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Sons of Desmond Flay / TROLOLOL

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Welcome to the Sons of Desmond Flay.


Desmond Flay, known as “Des” to his friends and family, was by all accounts a quiet and respectful young man which made his actions on March 8th 2938 even more surprising. It was described as a joyride like no other. A high-speed chase in the skies that covered several hundred miles of dense urban airspace. Des had stolen an unattended Avenger Warlock and proceeded to make high-speed passes near residential and commercial structures throughout the city. Within an hour, he had thousands of adoring fans who watched the authorities scramble to catch up. But, Des saved his best surprise for last. When he activated the Warlock’s EMP device causing a city-wide blackout. When captured local police asked why he did it, Des reportedly took a look around smiled and said, “I just wanted some peace and quiet.”


Harm None. Do as you will.


Griefing is frowned upon.

Harassment of authorities and cheeky shenanigans are encouraged.