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United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves / UEENR

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Founded in 2944 by former service members of the UEE, the United Empire of Earth Naval Reserves (UEENR) was brought to the forefront to enable experienced members to continue their service to the empire.
Originally established in the Stanton System, the early years of the UEENR saw the organization form as
an Umbrella entity for multiple militia squadrons and other lawful paramilitary groups who were devoted
to serving the empire under the Militia Mobilization Initiative.


In 2948 the UEENR realized the need for trained sustainable forces. The Naval Reserve, under the command of Admiral Hawk, began to form a self-sufficient construct. A training squadron was established with the intention of recruiting and training members into its own ranks. During this time members were required to provide their own uniforms and would field their own vessels, members could request stipends to offset individual costs.


By 2949 the organization had established a complete command structure and began regular patrols in the
Stanton system under the command of Vice-Admiral Moose. These patrols deterred pirate attacks and helped secure trade routes between the planets. At year’s end, the Naval Reserve had begun to provide uniforms and Field its own dedicated vessels. During early 2950, under the command of Capt. Draco, the 142nd Space Lift Squadron performed (OPERATION SOL). This operation was responsible for the delivery of needed medical supplies to help combat the ongoing Covid Crisis on Earth.


By Mid 2950 the UEENR began assisting the CDF and UEE Navy with much-needed Orbital and System patrols during the 2950 Invictus Fleet week and IAE events. During these events, many new recruits were brought on board as the UEENR began to bolster for the additional security threats that these events brought with them to the Stanton system.


In 2951 the Naval Reserve actively worked alongside the CDF and the UEE Navy to further secure the Stanton system. Frequently apprehending individuals in the system with known crime stats the UEENR assisted in securing multiple stations as the UEE Navy fielded a Bengal carrier in the system and allowed civilian tours on a Javelin destroyer.


In 2952 the Naval Reserve assisted Crusader Security in the safeguarding of the Platforms near Port Orison from the Ninetails Pirate Group. As tensions were rising in the system multiple blockades across the system were stood up by the Ninetails leading to our need to shut them down to ensure the safe passage of commerce. JumpTown was also found to be a fairly active site requiring a response from the navy in order to shut down the criminal funding source located in the system. From an operations standpoint, the Navy Reserves was able to both host and attend coordinated training responses and events with fellow organizations in the system. The Navy has experienced a boost this year as new trainees fill in our ranks while we patiently await the release of Alpha 3.18.

In the coming year, the UEENR looks forward to providing safe space for Citizens to transit on a daily basis.


The Naval Reserves continues to faithfully serve the people of the Empire against Pirate and Vanduul attacks. The financial burden of such acts could be catastrophic if they were to be left unchecked. As the Naval Reserves, we take it upon ourselves to continue the rich Naval traditions established by those who have come before us.

The UEENR patrols multiple systems within the Empire. We assist the UEE Navy by maintaining a combat-capable force. Acting as deterrence against all acts of aggression and helping to maintain the freedom of movement across public trade routes.

- We will engage all known Vanduul raiding parties with extreme prejudice.
- We will detur all acts of piracy and attempt to apprehend all violators of local laws Crime Stat LVL 3 and Higher.
- We will intercept transporters of restricted substances.
- We will defend high-priority assets with lethal force if necessary.
- We will offer assistance to all Citizens as available.
- We will notify others of our intentions should the situation present itself.

The UEENR intends to develop and maintain long-standing self-sufficient fleets which will be deployed across several systems within the universe. These fleets will allow us to easily deploy at a moment’s notice.


The NAVAL RESERVE was established to provide prior service members with an avenue to continue their service in the verse. Our pride stems from our HONOR in combat, COURAGE when under fire, and a DEVOTION to DUTY which supersedes all others. It is with these core values in mind that the Naval Reserve stands to defend the Citizens of the Empire.

To better serve the Empire, we only offer this opportunity to the select few who possess the spark needed to succeed. New recruits can expect to spend 1 day in our state-of-the-art Naval Space Training Center. Here you will learn the rigors of what is expected from a Naval Reservist. You will be given the opportunity to prove your mental fortitude and ability to adapt. Upon successful graduation from Basic Training, you will then find yourself assigned as a Guard to the Capital Crew Division where you will be given the opportunity to grow in one of our many departments with the option to be assigned later to the Naval Aviator Division.


These Divisions are staffed by some of the finest Starmen to cross the Drift. Here you will begin your journey to become something greater than you ever imagined.

To ensure your success as a Naval Reservist we ask:

  • - That you be a law-abiding Citizen.
  • - That you be of trustworthy Character.
  • - That you be above the age of 16.
  • - That you are willing to conform to the rules and regulations of the Naval Reserves.
  • - That you are able to commit to at least 1 day a month for Drill Weekends / Training.

By enlisting as a Naval Reservist you can look forward to receiving free Water, Medical, and Nutrition supplements while on duty. You will be provided with top-of-the-line instruction from our Naval Space Training Center cadre. As an Active Reservist, you will have the opportunity to serve aboard large capital class vessels and see the verse in ways few could imagine. Defend the Empire against Vanduul and Pirate raids. While also providing the goods and cargo needed to outposts abroad. This organization was developed by veterans and civilians who wish to build that combat brotherhood through simpler means in the stars.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Would you like to know more?
Continue reading our other pages or, stop by our discord and speak with one of our OFF DUTY members today.