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Welcome to Treyarc Group! Your go-to for space and planetary surface mining, salvage ops, and stellar cargo logistics. Partner with us for innovative solutions and exceptional service. Join our Discord to learn more.


Treyarc Group was founded in 2952 by a group of entrepreneurs in Area 18 on Stanton III in the Stanton system. The company began as a small mining operation, extracting valuable resources from asteroid belts and planetary surfaces. As the business grew, Treyarc expanded into salvage operations, recovering lost or abandoned ships and cargo in the Stanton system.

In the following decades, Treyarc established itself as a significant player in the mining and salvage industries in the Stanton system. The company’s success allowed it to branch out into cargo logistics, transporting goods and resources throughout the system.

Treyarc continued to grow and expand, taking on larger and more complex mining and salvage operations and increasing its fleet of cargo ships. The company also invested in research and development to improve its mining and salvage techniques and increase efficiency in its logistics operations.

Treyarc has become one of the most successful and respected companies in the Stanton system, known for its reliable and efficient services and commitment to safety and environmental responsibility.

Today, Treyarc is a diversified and well-established business, continuing to operate in mining, salvage, and cargo logistics while expanding into other areas such as manufacturing, shipbuilding, and defense. The company is also a significant contributor to the economy of the Stanton system, providing jobs and supporting local businesses.


We at the Treyarc Group are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable mining, salvage, and cargo logistics services to the people of the United Empire of Earth. Headquartered in Area 18 on Stanton III of the Stanton System, we strive to extract valuable resources and recover lost cargo while adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards.

Our mission is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of humanity by extracting the resources that fuel our civilization and keeping commerce moving. We believe that our work is vital to the development of humanity and that it is our responsibility to do it safely and sustainably.

We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and positive work environment and opportunities for growth and development. We also treat our partners and clients with the utmost respect and integrity.

We aim to be the premier provider of mining, salvage, and cargo logistics services in the Stanton System and to be known for our reliability, safety, and integrity. We will continuously strive to improve our operations and processes to serve our clients and shareholders better.

We are the Treyarc Group, and we are dedicated to building a better future for humanity.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.