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Vita Cognito Est
Knowledge is Life – Life is Knowledge


One of the oldest “original” orgs in Star Citizen history, Tabula Stellarum was created by Pooka (paperfox) and Signo Vir (Signo) at the end of October 2012 and the website was launched in the first days of November the same year.

After an initial explosive growth, our guiding principal of neutrality began to face challenges from within. With so few orgs to choose from many players just went with whichever most closely matched their goals; for some that was exploration, for others neutrality, and some few were attracted solely to the size of our rapidly growing org. Tabula Stellarum, however, was never about size.

Exploration and neutrality are the concepts which bind us together and so a charter was created – some basic guiding principles that spelled out exactly what we are about. With our goals and intentions laid out, we fell mostly silent and stopped recruiting to wait for a chance to fly together and explore together. Some of our members left seeking orgs with views and policies more suited to their play styles. Some moved to other games and other communities. Most just wait silently…

Tabula Stellarum continues to slowly grow through word of mouth. Our open recruitment policy means that anyone who signs to our charter is welcome into the fold. The future of the guild is bright, the horizon tempting, the trade opportunities lucrative.

See you in the ‘verse!






Bound together by a love of Exploration and Discovery, Tabula Stellarum members work together to expand knowledge of the universe from the opening of new jump points and systems, to the discovery of ore and lost relics.

Tabula Stellarum holds Neutrality as a core guiding value. Only through neutrality do we maintain access to explore and trade in all corners of space.

All members are free to pursue all career paths insofar as they do not interfere with Neutrality. Though a guild of explorers, all members may pursue trading, mining, smuggling, search and rescue, refueling and more. We work as a team but largely without orders. Members can join group events or pursue independent activities as they wish.

Equality is achieved through a flat organization. Aside from administrative tasks like recruitment and maintenance, all members should consider themselves of equal rank. All members are welcome to propose group activities but no one has authority to compel participation.


Tabula Stellarum refers to itself as a guild, and does so using the traditional meaning of the word: an organization of individuals sharing the same interests, formed for the mutual aid, protection, and advancement of those interests. With that meaning in mind, we have drafted a formal charter to express our raison d’être.

Tabula Stellarum:

Recognizing the basic imperative to explore and understand the natural universe and the inherent dangers of doing so;
Establishes itself as an organization for individuals and parties seeking the advancement of knowledge through exploration;

Recognizing that the continued exploration of the natural universe requires economic resources;
Establishes itself as an organization for individuals and parties seeking resources to further the advancement of knowledge through exploration by means including but not limited to contractual bounties, escort services, free-trade, mineral prospecting, salvaging rights, and transportation of goods;

Recognizing that social standards vary between differing xenotypes and cognizant of the need for individual and party members to situationally honor differing social standards;
Establishes itself as a neutral entity with regards to all individuals, social organizations, and political entities, regardless of xenotype;

Resolves to advance, maintain, and protect the interests and general welfare of its individual and party members in their search for and support of the advancement of knowledge through exploration.

Statement of Neutrality

As an organized entity, Tabula Stellarum will not interfere with or promote the activities of non-neutral orgs, except to maintain and protect the interests of its member individuals and parties. Tabula Stellarum will initially maintain a neutral, non-aggressive posture towards all other individuals and orgs.

With so many squadrons and alliances forming, the best way for us to maintain neutrality is to limit the number of alliances we enter into, and at this time we are not actively seeking out alliances.

This is not to say that our individual members are banned from interacting with, participating in, or promoting the activities of other orgs – on the contrary, they are encouraged to do so. Our statement of neutrality applies only to Tabula Stellarum as an entity, acting or speaking on behalf of its members.

Tabula Stellarum will only consider alliances with those squadrons or organizations that have a similar statement of neutrality or can offer unique terms that would be of particular interest to explorers.

Ranks and Authority

Tabula Stellarum uses a flat rank structure and all members should consider themselves to be equal to all other members. The named ranks Indagator Primus, Indagator Secundus, and Indagator Tetrius exist for administrative purposes only and have no baring on the social structure of the guild. Roles are assigned as needed on a volunteer basis and denote only an ability to handle administrative tasks; they are not an indication of rank.

The guild founders, Pooka (paperfox) and Signo Vir (Signo) have final say in all regards only as matter of functionality. In short, someone has to execute decisions on behalf of the guild. This is generally done by consensus. Non-urgent issues outside of the day-to-day running of the guild are put to members to discuss and vote on, with the founders acting in good faith on the general consensus of guild members. In practice, there isn’t much to do beyond politely turning down alliances with non-neutral parties and working to actively foster the guild’s neutral stance.

Code of Conduct

Members of Tabula Stellarum are responsible for their own actions, but are generally expected to use common sense in interacting with others. As an organized entity, Tabula Stellarum tends not to dictate the behavior of its members. There are three(*) exceptions to this.

  • No Smuggling Sentients.
  • No Unprovoked Piracy.
  • No hate speech in shared or common spaces.

It is otherwise assumed that all members of Tabula Stellarum will obey the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement for Star Citizen.

(*) Do to the possibility for multi-Org membership across multiple characters, the possibility of multi-Org affiliation among individual characters, the requirement by some Orgs to share information gleaned from other Orgs, and TSO’s long-term goals, we are currently considering a partial or full moratorium on sharing information outside of the Org structure. This is being considered to avoid conflicts of interest while allowing TSO to operate successfully. If you are considering joining as a member or affiliate, please be aware that at a future date we may implement this addition.

No Smuggling Sentients

This does not mean members may not smuggle, nor does it mean members may not trade in sentient life. Members may smuggle anything they want, other than sentients. Members may also trade freely in sentient life where it is legal. Members may not, however, trade in sentient life where it is illegal, or transport sentient life through territory where doing so is illegal.

No Unprovoked Piracy

None. This is not to be confused with privateering which is legal piracy against Enemies of the State. Any state sanctioned piracy (privateering) is perfectly acceptable. If any individual or party tries to pirate our members and loses, the spoils are free for the taking. Members may not attack friendly or neutral parties for the sole purpose of disabling or killing them to steal their ships, upgrades, cargo, etc.

This also does not apply to self defense. If you are attacked, fired upon, or have reason to believe that your cargo, ship, or life are at risk of damage, injury, destruction, or death, then you may defend yourself as you see fit. We trust that members will use common sense in determining threats. Those that exhibit a tendency towards repeated bad judgement and/or decisions made in bad faith may find themselves fending for themselves.

No Hate Speech In Shared or Common Spaces

All shared and common spaces owned, operated, or controlled by Tabula Stellarum will remain free of hate speech. This includes — but is not limited to — hate speech pertaining to race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or economic status. We make no claims to being family friendly, but we do want our members to have a safe space to play. Honest mistakes in casual language will get polite warnings. Intentionally, directly, using a slur at someone will not.

Final Thoughts

We do not have a lot of rules. We do not want a lot of rules. It is our hope that our community will generally act in a mature and responsible way. As long as it does we will maintain minimal involvement in dictating what members can and cannot do. We will, however, ask members to leave Tabula Stellarum if they demonstrate an inability to exhibit maturity or make no effort to do so.