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Triton Aerospace / TTAS

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Triton Aerospace is a multi-discipline organization with a focus on security and tactical cooperation. We currently utilize TeamSpeak as our primary comms channel, you can join using the address For additional information visit


Descended from a broad spectrum gaming community , Triton Aerospace has a core member group that has been around for years. Always looking to add to our numbers our community is enjoyable and open.


Triton Aerospace plans on expanding with a long term goal of obtaining a capital class ship in the PU. Money making and keeping out of the UEE’s line of fire are our shorter term goals.

Our Ranking system is as follows
Admiral: Founder
Officer: Ranking Officer
Recruiter: Recruitment Officer
Public Relations: Marketing Representative

Captain: Crewed Ship Captain
Commander: 2IC, Ground Force Commander
Lieutenant: Command Staff Officer, Pilot
Petty Officer: Basic Officer, Ground Team Officer
Ensign: Crewman, Foot Soldier
Recruit: Untrained Crewman, Foot Soldier


Triton Aerospace only requests that its members do well to represent the community and avoid making enemies when possible. If Triton remains out of the cross-hairs of other organizations success will be easier to achieve. Ranking officers reserve the right change these rules and or administer penalty for violations of non listed rules, please use common sense to avoid this.