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The Undead Lords / UDL

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Originally founded in October 1994 in AOL’s Neverwinter Nights, the Undead Lords (UDL) has a long history as a formidable and tight-knit force across the MMORPG genre.


In The Beginning…

During the month of Marpenoth, called Leafall, a single lich was called by Old Lord Skull. Wise in age and adept in magic was this one. Hearing the words of our Master, he set out to gather the Chosen of Myrkul to fulfill His bidding. To his side he called forth only the ones who would have the potential to bring about the Prophecy… to find the way to open the Gate to Hades.

The task set before him was not an easy one, he knew. Yet ever faithful to his Lord, the mage gathered a force that soon had Nasher’s army at their doorstep. Neverwinter acknowledged the Undead Lords of the Realms as faction to be feared and respected. The winter thaw brought the month of Ches of the Sunsets and the sanctioning of Neverwinter’s first undead guild.

The lich who accomplished this impossible task was Zerackus.

Most of the original founders of the Undead Lords have been called to Myrkul’s side. Over the years we have traveled through numerous realms massing our army of Undead Knights. The crown of leadership has been passed to several worthy liches. Each have had their own unique attributes and the UDL have thrived under their scrutiny.

Today, the ranks of the undead have swelled beyond the confines of Faerun. By sheer numbers Myrkul will stride through the Gate of Hades and walk among us. His Power will extend over the living and Death shall rule supreme!

Games by Year

1994 – 1996: Neverwinter Nights
Ultima Online Atlantic
Ultima Online Catskills
Ultima Online Siege Perilous
Dark Age of Camelot Bedevere
Dark Age of Camelot Andred
Shadowbane Mourning – Sanctioned Faction
Shadowbane Vindication – Unsanctioned Faction
Nov. 2004 – Dec. 2007: World of Warcraft – Archimonde and Ravenholdt servers – Sanctioned Faction
May 2008 – September 2008: Age of Conan – Sanctioned Faction
September 2008 – February 2009: Warhammer -Sanctioned Faction
Feb 2009 – July 2009: Darkfall EU Server – Sanctioned Faction
July 2009 – November 2012: Darkfall NA Server – Sanctioned Faction
February 2010 – May 2010: Global Agenda – Unsanction Faction
December 2011 – June 2012: Starwars The Old Republic – Belgoth’s Beacon – Sanctioned Faction
May 2012 – August 2012: Diablo 3 – Unsanctioned Faction
May 2012 – Oct 2012: Tera – Unsanctioned Faction
August 2012 – Guild Wars 2 – Stormbluff Isle – Sanctioned Faction
April 2013 – December 2013: Darkfall Unholy Wars Na Server – Sanctioned Faction
Nov. 2013 – March 2014: DC Universe – Unsanctioned Faction
February 20, 2014 Ultima Online An Corp – Unsanctioned Faction
March 30,2014: Elder Scrolls Online – Sanctioned Faction
January 23,2015 – November, 2015: Archeage Online – NA Server – Sanctioned Faction
November 2015: Albion Online – Sanctioned Faction
March 2016: Black Desert Online – Sanctioned Faction


Our guild name and lore is based on Myrkul: the Lord of the Dead, also known as the Lord of Bones, one of the Dead Three from Forgotten Realms literature. We are his faithful adherents and are eternally undead. Our fully accepted members are given the title of Knight, and our leaders are deemed as Liches of the Undead Lords.

The hangman asked of the carrion crow,

but the raven made reply:

Black ride the men who ride with Death,

beneath the midnight sky.

And black each steed and grey each skull,

and strange each deathly eye.

They have given their breath to grey old Death,

and yet they cannot die…

Lore in Star Citizen;

Insufficient records exist on UDL’s background, and what little is known has been recovered from the few survivors lucky enough to have persisted through an encounter. Lifeforms associated with the society known as UDL are known to be obscure cultists, bound to some entity called Myrkul, whom commit violent acts of piracy in an effort to collect what survivors have called “souls”. Members of UDL are often seen affiliated with the underworld narcotics trade, and are known to utilize a special blend to “get closer to Myrkul”…


UDL Charter – By Laws and Regulations

This tome, written in the blood of a mortal virgin, blessed by Old skull himself, is the proclamation of the Undead Lords. This document has been created as a guideline for the leaders of any game faction to determine it’s policies. Each faction’s charter may be altered slightly to fit the needs of their current game realm as long as the charter and its initial by-laws remain intact. All rules must be followed and honored and any violation or disregard will be punishable by fines of game money, game treasure, probation, or expulsion! There are no exceptions! The Dark lord is a vengeful god with an insatiable appetite for Chaos and Death, woe be to those who cross his path will ill intent!

Mission Statement

Since 1994, the Undead Lords have made it their mission to grow a community of competitive PvP gamers dedicated to establishing a dominant and respected name in online gaming. To ensure our continued success, we seek like-minded and ambitious members who embrace our vision.

Integrity and Image

The Undead Lords is a PvP guild with it’s roots tied to a role-playing foundation. Having an extensive history throughout multiple games since our origin, we have earned a well respected reputation over the years in each game we have played. UDL expects members to maintain that reputation by representing the guild on a mature level regardless of actions against you. There is never any trash talk or name calling over any game communication medium including outside boards. We taunt our prey with style and request that all real arguments that may erupt in the game environment be handled maturely and preferably outside the confines of the game realm.


Player-vs-player combat is essential to our guilds’ goals as well as our lore. Our expectations are that each member should hold themselves accountable to being as competitive as they can on both an individual level and as a dependable team player. You are expected to do your research, have the class and game knowledge, and play to the best of your abilities while representing UDL and, in the process, assisting your guild mates to achieve the same. A collective effort needs to be made at all times by all members to raise the bar on our guild’s teamwork, individual gameplay and performance. If for any reason you are restricted by real-life time constraints or will be unable to fulfill a previously agreed upon obligation, you absolutely must communicate with your faction leadership. Anyone who just vanishes without a trace or games on different servers is detrimental to UDL’s success.

Roleplay – UDL Lore

Role-playing has historically been an essential part of the Undead Lords. While UDL no longer makes role-playing a requirement and focuses far more on PvP excellence, any members who do keep alive the UDL Lore should be highly respected.

We are the children of Myrkul, God of the Dead, beloved of Him and blessed with His touch of Undeath by His will. All power acquired is attributed to Him. His true name is holy and shall not be spoken of by any but His most faithful followers. Should any but the Chosen speak His name their lives and very souls shall be forfeit unto Him whether they are momentary ally or lifelong foe. It is our duty to harvest for Him the souls of all that oppose Him or fail to bow before His will. In doing so we work to accumulate the power to bring Him into the realms in which He should rightfully rule and to spread his terror across the land according to the Undead Lords law founded upon His edicts and consecrated in the blood of the innocent. He is the only reason and purpose for our existence and there are no other Gods before Him.

The mission of the Undead Lords is to gather the means to free Myrkul’s entrapped essence from the Crown of Horns and restore Him unto a corporeal form once more so that He shall walk the realms at His pleasure. His Kassat´ilani sit within the Castle of Bones hidden within the Void guarding this sacred treasure and guiding His armies within the realms in which they work His will. They oversee the guild in their wisdom to ensure that He may one day take His rightful place upon the Throne of Skulls as foretold in Prophecy to the Fifteen. This is accomplished by holding our core values close to our treacherous hearts. We are committed to continuously improving PvP strategies so as to be the best of the best. We believe in providing rewarding and challenging situations for our members so that they can grow with the guild for long term.

Aklar Olokth Naskas !


The following bylaws are to remain intact regardless of change in gaming realm or leadership. Any other area of the charter is subject to amendment upon majority vote of the Inner Council.

• All Members agree to abide by this Charter of the Undead Lords.
• All Members agree to help recruit new members.
• All Members agree to abide by the TOS (Terms of Service) game rules.
• All Members agree to honor and respect PVP and Role-playing efforts of the guild.
• All Members agree to honor game specific rules and adjustments set forth by the faction’s leadership.

UDL Ranks

The following ranks are recommendations to show the natural progression to Full Member. The active Full Members (Knights) in a sanctioned faction have ultimate control over each Rank’s processes, duration, and progression. A person knighted in any sanctioned faction regardless of the process will be honored and respected as a Knight and Full Member of the guild in all future games.

• Trial Member – Recruit Ranks

This Rank’s purpose is to allow the leadership a period of time to determine if a new Recruit is dedicated, skilled, and active enough to become a Faction Member. Multiple rank tiers may exist.

• Faction Member – Progression Ranks

This rank is for those members who remain actively involved towards UDL’s success. Multiple tiers may exist depending on game mechanics and the needs of the faction. If a faction member is deemed acceptable by the Knights, he may be granted Full Membership.

• Full Member – Knight Rank (Lords and Ladies of UDL):

A knight is a full member of the guild who receives unrestricted access to all UDL’s gaming factions and forums. Active Knight’s in a faction also share the responsibility of voting in Faction Members to Full Membership, as well as helping to decide guild goals and direction.

*****Rite of Death – Transition to Knight******
When a Faction Member becomes a Full Member, the Knights have historically performed a ceremony and celebration event to welcome the new member.


The maintaining of ALL ranks of guild membership will be primarily based off the four points below.

• Dedicated to the goals and visions of what UDL is and should be.
• A good listener; skilled gamer.
• The ability to mesh with the current membership
• Selflessly dedicated to recreating what UDL has been in the past and what UDL should be in the future.

Knighthood Removal

The leadership will decide if a member will lose their knighthood based on the following criteria. Depending on circumstances and severity, leadership may decide to issue a warning, temporary suspension, or guild removal.

Conduct unbecoming of a Knight to be defined but not limited to the following:

• Continuous disruptive, disrespectful, or disorderly conduct on boards or in game.
• Gaming on a different server other than the sanctioned server within a game.
• Gaming with another guild rather than the UDL Faction in a game.
• Disobeying direct orders from leadership.
• Quitting the guild tag, or using your tag as leverage.
• Misuse of guild funds, resources or guild accounts.
• Non-participating Knights creating controversy in the sanctioned game forums.


The guild leadership is focused at the game level, the faction. The Undead Lords is a large guild that may span several gaming worlds. There can only be one faction per gaming realm at any given time. Each faction in order to be recognized by the rest of the guild must adhere to this charter and the rank structure. The existing Knight population in that faction will decide on their new Arch Lich (GM) at faction creation. Once appointed, the new GM will then choose his officers from the current Knights or recruits playing within the game realm.

Inner Circle Hierarchy

The following list is the recommended officer positions to make up the Inner Circle of the Undead Lords in a game faction. The actual use of each position and it’s title will be determined by the faction leadership depending on game mechanics and faction needs. At the discretion of the game leadership, an established recruit or faction member can become an officer if they show the leadership qualities needed and would like to take on the additional responsibilities for running the faction. Not all faction members serving as officers may be invited to become future UDL knights, however this is an opportunity for a faction member to demonstrate their strengths and be considered for full guild membership.

• Arch Lich (GM)

The Arch Lich is the Guild Master of the Undead Lords and oversees all guild activities. He conducts all diplomacy with other Guild Masters in the game. He is responsible for organizing guild events and coordinating in-game events with the staff. With the opinions of his officers he makes all guild decisions and alterations

• Lich Lords (GM)

The Lich Lords are the Assistant Guild Masters of the Undead Lords and assist the Guild Master with the duties described above. Should the Guild Master be unavailable for any period of time, one of the Lich Lords will assume the Guild Master’s responsibilities by vote from the Knights.

• High Priest

The High Priest oversees the role-play sect and clerical aspects of the Undead Lords. The High Priest performs all ceremonies such as the Knighting ceremonty to grant a faction member full membership. The High Priest also organizes all guild wide role-playing events under the direction of the Arch Lich and Lich Lords.

• Death Lord

The Death Lord handles the organization of guild questing events for quest items, armor and weapons. The Death Lord is responsible to outfitting the guild by housing all said items and keeping an accurate inventory.

• War Lord

The Warlord oversees the PvP sect of the Undead Lords, known as the Nightmare Legion. The War lord leads the Legion in times of war, under the direction of the Arch Lich and Lich Lords. The Warlord organizes guild PvP activities and training.

• Scribe

The Scribe is responsible for keeping the records of the meetings of the Undead Lords. The Scribe is also responsible for keeping the most current documents such as the Guild Charter, PvP doctrine and guild membership.

• Arch Shadow

The Arch Shadow oversees all intelligence surveillance on all other guilds. He is also responsible for appointing ambassadors to the other evil and neutral guilds. He coordinates his efforts with the Arch Lich and Lich Lords.

• Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper of the Castle of Bones is responsible for all faction recruits. His duties are to provide all information needed to new recruits about the guild and will keep the AL and Knights informed of their progress to become full members.

Game Factions

UDL factions may exist in multiple games however UDL must always have at least one sanctioned faction at all times. A faction can be established in any game realm if there is enough interest from the Knights to make an organized guild effort. A sanctioned faction is defined as having the right to bring in new full members (Knights) to the guild and as such must be actively recruiting new members at all times.

The criteria to establishing and maintaining a gaming faction is as follows:

The game must allow us to follow our Mission Statement
The game mechanics must offer a Player versus Player environment.
All officer positions granted should be to members gaming full time (4 -5 nights a week) with the faction and not associated with any other faction due to the fact that an officer cannot be performing his duties to the fullest by playing within another realm.
Game specific forums are available to any faction that the full members (Knights) will have an organized effort
Once a sanctioned faction has been established all knights participating within the game must play within the sanctioned realm. Any Knight playing on a different server/realm than the UDL faction, or with a different guild other than UDL on the sanctioned realm, can be brought up for removal from UDL at the discretion of the Arch Lich.
If any sanctioned faction falls below the requirements for active knights, then the faction can become de-sanctioned.

We believe that each members involvement and contributions, whether big or small, has given UDL the ability to exist as a gaming guild for almost two decades. Our hope is to continue to breed and maintain members who are constant positive contributors to the guild, in one form or another so that UDL can be a dominant PvP force in every game we play for years to come.