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United Bounty Hunter Coalition / UBHC

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UBHC – Strength United


United Bounty Hunter Coalition (UBHC)

The United Bounty Hunter Coalition was created to act as a forum for single Bounty Hunters and small groups (Organizations under 10 Members) to call upon each other should the need ever arise. This Coalition is designed to promote social interaction among Hunters from telling stories of your latest Bounty to posting one yourself.

The UBHC is a home for all Bounty Hunters within the ‘verse.


The UBHC is Not a Standalone Organization

The UBHC is designed to unite Bounty Hunters and their respective organizations across the verse while allowing for complete independence to run their own sovereign organizations. It acts as a single hub for connecting Bounty Hunters in conversation, sharing tips, hints, explanations, aid and any combination of resources with each other.

Many Bounty Hunters complete their contracts most effectively in solitude or working in small efficient groups. No Bounty hunter is infallible however and a lone wolf may occasionally find it necessary to seek out like-minded hunters to bring down a greater quarry.


Members of the UBHC adhere to the Bounty Hunters’ Creed

  • Capture By Design, Kill By Necessity
  • No Hunter Shall Slay Another Hunter
  • In the Hunt, One Captures or Kills; Never both
  • People Don’t Have Bounties, Only Acquisitions Have Bounties
  • No Hunter Shall Sabotage Another’s Hunt
  • NO Bounty Is Worth Dying For