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Unified Authority / UAV

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Friendship, Courage, Honor, Unity

Welcome to Unified Authority.

For Detailed information please visit our manifesto and charger


Friendship, Courage, Honor, Unity, Welcome to the Unified Authority.

Unified Authority is a member of the Cognition Corp Network.

News Feed

End’ish March Update v2

*March 26.2020
  1. The following changes have been made to the rating system.
  2. 1SG (Large/Small ship turret operator/gunner) is now a combat focused role for weapon turret operators.
  3. 2ST (Large/Small ship turret operator) is a new secondary rating focused on mining/industrial turret Operators.

End’ish March Update

  • March 25,2020
    1. The rating system is receiving tweaks as leadership continues to iron out the details.
    2. SOC 2SG (turret operator) was changed to a primary rating and is now 1SG and remains a non combat focused role.
    3. Website now online, with the bulk of information from its temporary home under “manifesto”. (Unified Authority Website)
    4. Code of Conduct, recruitment information coming soon.

Mid March Update

  • March 22,2020
    1. “Manifesto” section updated with Organization information.
    2. Ground Team Training Continues with good results
    3. Recruiting to begin once promotional artwork and info is compiled

March Update

  • March 8,2020
    1. End of Hiatus
    2. With the launch of 3.8 we are now an active organization with weekly events.
    3. New documentation, regulations, and structure information being compiled
    4. 1TM (ground combat team member) training underway for existing members.
    5. Recruiting to begin soon™

Mid June Update

  • June 19,2016
    1. Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there
    2. Logo updated (due to some image infringmenet by another org, we have all new logos)
    3. Pilot Check List / Ride check, document complete, upload incoming
    4. EVA training to commence by the end of the month

Mid April Update

  • April 15,2016
    1. Recruiting Continues
    2. Scrim matches with Cog members scheduled for Sundays
    3. Message from the Lead Commander added to Manifest page
    4. Lead Commander’s message corrected
    5. Chief pilot has not completed check ride check list, and thus gets no cookie this week. Something about a job and bills, and NO COOKIE!

Fools Day Update

  • April 1,2016
    1. Corrected Spelling Mistake

Very end of March update

  • March 30 2016
    1. Recruiting thread has been updated
    2. New Screenshots have been added
    3. New multi org PMC network oportunity

End March Update

  • March 28, 2016
    1. It has been a great month!
    2. release 2.3 has been a blast, and we were able to do some of our first exploration in the belt.
    3. Multi-Crewing the Connie has proven it to be an outstanding ship for exploration, and possibly eve boarding.
    4. Jetwash almost has the checklist completed for pilot check rides. (look for them to be posted in the next week)
    5. More work has been put into the ranking structure “names”
    6. New Images! and a new Video!

Mid March Update

  • Mar 19 2016
    1. Rapid updates to the PTU (mini pu) continue. We’re up to Ver. 2.2.3
    2. Flight practice continues with various space craft.
    3. The Connie enjoys throwing people out of its side Air-Locks
    4. The current Holo table has been determined junk by all users.
    5. Artwork for recruiting and Org Branding is in development.
    6. Rank’s / Grade’s / Station’s / Qualification’s are under development, as well as the testing process for them.
    7. More updates to come.

So it begins.

  • Mar 7 2016
    1. With the release of 2.2.0 comes a much needed website update. It has been decided that we will be an elite/specialized military structured command. Long blocks of text, boring lectures, and other nonsense has been deemed contraband.
    2. [UAV] will be recruiting pilots which desire to work in squad sized formations.
    3. [UAV] will be establishing its presence online as much as possible. (dependent on server stability)
    4. [UAV] will become more active in the COGNITION CORP community.


Organization Information

Military like structure and Discipline
  • Unified Authority operates as an organization under a military like structure. During event’s it is required that members maintain chain of command. Outside of events members are expected to maintain military decorum.

Training required
  • Depending on the rating chosen you will be required to complete training. After training you will be required to pass a qualification test. Training may range from simple knowledge to practical exercises. As the game progresses in development and new features are brought into the game, training will evolve to suit our orgs needs and the ever changing world.

Minimum time requirement
  • Members are required to attend 3 events per month. Training may require additional time and can be addressed on an individual basis. At this time a event is held each Saturday at 7:45pm Eastern US time)

Minimum of two chosen rating’s.
  • Every member must be trained and proficient in at least 1 primary and 1 secondary specialty. Members may choose to pursue additional ratings.

We ARE a multi profession organization

  • Unified Authority will conduct operations across all spectrum’s of game play, included but not limited to exploration, mining, base construction, freight hauling, escort services, etc.
  • At times UA will conduct activities that will be considered “hostile”, “pirate”, “not nice” by those which are targets of our aggression. It is not, and shall never be our intention to conduct any operation for the purpose of “upsetting” any person in real life. Star Citizen is a game, combat, destruction and loss are all fundamental parts of this game and we do not define ourselves based upon others words and opinions.

Questions and Concerns

Q) I am not going to be told what to do by some 10 year old hapless idiot raging about his mom telling him to go to bed.

  • A) Any person placed in a command position will receive training, will behave as an adult, and will be subject to harsh punishment for behaving like a child or imbecile.

Q) I just want to shoot things, why do I have to pick another thing to do?

  • A) Cross training is necessary to ensure operation in case of a shortage in one particular area. It allows us to operate effectively as a unit even if a member is absent, or as an operation evolves. What happens if your transport pilot dies, or you capture a ship or piece of equipment? Rather than having to ask “who can fly this thing?” or having to wait for the fleet to bring someone, you already have qualified people on hand, ready to shift to what is needed.

Q) I have work, and family, and things to do. I can’t come to 3 events a month.

  • A) Thank you for your interest, we suggest you seek an alternative organization. We are NOT a part time / casual organization. Star Citizen is our primary game, and is what we spend time playing. We do understand other commitments and expect members to inform staff if a conflict occurs. As game development continues we expect the amount of events to increase to multiple per week.

Q) It’s a game, not a job. Why do I have to train?

  • A) If you do not see and understand the value of training, we thank you for your interest, and suggest you seek an alternative organization.

Q) I do not want to be a pirate, I only want to shoot bad guys.

  • A) The universe is not black and white, there is no defined good and bad. We have no intentions of attacking the UEE, or conducting hostile activities within “secure/policed” space. We will however defend ourselves at all times, and pursue all opportunities for profit / advancement.

Q) Do you have ranks?

  • A) At this time we do not have ranks, only position ratings. This may change in the future when ranks can be represented in game on uniforms.

Q) Do you have uniforms?

  • A) Yes, you will be required to wear a standard uniform during events.

Q) Do I get paid?

  • A) Short answer no. Any money earned during an event will be split as best as possible. Money and pay is something we will address as game development progresses.

Q) I do not want anything to do with combat I just want to be a _____ (miner, hauler, explorer)

  • A) Members will not be “forced” into combat positions as a primary rating. You will not be forced to serve on a combat focused vessel, however all ships can be attacked, and all ships do have weapons mounted. All members must go through basic ship defense training. All members must be willing to take up arms in defense of their ship, and any other Unified Authority vessel or member. The universe is dangerous, and some of the most lucrative mining and trade missions will be in hostile space. If you feel you are unable or unwilling to defend yourself and your friends we thank you for your interest and suggest you look at other organizations.

COS (citizen occupation specialty)

  • A rating serves to identify what job, function or duty you would most prefer for events, op’s or any other group activity. Members are not limited in how many rating’s they may have, however must qualify for each. Each member MUST hold at least one primary rating, and two ratings total.

1 = Primary rating
2 = Secondary rating
3 = Command rating
r = restricted rating, must be assigned to this role

———Ship/Crew Focused Ratings———-

  • 1SCr – Large ship captain

— Commands multi crew ship and personnel

  • 1SP – Large ship pilot

— Flies large ships

  • 1SE – Large ship engineer

— Serves as an engineer/mechanic on large ships. Repairs any attached small vessels and equipment.

  • 1SM – Large ship medic

— Serves as medical personnel aboard large ship.

  • 2SP – Small ship pilot

— Flies small ships in support of large ship operations.

  • 1SG – Large/Small ship turret operator/gunner

— Serves as a large ship manned turret gunner or laser operator when needed.

  • 2SV – Large ship vehicle crew

— Operates and crews ground vehicles as needed

  • 2SS – Large ship security

— Provides for ship security as needed

———Combat Focused Ratings———-

  • 1TCr – Fire team Leader

—Serves as commander of a fire team.

  • 1TM – Fire team member

—Direct Combat role

  • 2TP – Fire team transport pilot

—Combat support role, flies and operates ships as needed by fire team

  • 1TFPr – Fire team fighter / close air support pilot

—Direct Combat role, flies armed small ships in support of ground or space operations

  • 2TV – Fire team combat vehicle crew

—Direct and support role, operates ground vehicles as needed

  • 2TM – Fire team mechanic

—Combat support role, repairs equipment, ships, vehicles as needed

——-Administration Ratings———

  • 3FSr – Administration staff

— Persons of this rating hold a command position within the UA, see to the daily operations and long term goals of the organization and may speak on behalf of the UA in an official capacity.

  • 3FTr – Instructor / Certified trainer

— Persons of this rating are authorized to train and instruct other members in an official capacity.

  • 3FCr – Fleet Commander

— Persons of this rating are qualified and authorized to conduct multiple assets in a large scale battle without prior command authorization.

  • 3FGr – Ground Commander

— Persons of this rating are qualified and authorized to conduct multiple fire teams, and assets in large scale ground combat without prior command authorization.


Unlike other more traditional games which focus on one aspect of play, Star Citizen changes that dynamic. With a variety of vessels, vehicles, and activities, Star Citizen both allows for and forces changes to the typical game “clan” organization and unit command. In order to allow and adjust for this unique environment Unified Authority has chosen to create a rating system. Unified Authority’s rating system serves to identify what role each member would prefer to have, and identify what role each member is qualified for. This allows for members to pursue personal endeavors in their own way, without being tied to a specific ship, or location. This also allows for the quick assembly of crew or ground forces during planned or spontaneous operations. Captains and Commanders can easily and quickly assemble scratch crews for missions, mining and other peace time activities without having to ask “Who wants to use the mining laser…. Who can fly the ship well… etc”.

[UAV] Guidelines for rules, structure, recruiting, and other non pew pew stuff.

  1. [UAV] will NOT!, collect money or have organization owned ships/equipment purchased with real money.
  2. You will at all times conduct yourself in a respectable manner to other members, and to organizations that are not considered enemy.
  3. Comming soon™