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UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative / UEEMMI

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UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative – the Tip of the Spear

The UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative [UEEMMI] was founded on the one-year anniversary of the devastating attack on Aremis (Vega II) by Squadron 42 veterans, bound by honor, still willing and able to fight to keep the UEE alive. Many of the citizens who later joined the ranks were directly affected by the brutal attack on Aremis; some lost friends, some lost family, and some lost a sense of innocence. But every pilot in the fleet has one common goal, to strike back at the heart of the Vanduul threat.

The objective of the UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative is to coordinate and execute ongoing Guerrilla warfare deep within enemy territory along with the support of our allies. We will engage in sabotage with speed, subterfuge and deception as our strengths. Enemy supply lines will be a priority target as well as locating, isolating and destroying key forces. We are capable of carrying out high risk search and rescue operations while fighting behind enemy lines. It is our goal to be surrounded yet give no quarter; we are the Tip of the Spear.

Our impressive fleet already includes multiple Javelin destroyers, Idris frigates (M&P), Polaris and Hammerhead corvettes, countless fighters, bombers and support craft of every type.

We welcome pilots and marines of all capabilities; from nugget to fighter ace or the most battle hardened veteran jarhead. We accept membership applications from civilians willing to get involved and support our war effort. We welcome alliances with like-minded organizations seeking to join forces to drive back the enemy.

Our role is not for the faint hearted or the weak willed; we are the Tip of the Spear.




The UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative’s vision is to be the spearhead of the counterattack on the Vanduul clans.


Our mission is to become the focal point for players and organizations wanting to get involved in the war effort against the Vanduul. We will coordinate and execute ongoing Guerrilla warfare deep into enemy territory with the support of our allies.

Goals and Objectives

Conduct continuing paramilitary operations against the Vanduul threat; including participating and playing a key role in Operation Pitchfork
Support our military efforts via commercial operations within and beyond enemy territory (exploration of uncharted territory, mining of ore-rich asteroid fields, trading in rare commodities).

Structure, Ranks and Roles

The overall UEEMMI structure is that of a military organization based loosely on the UEE Navy / Marines ranking and an asociated Civilian management structure. Military ranks / management positions are grouped into 6 tiers which will be populated only when organization membership numbers require them. Tiers determine access levels on Spectrum and the UEEMMI website.

The organization structure incorporates both regional location and guild preferences. Members can elect their preferred time zone(s) and can be associated with as many guilds as they please but should elect a main preference, i.e. combat, exploration, mining, trading, etc for ranking purposes.

Naval & Logistics Ranks

Tier 6: Grand Admiral
Tier 5: Admiral / Vice Admiral / Rear Admiral / Commodore
Tier 4: Captain / Commander / Lieutenant Commander
Tier 3: Lieutenant / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Midshipman
Tier 2: Master Chief Petty Officer / Chief Petty Officer / Petty Officer / Junior Petty Officer
Tier 1: Lead Starman / Starman / Starman Recruit

Marine Ranks

Tier 5: General / Lieutenant General / Major General / Brigadier General
Tier 4: Colonel / Lieutenant Colonel / Major
Tier 3: Captain / First Lieutenant / Second Lieutenant
Tier 2: Sergeant Major / Gunnery Sergeant / Sergeant / Corporal / Lance Corporal
Tier 1: Trooper First Class / Trooper / Trooper Recruit

Civilian Ranks

Tier 5: Executive Vice President / Senior Vice President / Vice President / Assistant Vice President
Tier 4: Senior Manager / Manager / Assistant Manager
Tier 3: Senior Team Leader / Team Leader / Assistant Team Leader
Tier 2: Senior Specialist / Specialist / Junior Specialist
Tier 1: Trainee / Recruit / Intern

Organizational Alliances

The UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative welcomes alliances with like-minded organizations that seek to get involved in the war effort against the Vanduul. Alliances will be achieved through the assignment of representatives to and from each organization.

Current Alliances

The UEE Militia Mobilization Initiative is a founding member of The Admiralty Alliance


About Us

We are a group of generally older players; the majority of our members are older than 25+ years of age. We will consider new members who are younger than that but you are expected to behave in a mature manner (within reason when online with a bunch of larrakins armed with weapons, explosives and spaceships).

We are looking for quality over quantity. We don’t wish to, nor do we expect to, become a massive org where our members are lost in the crowd. We don’t need the numbers; we punch above our weight class.

We are all about making friends and having fun and a few laughs. We recognize that work and life commitments often take precedence over our gaming habits. There is no minimum game time required.

So, if you fit the above description, are looking for a small to medium, close-knit org that is focused on having fun then read on.

Membership Requirements

UEEMMI is not an exclusive organization and members can be members of other organizations. However, to be eligible for promotion, members must have UEEMMI set as their main organization.

You should not be a dickhead. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry or any form of discrimination.

UEEMMI does not engage in or condone piracy by its members. Special operations however, may be condoned.

Griefing or cheating of any kind is not acceptable. Griefers and any members found to be cheating will be removed from the organisation.


We are currently using Spectrum for our forums and Discord for voice comms (until Spectrum gets voice comms):


We have a dedicated website at: