade Route Finder: Find routes by any wanted filters
    • uec/SCU, uec/min., Profit%
    • Route ranking
    • Filtering by time, station, item, hidden and more.
    • Presets
    • Saved Preset (shareable)
  • Loop Finder (WIP): Find multi-step routes with compatible pickup/dropoff combos
    • Filtering by item or station
    • Demand ratio calculation
    • Maximum potential profit cap
    • Pad size filtering
  • Trade Table Viewer: Just give me the numbers!
    • See price range and SCU rates per location per item.
  • Exploration View: See services per location
    • Pad Filtering & counts
    • Services display: Pads, Trade, Admin, FPS, Ship, Etc.


TradeIn.Space strives to provide accurate, up-to-date information on trades and game information.

Price information on the website is currently assembled using community provided data. In the future I would like for members of the organization to maintain our own master source of data.

Game information is scraped from the game files themselves, this is for increased accuracy as well as faster updating for everyone.


TradeIn.Space expects all members to treat each other with respect, and to treat those outside of our organization the same way….as long as they can pay their bills. ;)

We are all here to have fun, and fly safe! o7