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United Earth Mining Corporation / UEMC

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Welcome to the


Star Citizen’s Largest Mining Organization

Metal since 2917

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In the Beginning

The organization that would become the United Earth Mining Corporation was first founded in 2917 by the Atticus siblings, Julian, Helena and Octavius, under a different name, the Atticus Mining Corporation. It was founded with the intentions of becoming a dynamic and rapidly growing inter-planetary mining company based out of Earth, in the Sol system. Initially, seeing great success with a relatively small staff and few vessels, the original founders of the AMC began to expand the company at an exponential rate. During this time, a well-known miner, known by the nickname of Noiser, began to rise to prominence with the miners of the corporation, as was teaching the new miners how to get by in the mining game and make a profit while doing it.

As the AMC began increasing in size, Noiser and some of his colleagues, such as Belroc and Pendus, voiced concerns that the company was beginning to over-extend itself and could not control or safely patrol the areas it had laid claim to, while continuing to prospect for new mining claims. Rival mining companies had long been festering feelings of jealousy and hatred for the unexpected success of the AMC. Many of these companies were based on planets other than Earth. As a result of this, many of these rivals had the advantage due to their close proximity to many of the more profitable mining operations.

The Fall of the AMC

With his concerns being unheeded by the standing leadership, Noiser was sent away to conduct long-range scouting operations for potential new mining operations. While performing this task, Noiser identified communications between two of the AMC’s most dangerous competitors, far from their typical area of operations, the Taiiga Corporation and the Halcyon Conglomerate. These companies had made no secret of their desire for the area in which Noiser was prospecting, and for the claims of the AMC as a whole. Understanding that something was amiss with the situation, Noiser decided to investigate further and decipher their communications. What he uncovered was a plot to bankrupt the AMC and divide the resulting purchasable mining operations amongst themselves.

With this information in mind, Noiser departed and returned to the AMC headquarters on Earth where he planned to tell the leadership exactly what he had heard and who had said it. He planned to do so despite the leadership’s previous refusal to heed his advice. Unfortunately for everyone, the AMC had, as a result of its success, turned into a stagnant creature of gluttony and decadence, its leadership did not want to listen to anything that could result in a loss of profits.

Due to the refusal to heed the warnings he had presented, Noiser informed his closest allies of these latest developments and together they left the AMC, just as reports began flooding in of coordinated pirate attacks upon mining vessels and their convoys unfolding across almost all of their operations. Noiser and his allies knew the truth, and so did the AMC leadership. They just weren’t willing to do admit to their employees the truth behind the nature of the seemingly unstoppable attacks against their operations. The rumors were partially true. These were indeed pirate attacks, and they were becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective; however, the real reason behind this was that they were being paid to do so by Halcyon Conglomerate. Their ultimate goal was to disrupt the AMC’s mining and hauling infrastructure and force them to declare bankruptcy, at which point the Taiiga Corporation would buy up their mining operations and split them with Halcyon.

By the time the leadership of the AMC acknowledged what was truly happening, it was far too late. The conflict was too far gone and resulted in the AMC going bankrupt. What this meant for the company was that anyone could begin buying the claims to which the AMC had previously possessed. However, two things happened that the two rival companies didn’t account for. First, there was a resistance that had been occurring during this time led by Elijah Rockseeker, a well-known miner of the AMC, his crewmate Schrike, and some other surviving employees. Rockseeker had been maintaining contact with Noiser and coordinating small pockets of resistance in response to any attempts to purchase mining operations. Even going so far as to sabotage their own mining operations to devalue the operations in order for the rival companies to lose interest. The second, was that Noiser had been in communications with Mister Greedy, a wealthy explorer that had previously prospected and sold claims exclusively to the AMC. The two had reached an agreement wherein Greedy would fund the buyback of many AMC claims under the new leadership of Noiser. As a result of Noiser’s intuition, he had been working on this plan for quite some time and was able to be on Earth when many of the most profitable claims were put up for sale and purchase them before the rival companies even had a chance to bid on them. When all was said and done, virtually all of the AMC’s original claims and operations were now owned by Noiser.

The Rise of the UEMC

Noiser never set out to be the leader of one of the largest mining organizations of Earth, and even after going through all of this to save the company he loved, he still did not intend on being the leader. However, his former colleagues and allies that had helped him ensure that the AMC would live on and become what it is today, and with that they nominated him as the new CEO. As the new leader, his first action was to get rid of the last remnant of the Atticus legacy by renaming the company as the United Earth Mining Corporation and laying down a new charter. While still being a mainly mining corporation, the new and improved UEMC would never shy away from defending its miners and trade lanes and would diversify its operations into trading and hauling of resources.

That was not the end of the story however, the Halcyon Conglomerate and Taiiga Corporation were still very much active and could not accept this turn of events. They believed that if they moved fast enough and with enough severity they could crush the new upstart company. The believed that the new UEMC would be so disorganized that any show of hostile force would be enough to disband the company. So, instead of banking on unreliable pirates as they did in the previous assault, they relied exclusively on their smaller internal security forces. The veterans of the UEMC foresaw this attack, and with the assistance of allied organizations, countered it by striking pre-emptively deep into the areas controlled by the two rivaling companies. Seeing huge successes against the Taiiga Corporation, they soon forced the company to collapse, after which time the UEMC purchased the majority of their claims and almost doubled in size.

The Halcyon Conglomerate was not so easy to dismantle. The security forces put up a much more substantial and coordinated resistance against the UEMC’s now superior numbers and resources. A large part of this successful resistance was the ability of the Conglomerate’s hauling division to double as a militia force that was capable of resupplying friendly military forces during on-going battles. Leading the Halcyon Conglomerate’s security infrastructure and overall naval forces, was a well-respected individual by the name of Maegon Bleidd. Bleidd, however, soon realized that he was being misled by the leadership of his company, who were purely interested in preserving their own personal profits over ending the conflict and protecting their employees. Realizing this, Bleidd used his position of power and access to material within the corrupt company to persuade the employees under him to stop trading and hauling the Halcyon Conglomerate’s minerals to market, effectively crippling their income and overall military operations against the UEMC. Using this position of power, Bleidd seized control of Halcyon and opened negotiations with Noiser. The result of those negotiations was that all holdings and properties belonging to the former Halcyon Conglomerate would be integrated into the UEMC along with all former employees. In return, Bleidd would be placed in charge of all security forces within the new UEMC and a promise that the leadership would never become what they had fought against originally.


Life of a solo prospector is a lonely existence. This is why the company was started.

With the security of knowing there are others around to shoulder the load and watch your back, great things can be accomplished with effort, focus and a little bit of miner’s luck.

What we do

UEMC is Star Citizen’s largest mining organization.
• Safe zone mining. Peace of mind. The staple wage earner.
• Deep space and dangerous null sec operations. Risk & Reward, Guts & Glory.
• Hauling and trade. Why make a return trip with an empty hold?
• Support. Salvage, repair, build. Keep round the clock operations running!
• Security. We do not initiate conflicts. We defend and protect our core operations.

What we need

• Miners and Refiners. They are the heart and core of our operations and the most sought after for our corporation. If you want to mine, we have a place for you.
• Crew. UEMC has limitless opportunities for members to crew in every multi-crew ship in the verse. If you want to learn how ships operate in different professions by experienced ship captains before you buy your own, we can assist in getting you that experience. Who knows, UEMC ship captains have been known for mentoring and further org introductions. Our Captains value crew willing to grow and learn.
• Haulers. Hauling is both a profession and requirement to all organizations in the verse. As such, Haulers are always prized for. UEMC is growing and our resources need to get to refineries and the best markets. If you are a hauler, we can supply the security for both orbital and planet side operations. Stop by and discuss an opportunity in joining us today.
• Explorers and Scouts. The verse is literally growing. The art and science of discovering the verse’s secrets will always be in demand. We recognize, support, and need those who have both the skill and talent to explore the unknown. Can you open new areas by scouting? Have a need to explore for a well-resourced Org? Need crew or support? Sign up and see if the UEMC is home for you.
• Info runners. Trade runs, ore locations, new system jump points discoveries are how UEMC plans to not only survive but thrive. This you’re calling or have some intel, let us know and let’s make a deal. Joining up with us long term is always an option for those who want priority in the verse.
• Medics, Engineers and Scientists. Whether we need medical aid or those who can enhance the org’s resources, we call on the best. UEMC operates in dangerous environments with heavy equipment. Unfortunately, we also deal with hostiles looking to cause harm. If you are medically or science trained and willing to travel, please contact us today.

What we offer

• We will provide opportunities for all members to earn as much as they are willing to work for, there will always be a spot available for you to work
• We are an agile venture. Being able to react quickly to opportunities and capitalize on them is a strength at the UEMC.
• We can provide a learning environment for a wide variety of professions. Mentorships are encouraged in the UEMC.
• We can provide access to the resources in terms of ore, location information, crew, security, logistics, communication, organization events, deep networking opportunities and long-term growth potential.
• Support for your ideas. Initiative is rewarded. We will support and partner with you if have a good business case. Bring it before the Board.

How we work

• Bring your own ships or work on others, you will be assigned to a crew suited to your desired profession if you have not chosen one or it is full.
• All make money; crew and captains alike, and so do scouts and security. Profit sharing is the norm.

Long-Term Goal

A long-term goal of the UEMC is to become a significant force in the ore mining and refining economy, offering an alternative to AI-operated facilities for organizations to trade ore. Game permitting, this would be achieved by collectively working together to build and operate the largest player-owned mining and refining node, ideally in the form of a space station, to be located in a still to be determined location, at the crossroad of significant trade routes.

Org Structure

• Board member (Rank 5): Member that oversees the organization as a whole. Responsible of its vision, guidance, well-being and the coordination of organization-wide activities.
• Sr. Manager (Rank 4): Member with strong organizational and leadership skills in charge of a grouping of divisions. Responsible of global operations, management and activities within it.
• Manager (Rank 4): Member with strong leadership skills in charge of a specific division. Responsible of organizing gameplay and coordinating operations and activities within it.
• Foreman (Rank 3): Specialist that has demonstrated good leadership and mentorship skills, and accurately portrays the organization values.
• Specialist (Rank 2): Active and skilled employee, either or both in-game and out-of-game.
• Employee (Rank 1): Main member of our organization.
• Contractor (Rank 0): Affiliate member of our organization.
• Ambassador (Rank 0): Representative from an affiliate organization. Limited to one per organization.


We are a CASUAL organization – We’re all about having fun playing the awesome game that we pledged for, while engaging in mining or mining-related activities: exploring to find new and lucrative ore fields, prospecting ore fields, mining and refining ore, hauling and trading ore, securing claims and mining expeditions, and supporting our operations, ships, and people.

We are a RESPECTFUL organization – We’re expecting all members, employees and contractors alike, to be respectful of others, in their actions and language, by avoiding excessive swearing and refraining from offensive or discriminating comments based on gender, age, race, color, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, political opinions and other individual differences.

We are a PEACEFUL organization – We’re not seeking combat and conflict, but rather try to avoid it; hence why we prefer to mind our own business. But we all know that the verse will be full of pilots looking for a fight, so we also want to be able to defend and protect ourselves and the core of our mining operations.

Our core values

1. HAVE FUN !!

2. We work, earn and grow as a team.

3. Protect teammates and assets.

4. Any ideas to improve are always welcome.

5. Profits will be shared as a function of our group activities.

6. Respect each other and management.

7. We do not engage in theft and piracy.

8. Any disputes will be settled by the appropriate management level.

9. Rank does not determine work opportunities.

10. HAVE FUN !!