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“TransOrbital, we get around.”


TransOrbital was one of the Earth’s first commercial transports to other parts of the Sol system. For nearly a millennium we have provided the Verse with dependable services in virtually every facet of commerce and industry.
TransOrbital Navigation and Shipping (TONS) was how the organization got it’s start, charting jump points and star systems while also transporting people and equipment throughout UPE’s expansion into the verse.
TransOrbital Minning, Excavation, and Salvage (TOMES) was born of the Messer era, with expansion and colonization at an all time high the UEE was hurting for resources. Companies and organizations like TransOrbital stepped in and filled the supply where ever there was demand.
TransOrbital Private Security (TOPS) was recently organized to better ensure our customers interests and investments in the outer reaches where piracy and the threat of the vanduul is ever present.
TransOrbital has further plans for expansion into other sectors of the economy but first we’ll require more manpower.


TransOrbital, is a organization for freelancers and affiliated organizations that need support beyond their means.
We run purely on revenue from contracts with our affiliates and the generous donations from members.
Our goal is to help you make your fortune and keep our operations active all across the verse.
Reputation is very important for us to maintain our business interests around the verse.
We require that anyone working for or with us maintains a clean record while on the job.
Nevertheless, we do not discriminate against any of our members or affiliates for their past infractions.

TransOrbital Fleet List (WIP)

Aegis Dynamics: Vulcan, Gladius, Avenger Stalker and Titan.

Anvil Aerospace: Super Hornet, and Arrow.

Consolidated Outland: Mustang Delta.

Crusader Industries: Mercury Star Runner.

Drake Intergalactic: Kraken, Vulture, and Dragonfly.

Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern: Endeavor, Prospector, and Reliant Tana.

Origin Jumpworks: M50, 125A, and 325A.

Roberts Space Industries: Constellation Andromeda and Aurora LN.


General Manager
Human Resources
Public Relations
Commander – CDR
Ace Pilot – ACE
Veteran – VET
Wing Man – WNG
Pilot – PLT
Affiliate – AFF