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Roberts Space Industries ®


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UESEC, protecting those who cannot protect themselves.


UESEC was founded on the belief of security and protection for the UEE, after multiple wars between the UEE and the Vanduul, Citizen’s of the empire found themselves devastated when returning from war. Discovering the empire they knew, loved and fought for in turmoil. The war had been the government’s main focus for the past several years, ignoring the basic needs of the empire and it’s civilians.

Crime was rife in the empire, corrupt politicians held powerful seats and had been in power far longer than their term dates, the UEE navy was off fighting the Vanduul and small security forces were left struggling to maintain order and stability throughout the empire. That’s when UESEC was created to help combat the ever growing crime and instability.


Our policy is quite simple, doing the job that the military should be enforcing. We pride ourselves on providing security and protection to any person within the empire and beyond, whether that is on or off the books, people with a certain notoriety or not, it does not matter as long as the fee for our services is met, anyone is welcome to contract us.


Although not officially recognised as a legitimate Private Military Company by many government officials in the UEE, UESEC has obtained the right to be classed as a “Corporation”. Though many of their business transactions are… Questionable, UESEC has helped with the reduction of unemployment of armed servicemen back from their tours and continuously helps with providing security and protection services to the UEE due to this they are liked by most in the Armed Forces and security companies all over the empire.