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We are masters of casual – staying frosty while pouring a frosty.
We can hold our own in combat while also holding a beverage.
We play to win, just not at all cost.
We may not always drink, but when we do – we drink for effect.
Stay thirsty my friends … and welcome to The U.

Pew pew!


Unrepentant has been helping CIG make Star Citizen the BDSSE since before Anvil introduced the Super Hornet. We even remember Wingman broadcasting from Austin’s basement. So when the line formed as SC’s Organization system launched on 1/21/2944 … we were already nut to butt and up in front.

Soon after the Hangar Module went live in 2943, we were posting Greycat obstacle course crash and burn competitions on Youtube. When the Dogfighting Module went live in mid 2944 as Arena Commander, we started weekly scrambles which remain etched in our DNA (and our Org event calendar) to this day.

When the Persistent Universe was first released to the PTU late in 2945, we gladly accepted the invitation to participate and contribute. And when the game’s engine was upgraded from 32-bit to 64-bit in 2946, well … we celebrated. Mightily.

Years of playing through alpha lags, bugs & crashes has provided us with an on-stage pass to the evolution of a truly amazing game. Unrepentant is proud to be a part of the extraordinary expedition that is Star Citizen. If history is any indication, what is yet to come will be even more extraordinary.


Economic sovereignty … cultural supremacy … ‘leet PU, AC & SM PvP domination … sortieing uber fleets of capital ships guarded by armadas of escorts armed to the teeth and fine tuned for both high and low intensity warfare on a galactic scale … these are just some of the things that Unrepentant won’t be famous for!

However, what Unrepentant will be famous for is how tight we are as an Organization. We selflessly share victories and spoils as much as we share knowledge and technique. To play Star Citizen in The U is to embrace the sheer fun of flying, fighting, farming, trading, exploring, and crashing into asteroids/planets/other ships/space whales together – and doing it all while wearing litle more than a shirt & a smile.

But don’t let that lull you into thinking we aren’t ready to rock your socks off. Ostensibly, with more than 70 Org members boasting an argosy of 220+ ships, the emergence of Star Citizen as a viable FPS MMORPG space sim has our long time Star Citizen branch mustering and preparing for action! When we fly right it’s a thing of beauty, and our loadouts are well endowed with party-laden warheads that eat attitude shields for breakfast.

On top of occasional one-off events the Unrepentant Org typically scrambles on Saturdays, engaging in a variety of activities:

  • Crusader combat, exploration and mission achievements for aUEC to procure weapon & armor upgrades,
  • Arena Commander for free-flight training, dogfighting & racing, and
  • Star Marine for ground & EVA skirmishes.

In fact the only activity in Star Citizen (or any other game for that matter) we won’t engage in is griefing. If this sounds like your tankard of ale, then feel free to visit us at and submit an app.


Unrepentant is a welcoming community of adult and like-minded casual gaming enthusiasts, spanning numerous genres and dozens of games. We are socially driven with a focus on freedom. Our members are free to play whatever games they want … the way they want … whenever they want. You won’t find any play time quotas, guild taxations, mandatory events, or drama-laden infighting here.

Having said that, we recognize that this freedom also comes with responsibility: Ueys are free to play games the way they want so long as that freedom does not deny fellow Ueys their freedom to do likewise.

In a nutshell, we are an established and close-knit society of grown-up gamers who choose to “get it.”

Central to Unrepentant is our camaraderie. We believe the games you play aren’t as important as the people you play them with, and to that end we strive only to admit the kind of members one would want to hang out and have a drink with. Our slogan is “once a member – always a member”, and all in Unrepentant are welcome in any game we play regardless of what branch they started in.

It’s the age old dichotomy of someone being a good player versus being good people. Both would of course be nice, but good play can be taught. Which is why we look for good people. Freedom, friendship and fun times – this is what matters to The U.

Simply put, the Mantra of The U and the Golden Rule are one in the same. Mutual respect and personal responsibility are our watchwords. Our members stay cool, stay classy, and have a helluva good time doing it. Star Citizens who prefer otherwise need not apply.