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The Unified Federation / UFAE

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Engineering

We are an alliance of several space faring species known as The Unified Federation of Astral Entities. Our purpose is explore deep space as well as retain resources by way of engineering solutions.


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ATTN: Welcome to the Unified Federation.

We are the extension of Grand Unified into the Star Citizen Universe.

Here we have 2 main objectives, exploration, and engineering. We are the science vessel fleet that pirates and raiders fear. We will attempt to name the rarest systems and make the most discoveries and advancements in the galaxy. We will grow fast so, make sure you get familiar with our protocols, procedures and your ship assignments pronto. You’ll be onboard one of our ships or flying escort in no time.

As Fleet Commander, I will be responsible for coordinating your assignments and directing overall fleet strategy and heading. I, Captain Grey of the UFAE Carl Sagan am the highest ranking member in the fleet holding rank/title of “Fleet Captain”. With great responsibility, it is paramount for me to respect each member’s rank, role, and position just as I would expect one to respect mine. Within the verse, we are a soft role playing guild. While you don’t have to assume a character, I do ask that you respect the command structure at all times. Our fleet cohesion will be far more efficient because of it.

Lastly, this org is here to have fun, so please, by all means do so.

Thank you all for your service,
Captain Grey
Unified Federation Fleet Commander
UFAE Carl Sagan


1. AGE: Our minimum age requirement is 21, Twenty-One. The only exception to this will be Real Life families who join together, in this case, children joining with their parents consent can be NO YOUNGER than 16 years old – Parents will be held responsible for actions of their teenagers. We expect ALL members to act as responsible adults while having fun socially. This is also a social community that is intended for mature audiences while being respectful.

2. FACEBOOK GROUP: You must join our Federation FB group IMMEDIATELY after posting an application.

3. STAR CITIZEN: You MUST be able to log in – and play SC. We will not process your application without a valid Citizen Dossier Number. Due to our current schedule requirements each month both organization wide and across our Local Units, membership must be able to log in and play the game at the time of application submission. As Star Citizen advances and more is released, this will become more and more frequent.

4. Voice Chat: You MUST have some form of VOICE chat installed, with a working headset / microphone. Because we utilized in-game radio communications, we require all members to be able to verbally communicate. No Exceptions.
(Skype, Voxer, TeamSpeak, Google Hangout)

5. Communication: You must be able to communicate with your fellow ship mates. If you have a hard time being a team player, you will be removed and your federation status revoked.

Thank you for applying, we look forward to meeting you.
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