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Roberts Space Industries

Triarc Transtellar Freight & Transport Enterprises / TTFTE

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Looking to make a steady and reliable profit in the ‘Verse? Want to take part in the massive expanse of logistics that backs the black? Send in an application today!
Our Executive Staff are very active on Spectrum and our Discord. We expect our members to follow suit as best they can.
PMs welcome!


Our Creation:

Triarc Transtellar was founded off a simple realization within the realm of typical Orgs in Star Citizen. This was that many Orgs tend to gravitate towards universe-wide and high grossing Corporations that encompass a wide variety of mostly unrelated activities. We realized this and sought to fill an important gap between the individual Freelancer and the Mega-Corporations. Our relatively smaller scale and focused down approach to a specific sector of business in the ‘Verse gives us a distinct advantage in our specificity and our ability to be an appropriately fitting service for other groups in need of sub-“bulk” scale and diverse shipments in a time efficient and secure way.

Our Motto? Think small, Win big.
No other statement could possibly embody Triarc Transtellar better. Between the smaller and lower risk operations that we plan to pursue and our plans to grow and dominate the more in-demand private sector; our vision statement is truly fitting.
Want in on the prosperity and fun? Join Triarc Transtellar!

In-game Lore (Leading up to current date in Star Citizen):

To be released


Triarc Transtellar is a growing corporation specializing in small to mid scale Cargo Hauling and Personnel Transport. Less focused on the extravagant luxuries that many others promise to offer; Triarc puts a priority on keeping its costs affordable for clients and the handling of their cargo or persons as safe as possible. Due to the smaller scale of our operations, custom orders and specifics are much more prevalent and attainable with us; meaning you get what you want – where you want it – in pristine condition, and on time. Without busting your budget.

Triarc also involves itself frequently in cross-Org networking and acts as both a parent company to smaller Orgs as well as a supplementary figure to larger ones. Currently; some of the Orgs that we participate in these kind of activities with are big name companies like IGAir or 9th Security, and smaller ones like Kilmainham Corp., and Loyal Traders, Inc., and Vapor Industries.

Our organizational structure is presently set up as follows:

  1. Administration and Management Division
    This division takes care of organizing and keeping track of all Org members and affiliates, company assets, company relations, company liabilities and obligations, as well as any personnel-finding or job-hunting opportunities.
  1. Cargo Hauling Division
    As the name would say, this division takes care of all the operations involved in Cargo Hauling, from the actual job itself to loading and unloading shipments to the customer.
  1. Personnel Transport Division
    Also, as expected, this division isn’t too different from the Cargo Hauling Division, apart from the “Cargo” being a bit more human in nature.


Triarc Transtellar is a group dedicated to the safe, cost-effective, and speedy delivery of who or what you need, when and where you need. Due to the highly focused nature of our operations, we forego some of the luxuries we offer for a more, “Business first, comfort later” approach. This yields a more affordable and dedicated mindset in order to get you what you want without all the extra hoops to jump through and nonsensical options.

Simple and to the point, all our members will be trained to be able to traverse all the way from Point A to Point B, making sure that you get what you want right on your doorstep, no matter how far it’s come. In addition to our members being able to deliver anything, anywhere, our members are professionals and act as such. Calm, respectable, and committed to the satisfaction of our clients, you’ll be more than happy with what we provide.
They are held to the highest code of conduct to achieve this:
1) (Official member Code of Conduct: Yet to be released)

However there are limitations. Triarc will not operate outside of UEE law, as this would pose a risk to our primary concern; the safety of your shipment or passengers.

We are seeking players in possession of any of the following to grow our fleet, although these are not requirements:
Constellation Andromeda/ Taurus;
Freelancer Base/ MAX;
Hull A/ Hull B/ Hull C;
Cutlass Black