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UEENR Expeditionary Force - Trelawney / TRELAWNEY

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Trading

Welcome to the community organisation for crew of the Class-M Idris Frigate UEES Trelawney. New recruits welcome.

Discord: Link here to our Discord voice server


A workhorse of the United Earth Empire Navy, the UEES Trelawney has seen active service across some of the most harsh and unforgiving sectors of the Empire for decades. A veteran of countless theatres and operations, the Trelawney and her crew have served with distinction in some of the bloodiest battles in recent UEE history.

Now in private hands and crewed by a dedicated group of volunteer servicemen, many themselves of full-time careers in the UEE armed services, the Trelawney continues to play its part in the protection and security of the Empire. Though now a venerable vessel, she continues to take part in a broad range of activities, from rescue and disaster relief, to anti-piracy and smuggling operations, to staving off the Vanduul threat.


1) To preserve and protect the ideals and values of the United Earth Empire from both foreign and domestic threats.

2) To protect and render aid to the citizens and civilians of the United Earth Empire.

3) To demonstrate by example the best traditions of the UEE Armed Forces.


1) All officers and crew are to recognise and adhere to the laws and regulations set down by the United Earth Empire.

2) As a military vessel, all officers and crew are to recognise follow the commands of their immediate superiors. These commands are to be completed to the best of the individual’s ability.

3) All officers are charged with the welfare of their juniors, in both peacetime and wartime.

4) Discipline and professionalism are to be maintained at all times, regardless of rank.