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Tvarium Rapid Medical Response / TVARMED

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“Medicine has, and always will be, the true frontline of humankind.”
— Julianne MacMillan, 2645


Our Origin

Tvarium Systems Federation was a concept originally conceived in 2542 on Terra by Nikolas Tvar. His vision was to create a corporation that would make profit in new star systems, while also benefiting the system’s economies by providing security, transport and other services for the systems that the corporation operated in. After wild success, the company began to grow, however an untimely convoy ambush by the Tevarin in 2545 resulted in the corporation’s largest 3 ships along with 7 smaller craft being destroyed, and Nikolas along with 50 other men lost their lives as they were mercilessly killed. Due to the corporations growing nature, the company already had loans and soon went into debt. The new CEO, Daniel Mesno was unable to save the company and it ultimately succumbed to the debt and filed for bankruptcy in 2550.

Present Day

350 years later, Edward Tvar restarts the Tvarium Systems Corporation along with two child companies following later on by the names of Tvarium Security Forces (Tvar-SEC) and Tvarium Rapid Medical Response (Tvar-MED). Eager to not follow in Nikolas’ footsteps, he followed his ancestor’s theories but ensured that the companies would collaborate to avoid a similar fate by the Vanduul and focused the company more towards a profit-seeking goal than the old company to avoid the bankruptcy, but still intended to focus on helping the system’s economies. Understanding that many systems were ridden with crime and poverty, Edward make the conscious decision to overlook many crimes when hiring staff as long as they possessed needed qualities for the medical sector.

TVAR-MED was founded in the year 2910 to provide new fast and versatile solutions to medical emergencies throughout the galaxy to it’s customers and become more involved in the fast growing industry of medicine which was at the time very lacking in most systems. It was founded under the Tvarium Systems Federation or TSF Corporation alongside TVAR-SEC, a partner more focused on security of its customers.

TVAR-MED is a for-profit business with Customer Medical Care at our core.


The Customer

We believe that everyone gets hurt once in a while and needs a helping hand, and are looking to provide great medical experiences for customers and medical staff alike and ensure that they get the treatment the need as soon as possible, and if we are unable to provide that treatment, shall provide fast transport to the nearest hospital or hospital ship.

Looking to the future

Tvarium Medical Response aim to provide the fastest service in the verse, anytime, anywhere. While we may not be at that point yet, it is definitely our biggest goal as we expand further. We hope to eventually reach a response time of 15 minutes or less when crossing systems.
We also aim to be able to provide Medevacs in battlefield and escort VIPs and customers out of danger zones in co-ordination with Tvarium Security Forces.

We hope that one day, when you need help most, Tvar-MED will be there, providing assistance to you.
Membership sign-up: TBD

We’re hiring

We are looking for medical staff who can handle themselves in a variety of medical situations, from isolated, to overcrowded, from a quiet area to planetary war, as well as combat experience or training as our operations may take place in pirate-heavy areas or VIP medevacs. Medical knowledge, training and experience is preferred, however we do have training facilities available for those who are interested in the field but have no knowledge.

If you are that type of person, we hope to see you on our team soon
Staff application status: Open


Customer Contract

  1. Verbal or Physical abuse of medical or any other staff, or affiliates coordinating with Tvar-MED (Tvarium Medical Response) may result in indefinite termination of membership, blacklisting and involvement of system security services.
  2. The customer agrees to a Sol-Month or Sol-Annual membership plan for a fixed price that allows the Tvar-MED to immediately grant medical assistance to the customer. Customers who request assistance and do not have a membership will be charged a fee for medical assistance and prices may vary depending on medical procedures.
  3. Misuse of the hailing system may result in the calls of the person being blacklisted and thus medical assistance being denied.
  4. Customers who are being provided medical service must answer all medical questions truthfully. Failing to do so may result in membership termination, injury or death and may result in the customer’s estate having to compensate the corporation. If the customer is untruthful with medical information, Tvar-MED absolves itself of medical liability.

Please abide by all clauses to ensure a pleasant experience with Tvar-MED

Staff Code of Conduct

  1. All Staff must make decisions in the interest of the customer’s health first and should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family or associates. They must also not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the performance of their duties.
  2. Medical Staff must remain objective in their medical decisions and are ultimately accountable for their actions and medical decisions. Any errors must be examined by the board or an appointed assessment office to determine whether this medical error could have been foreseen.
  3. Staff have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects their ability to continue their duties. Any conflicts must be notified in writing to Tvar-MED or informed to a superior.
  4. All staff are regarded as civilian non-combatant medical teams, however, may carry firearms for self-defense purposes only to return fire if fired upon and to protect the customer(s) within their custody. Medical teams may also be escorted by security services if necessary.
  5. All staff must show respect towards customers and other staff members.
  6. All staff may not commit crimes and must represent the values of Tvar-MED while on-shift. While committing crimes outside of work-hours is not in the hands of Tvar-MED, if the member is detained by System security and is absent, they may receive disciplinary actions. Tvar-MED is not liable for any decisions or actions of their medical staff while off-duty.

Violating any clauses in the Staff contract may result in investigation, termination and blacklisting.