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Truculent / TRUCULENT

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

Truculent, we are an Exploration, Bounty Hunting, Trading, Salvage, and PVE combat focused org that with the strength of our individual members and org alliances will live up to our name. We will explore wherever we please no barriers or Vanduul presence will stand in our way.


After leaving the UEE military a small band of Officers and Captains found common purpose in their love of exploration and their desire to fight the continuing Vanduul threat. Defending both friends and neighbors strengthened bonds made during their long journeys across various careers.

These adventures led them to meet all manner of interesting people in the Verse even some of the shadier variety no longer under the restraint of the strict UEE rules of conduct. This has led to still being bound by honor and integrity but allowing for some real opportunities for profit and increased livelihoods among those in our organization.

Led by Captain Barthy and his long term career First Officer Kashmeire all input is taken from Organization Captains on suggested modes of profit and mission planning that has been very successful in ensuring a clear direction and inclusion for direction of the organization that is poised to do great things in the years to come.

It has seen the successful building of wealth by captains in cargo running, pirate outpost elimination for bounty reputation, and those that truly enjoy setting foot on unexplored planets and moons with confidence in their org mates.


Truculent, another word for Defiance will stand up to all challenges and live up that name with class and style.

We are a US Eastern time zone friendly friends and family org.

Primarily an exploration org of the verse we intend to seek out and find all the amazing content the verse has to offer. Emergent gameplay awaits those brave enough to take risks. Cargo running, bounty hunting with the UEE Advocacy, Escort missions, mining both small and large scale along with in-game mission running varieties await us.

We are semi-role play but not seriously enforced Org, we frown on straight piracy without regard to other citizens livelihoods. We make important distinctions however that many commodity transactions are rarely black and white.

If you are looking for a group of humorous and friendly folks who want to support each other on this adventure we are your team.

General online time typically evenings, heavy on the weekends.


We are a primarily East Coast US Org, however we have members from around the US and Globally. Our mission is to Explore the Verse in strength and style, building alliances with friendly Orgs, aiding and giving support to ensure successful mission completions, data running, bounty hunting along with mining and salvage profiting.

We will be utilizing our combat ships to encroach into Vanduul controlled sections of the Verse, PVE missions and the spoils that come along with it will be objectives.

Our Members will be professional to other players and Orgmates, showing earned respect for themselves and each other. Truculent captains reputations are an important showing to our Captains carrying with them their professional behavior and sense of humor.

We will respond with force and react without mercy to support members in combat. Providing escort when appropriate to ensure successful mission completions is expected of members when appropriate.

All members will be expected to assist when possible to ensure the flag ship, The Truculent is in operational order.

Members must enjoy exploration and take pride in their accomplishments sharing their experiences with members when appropriate as our strength always lies with the abilities and presence of our members together.

We utilize our dedicated Discord server along with VoIP in game for team communications.