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The Shadow Legion / TSL

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The Shadow Legion is a dark brotherhood that resides in the overwhelming darkness of space.
We’re always there, always watching, always ready to strike without a moments notice.

We reap what you sow…

Follow this Link to apply -> The Shadow Legion


When the universe was but a babe
And the stars were bright and new
The Shadows gathered in the dark
And the darkness grew and grew

When life began its new born reign
And the stars were burning still
The Shadows laughed in the black
Knowing they could break their will

When man began to leave their world
And the stars began to dim
The Shadows followed all of them
Whispering softly, (Let us in.)


The Shadow Legion intends to carve and mold the deep shadow that is space itself. We will be taking, defending and controlling our own sections of space.

Our ultimate goal is to be everywhere and nowhere. To be feared and respected by the UEE dogs as well as other Criminals alike.

The Shadow Legion will build a vast empire among the stars, as we plan to control and ransack many shipping lanes, planets, lone pilots and even large organizations that think they’ve got what it takes to fight an enemy they can not see.

If you don’t see us coming, we did our job…


Although The Shadow Legion has a hierarchical system in place, you are not forced to do anything you do not want to. This system was implemented for those who have families and cannot find the time an MMO usually demands. We understand Real life comes first and foremost and even if you might miss an important raid, know that the Brotherhood will always back their members. Once part of the Brotherhood, you are free to do as you please unless we ask for your help during official raids. The High Command (Admiral, Commodore, Commander and Senior Officers) are the only people that have escalated privileges to everyone else. This is purely to maintain a working system and organize the people that want to be organized.

The Shadow Legion does not impose minimum play limits. You are not required to play for X amount of hours on Y amount of days to keep your place in the Brotherhood. On the other hand, more active and involved members are recognized for promotions quicker and benefit from the systems within The Shadow Legion. Also there are Options available for players who wish to participate in a more hardcore fashion. Most of our member base are hardcore players, preparing themselves in Star Citizen and various other team building games to be prepared for release.( Example: Arma, Battlefield etc.) We believe, a prepared organization will be able to operate as we envision it. In the Shadows.