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Coast Guard / UEECG

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Medical
  • Security



“We do this job because every once in a while someone is out there without hope, desperately praying for their life, and we get to be the answer.”

The Coast Guard was established in September 17, 2950 after the need for a quick response team able to help those in distress emerged. Regular private military corporations had their own interests while the U.E.E. Navy had its resources stretched, finding itself unable to dispatch the vessels required for an emergency.
The need arose to create an outfit of people dedicated to care for those in need. To venture into the darkest depths of space, traverse the most dangerous battlefields, and do so with proper rigorous training so that the mission can be accomplished and the citizen be rescued. Thanks to the Militia Mobilization Initiative, this was able to be accomplished.

The mission grows.

The Coast Guard then grew from search and rescue operations to helping each system it roams through be a better place by helping locals safeguard their territories, protect trade routes so that merchants can pass though, perform interdiction of any suspicious entity to eliminate illegal transits and, aid local law enforcement agencies such as the Advocacy. However, the Coast Guard continued to distinguish itself from other P.M.C.‘s through the focus and dedication on the task that it started with: saving lives.

Find us on the other side.

For more information or direct contact, join the Coast Guard’s Discord channel:


Always ready to help.

The Coast Guard aims to provide the necessary aid to any soul in distress without distinction of race, religion, social positioning, or political affiliation at no monetary charge. All expenses are covered at the moment of recovery so that everyone has the best treatment without running into any economical drawbacks.

“Regulations say we have to go out. They say nothing about coming back.”

The Coast Guard maintains a strict anti-piracy policy. If the soul in distress has a crimestat attached to his or her legal record at the moment of encounter, the rescue operative turns into law enforcement. This is done to terminate any attempt at impersonating a person in distress which could cost the life of an unsuspecting civilian.

Not one guard out of regulations.

Coast Guard members are required to act accordingly when serving on and off duty. All Coast Guardsmen represent the entity as a whole and taking part in events contrary to the core values of the outfit will result in punishment.

A peacekeeping force.

The UEE Coast Guard is both a United Empire of Earth Law Enforcement agency and a UEE Military Force, and therefore is a faithful protector of the United Empire of Earth in peacetime and war. In times of peace, the UEE Coast Guard operates as part of the UEE military and Civil Defense Force, enforcing the Empire’s laws planetside, on moons and outpost, or in deep space protecting the stellar environment, guarding the Empires vast systems and ports, while performing vital life saving missions. In times of war, or at the direction of the UEE Imperator, the Coast Guard defends the Empire against terrorism and alien threats.


A lethal life-saving force.

Anyone who decide to join the Coast Guard must first go through a rigorous training course that will teach him or her the necessary skills to conduct a mission successfully from start to finish.

  1. Always uphold the mission and the well-being of the person in distress.
  2. Avoid any un-lawful activities on and off duty.
  3. Be respectful to everyone in and outside the Coast Guard. Any misbehaviors or offenses at any level will not be tolerated and be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Everything will be provided from uniforms to weaponry, ammunition, and vessels.
  5. The Star Citizen does not require medical vessels to enter the Coast Guard. A Coast Guardsman will be trained to do everything required of him or her in an Aurora as well as in a Javelin-class destroyer.

Any attempt to break these or any of the Coast Guard’s values must be notified to the U.E.E. Coast Guard’s leadership immediately.