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United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves / UEENR

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  • Founded in 2944 by former service members of the UEE, the United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves (UEENR) was brought to the forefront to enable experienced members to continue their service to the empire.
    Originally established in the Stanton System, the early years of the UEENR saw the organization form as
    an Umbrella entity for multiple militia squadrons and other lawful paramilitary groups who were devoted
    to serve the empire under the Militia Mobilization Initiative.


  • In 2948 the UEENR realized the need for trained sustainable forces. The Naval Reserve, under the command of Admiral Hawk, began to form a self-sufficient construct. A training squadron was established with the intention of recruiting and training members into its own ranks. During this time members were required to provide their own uniforms and would field their own vessels, members could request stipends to offset individual costs.


  • By 2949 the organization had established a complete command structure and began regular patrols in the
    Stanton system under the command of Vice-Admiral Moose. These patrols deterred pirate attacks and helped secure trade routes between the planets. At year’s end, the Naval Reserve had begun to provide uniforms and Field its own dedicated vessels. During early 2950, under the command of Capt. Draco, the 142nd Space Lift Squadron performed (OPERATION SOL). This operation was responsible for the delivery of needed medical supplies to help combat the ongoing COVID crisis on Earth.


  • By Mid 2950 the UEENR began assisting the CDF and UEE Navy with much-needed Orbital and System patrols during the 2950 Invictus Fleet week and IAE events. During these events, many new recruits were brought on board as the UEENR began to bolster the additional security threats that these events brought with them to the Stanton system.


  • In 2951 the Naval Reserve actively worked alongside the CDF and the UEE Navy to further secure the Stanton system. Frequently apprehending individuals in the system with known crime stats the UEENR assisted in securing multiple stations as the UEE Navy fielded a Bengal carrier in the system and allowed civilian tours on a Javelin destroyer.


  • In 2952 the Naval Reserve assisted Crusader Security in the safeguarding of the Platforms near Port Orison from the Ninetails Pirate Group. As tensions were rising in the system multiple blockades across the system were stood up by the Ninetails leading to our need to shut them down to ensure the safe passage of commerce. JumpTown was also found to be a fairly active site requiring a response from the Navy in order to shut down the criminal funding source located in the system. From an operations standpoint, the Navy Reserves was able to both host and attend coordinated training responses and events with fellow organizations in the system. The Navy has experienced a boost this year as new trainees fill in our ranks while we patiently await the release of Alpha 3.18.


  • In 2953, the UEENR concluded the year with a series of strategic initiatives. The organization successfully defended the Stanton system against pirate crews attempting to disrupt peace and security. The annual Reservist Rumble, featuring the OLD IRONSIDES boxing competition, crowned CAPTAIN FURY as the champion in a fierce round-robin tournament, showcasing the exceptional skills of UEENR members. The year also marked a significant milestone as the organization embarked on a comprehensive Discord remodeling project, enhancing communication channels and fostering a more cohesive community. Simultaneously, the UEENR started planning for the release of the new Squadrons unit system, aiming to streamline operations and improve coordination among its members. Looking toward the future, the UEENR is actively preparing for the anticipated reopening of the PYRO jump point. In anticipation of this event, the organization is evaluating potential base station locations and strategizing for traversal into the new system. As the UEENR stands ready, it remains committed to providing safe space for Citizens to transit on a daily basis, ensuring the continued peace and security of the Stanton system.

In the coming year, the UEENR looks forward to providing safe space for Citizens to transit on a daily basis.


Mission Statement:

The Naval Reserves is a steadfast guardian of the Empire and stands resolute against Pirate and Vanduul threats. Recognizing the potentially catastrophic impact of unchecked aggression, we uphold the rich Naval traditions passed down through generations.

Patrol and Defense Responsibilities:

The UEENR diligently patrols multiple systems within the Empire, contributing to the UEE Navy’s efforts by maintaining a combat-ready force. Our commitment extends to:

  • — Engaging Vanduul raiding parties with unwavering determination.
  • — Deterring acts of piracy and apprehending violators of local laws (Crime Stat LVL 3 and Higher).
  • — Intercepting transporters of restricted substances.
  • — Defending high-priority assets with lethal force if necessary.
  • — Offering assistance to all Citizens when available.
  • — Providing timely notifications of our intentions as situations unfold.

Fleet Development and Deployment:

The UEENR is dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of self-sufficient task forces deployed across multiple systems in the universe. These fleets are designed for swift deployment at a moment’s notice, ensuring a proactive and effective response to emerging threats.


Our actions are guided by the following:

    • We embody courage in the face of adversity, fearlessly confronting challenges to ensure the safety and security of the Empire. Our members demonstrate resilience and bravery in every mission, inspiring confidence in the face of danger.
  2. HONOR:
    • Honor is the bedrock of our character. We conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, and a commitment to ethical conduct. Upholding the highest standards of honor, we forge trust within our ranks and with the Citizens we protect.
    • We are bound by an unyielding devotion to duty. Our commitment to service transcends personal interests, and we prioritize the defense and well-being of the Empire above all else. Every member of the UEENR embraces their responsibilities with dedication and loyalty.


The UEENR stands committed to securing the Empire, maintaining peace, and upholding the values that define our Naval heritage. Through dedication and strategic foresight, we stand as a bulwark against threats, safeguarding the prosperity of the Citizens of the UEE.


United Earth Empire Naval Reserves Contract

Code of Conduct

As a member of the United Earth Empire Naval Reserves, you agree to adhere to the following code of conduct:

- Represent the UEENR with pride.
- Display COURAGE when in the face of danger.
- Display HONOR at all times.
- Show your DEVOTION TO DUTY by completing your mission.
- Be respectful of other members.
- No Discrimination in any shape or form.
- No poaching of members.
- No advertisements.
- No hate speech or harmful language.
- No political or religious topics.
- No piracy.
- Do not break UEE Laws.
- No sexual or N.S.F.W or otherwise suspicious content

Membership Expectations:

In order to join the UEENR we ask that you carefully review and be willing to accept the following:

1. ACTIVITY – The UEENR ask that its members be ( In game ) at least 1x a week and ( In discord ) 2x a week. This is to ensure that you are keeping up with your unit and able to fulfill mission / planning requirements.
2. MEMBERSHIP – While you are allowed to join other ( Lawful ) organizations we require that you keep the UEENR as your primary organization in order to be promotable.
3. ATTENDANCE – If you know you are going to be absent for a long period of time, we request that you will make it known to your leadership chain.
4. UNIFORMS – The UEENR has a designated uniform that it wears. It is expected that members will wear the uniform when operating within the organization.
5. CHAIN OF COMMAND – You are expected to follow the commands of those appointed over you.

Beginning Enlistment

Ready to begin your journey with us?

Connect: Join our Discord server. [Click on “Your Adventure Begins Here” located above.]

NOTE: Upon completing your application. If Accepted you will be Notified and placed as an Enlisted Trainee (ET.). If denied a reason will be provided.

Basic Training

Prepare for duty by attending our Basic Training program.
Delve into essential skills and traditions within a single play session.
NOTE: Basic Training Classes will be held once every Quarter. Have your bags packed and be ready to go when the class announcement is made.

Unit Assignment

After Basic Training, you will be advanced to Starman Junior.
During this time familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the UEENR, connect with fellow members, and explore career opportunities within our organization.