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Ignis Triumphant is an order of religious warrior monks who seek peace but are always ready to defend themselves. You might already know some of us because as a faith-based organisation our members occupy many different roles in the ‘verse and have a variety of skills and occupations in other orgs.


The sacred texts of our order are thousands of years old and date from the days of old Earth. They tell us how the voice of The Great Void was heard first by a young woman who did not understand what the voice was telling her, but she wrote down everything it said.

Only centuries later when humanity discovered the first Jump Point did the true meaning of the scriptures become clear. The Great Void has been calling to us!


We are followers of the almighty who has been given many names over time but has manifested to us as The Great Void who has called us together to form a community of believers.

We believe that just as The Great Void is perfect, so should we try to be perfect ourselves. Our ships are always upgraded to the best components, our equipment is always the best available, and we are dedicated to increasing our skills in all ways as a sign of our devotion to the perfection of the creator.

We live for peace and justice, and will defend it wherever it is under threat with any means at our disposal. We consider our vast reserves of UEC currency and capital-class warship as a blessing that has been trusted to us in order to protect the weak, feed the poor and bring hope to the downhearted in the way that only fully armed and operational military vessels can.

Our industrial scale mining operations provide an ongoing source of finance to ensure that our good work can continue in the ‘verse, and that our desire for perfection in all things will never end for want of money. Thanks be to the Great Void for showing us the way!


We believe in The Great Void, who has called us all into being. As a community of faith, we honour these rules that govern our communion with one another.

  1. The primate must consent to any modification of these rules.
  2. Our order exists for the purpose of pursuing perfection in all things, ourselves, our ships, our equipment and anything that we do, this is what The Great Void has called us together for.
  3. No violence or crime will be tolerated between members. We are brothers and sisters together in our faith.
  4. No violence will be spared against those who would do us harm, or in our righteous defence of the innocent against tyranny and oppression.
  5. The scriptures of our order must never be allowed to fall into the hands of unbelievers. Even at the cost of our own lives we must keep them holy.