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United Federation of Danes™ "Vi er alle danskere" / UFD

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Vi er en 100% Dansk organisation-
Alle Dansker er velkommen, blot følg Manifesto og Charter.

Vi bruger Discord. Invite link:
Formålet med org’en er at samle danskerne under et, for at opnå sikkerhed i Verset.
Part of the S.P.A.C.E Alliance.
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Part of the S.P.A.C.E Alliance

History Of The Danish People And The Formation Of the United Federation Of Danes(UFD).

At the beginning of the 21th century Earth natural resources was almost depleted and more daring and innovative methods was implemented to reach them. With overwhelming effects of global warming, overpopulation and high demand on resources countries would using any means necessary to get what ever was left at great economical strain, and tension between countries.

As global warming gave rise to the planets temperature, Earth had suddenly reached a critical point. This resulted in the sudden release of unimaginable quantities of Co2 that over millions and millions of years had accumulated and been locked away in Permafrost in places like Siberia among other places, and now pushed global warming to the extreme!
That meant that much of the ice on Greenland moved and melted, which caused the landmass to rice as the pressure form the ice lightened and the ground was ever more accessible.
Greenland which was the last bit of land that had so far seemed uneconomic to harvest, was now prime for the taking.
Denmark, a little country was the owner of the largest island on Earth and sat on what was now the riches landmass with natural resources.

The small country with less than 7million people would now have the potential to become one of the riches countries on Earth.
Knowing this Denmark would use all its finical resources, despite it’s already somewhat strained economy.
Going all in they constructed mines, processing equipment, oil-rigs, refineries and storage facilitates.

The global need and addiction to these resources meant that Denmark was not only seen as a finical threat to the top riches countries but also to the many corporations that was cashing in on costly alternatives.
As tensions between countries rose Denmark was struggling to maintain supremacy over Greenland, and after all legal and “diplomatic” efforts including some sketchy attempts to re-wright the history books on who discovered Greenland, and had rights to, failed. The last resort was a hostile takeover…..
A international smear campaign against Denmark and its people was initiated. As the medias was either controlled or let into darkness or prayed on ignorant fear, it was not hard to get public support for a military action to siege Greenland. The 10 biggest nations saw it to themselves and divided it.

The high cost of making Greenland ready for processing and a futile attempt to defend it against military insurgence combined with the 21th century politicians who have been using the Danish people economy. The politicians seem to care more for themselves and how much power and fortune they could accumulate and in a sense politics had basically broken down and been substituted with greedy kings that would only be interested in fending for oneself interest and was wrecking havoc on the economy and using the States economy as their personal bank account.
On top of that a social welfare system they had inherited from the 20th century that was so attractive and beneficial to immigrants, that they flee from all over the world to the small but plentiful country at the time, meant that less and less people would renew the crippling economy as the native peoples birthrate was to low to maintain the Danish heritage.

All these circumstances meant that by the middle of 21th century Denmark was declared bankrupt and out of control. Politics had failed, the small country was vastly overpopulated and poverty had become a plague.
Denmark was to small to have any interests by neighboring countries and was left to itself, and as a result of the smear campaign, the hate and malice towards the Danish people was high.
A fear of having immigrants from Denmark resulted in borders being set up, and anyone who attempted to cross would be stopped and immediately send back.
In almost no time anarchy and civil unrest was plaguing the small and once beautiful country. Hunger was ever increasing and people started seeking to violence to fend for what little they had. People started to shoot first and not ask questions later.
War, violence and death had become everyday life for the people, they became quite good at it….

Over the next 300 years the rest of the world had forgot about the little country and chose to live in blissful ignorance of the suffering and state the country was in. Technology had reached a point where people had moved into sustainable mega cities. Food and resources was artificially created and was now in plentiful quantities. Life was good outside Denmark while people in Denmark was more and more quarantined as they where seen as barbaric, uncivilized and considered subhuman and undeveloped to fit into society.
Although some small human rights organizations did from time to time send food, clothing, farming equipment, medicine, energy producing equipment, replicator technology and what else the Danish people needed the most, it wasn’t enough to rebuild a real society, but just enough to survive…

By the end of the 24th century as Earth and its people was exploring, making colonies and mining resources among the stars. it wasn’t until than job opportunity opened up for the Small country, and the people was gradually let back into society. But it wasn’t without a catch..
Jobs that was to dangerous, unhealthy, demeaning or otherwise considered undesirable by the civilized world, was given to the Danish people.
Work in zero gravity and cosmic radiation, mining pods on dangerous asteroids, operating old and neglected machines and spacecrafts in harsh conditions and the maintenance of old nuclear reactors which was outdated technology from the 20-21th century and only financial beneficial because of the Danish work.

The military also saw a use of the experience and years of violence the Danish people had. And because of the low value they had among society, they where frequently and primarily used in high risk, low survival probability missions. Unofficial of course…
But they prevailed and over the years, those that survived, they accumulate enough to buy their own spaceships and started to make their way on their own.
Sadly some had not been able to let go of their violent past, and had committed mutiny on the ships they where serving. Resulting in being banned as outlaws and was forced to piracy.

But finally the Danish people had found refuge and peace among the stars. Alone in small pockets scattered among the stars, few clans and small groups Seeking a new land for themselves, mining asteroid fields and trading ancient alien relics and technology they would find long the way.

10 years ago the United Federation of Danes was formed by a few Danish organizations and groups around the universe, in an attempt to once again unite the long ago proud people by putting an end to centuries of fighting each other for scraps and rebuild a civilization once again.
Though official the UFD is against piracy, there are rumors that once in a while the Federation have used pirates and trades with them, but that’s rumors that have yet to be confirmed.
With the Federation they started to unite and become a prude people, one that kept to themselves in regards of information acquired during their long exploration, trading goods found and ore. Seeking protection in the new alliance and helping each other, not only getting the trade routes stable but also keeping mercenaries, bounty-hunters, tradesmen, miners, explores to name a few, employed by their own and for their own people.


Ønsker du at blive medlem af UFD?

  • Vi søger i øjeblikket medlemmer til at udfylde alle roller.
  • Krav til medlemskab er, at du overholder dette “manifest” og vigtigst af alt “adfærdskodeksen” som beskrevet i charter.
    Dette er kernen i vores organisation og er skrevet ned for at sikre, at det bliver en sjov oplevelse for alle. Ikke kun medlemmerne, men også andre i versen.
  • Når du er blevet medlem, kan du i spectrum finde adgang til Facebook og Discord
    Vi mødes på Discord hver søndag klokken 19.

Vores vision

  • At yde vores del for at gøre Verset et fornøjelig sted og skabe den bedste organisation for vores medlemmer. At være godt synes om af andre og beundret for sammenhold og samarbejde i Verset.

Vores mission

  • At udnytte hver eneste gren af ​​erhverv i Verset og at give missioner og job til alle vores medlemmer, det være sig lige fra udforskning, handel, lejesoldater, producenter eller enhver anden beskæftigelse i verset.

Vores formål

  • At skabe økonomiske muligheder for vores medlemmer og forsyninger i hver deres respektive afdeling. At beskytte og hjælpe medlemmerne, tilbyde eskorte og beskyttelse på missioner til vores transporters, minearbejdere, opdagelsesrejsende, eller andre i verset mod en del af overskuddet.
  • At være inspiration til andre organisationer med hensyn til holdånd og indstilling.
  • At forene alle danskere under en organisation for styrke i flertal.
  • Ikke at være aggressiv, men venlig og imødekommende. Men vi vil passe på vores egne, og forsvare dem med vold om nødvendigt.

Vores målsætning

  • Som en Organisation at have sin egen flåde. En flåde for at beskytte vores interesser og sikre vores fremtid.
  • At få en Organisations hangar, mødested og om muligt rumstationen eller tilsvarende, minedrift, fabrikker, transport logistik og handelsruter, udforsker for at finde minedrift steder og Alien teknologier.
  • Vær den største danske organisation i Verset med en tilsvarende flåde.

Vores struktur

Vores organisationsstruktur er ret flad.

  • Denne organisation er ikke skabt til lederne(skaberen af ​​org) men for alle medlemmer. Der vil ikke være nogen frynsegoder, belønninger eller andre fordele der gives til lederne eller højtstående medlemmer. Alle er ens, og alle vil blive belønnet og behandlet ens.
    Den eneste fordel ved at være leder er administrativt arbejde og engagement i organisationerne og dets medlemmer.
    Men eventuelle fremtidige planer for organisationen vil blive lavet af lederne. Dette betyder dog ikke, at alle medlemmer ikke bliver hørt og taget med i betragtning.
    Men jo mere du giver til Organisationen, desto mere respekt og anerkendelse vil du få.
    Jo mere du smider i, desto mere vil du få i gengæld.

  • Spørg ikke, hvad din organisation kan gøre for dig, men hvad du kan gøre for din organisation.

English version:

Want to join the UFD?

  • We are currently seeking members to fill out any and all roles.
  • Requirements for joining is that you comply with this “manifesto” and most important the “code of conduct” in the charter.
    This is the core of our Organization and is written down so to make sure it will be a fun experience for everyone. Not only the members, but others in the Verse as well.
  • Once you have become a member join our chat for team speak access
    We meet up in the chat every Thursday around 19 o clock.
  • Vores Facebook gruppe

Our Vision

  • To do our part of making the Verse enjoyable and create the best organization for it’s members. To be well liked by others and admired for team spirit and collaboration in the Verse.

Our Mission

  • To utilize every branch of operation in the Verse and to provide missions and jobs for all our members, be it exploration, trading, mercenaries, manufacturers or every other branch of occupation.

Our Objectives

  • To create financial job opportunities for our members and supplies in their respective branch. To watch out and help members, offer escort and protection on missions for our cargo haulers, miners, explorers or others in return for a share of the profits.
  • To be an inspiration to other organizations in terms of team spirit and attitude.
  • To unite all Danes under one organization for strength in numbers.
  • Not to be aggressive, but friendly and forthcoming. But we will take care of our own, and defend them if necessary.

Our Goals

  • As an organization to have its own fleet. A fleet to protect our interests and safeguard our future.
  • To have a organization hangar, meeting place and if possible space-station or likewise, mining facilities, factories, transport logistic and trade routs, explores to scout for mining possibilities and search for alien technologies.
  • Be the largest Danish organization in the Verse with a fleet to match.

Our Structure

Our Organization structure is pretty flat.

  • This Organization is not created for the Officers(creator of the org) but for all members. There will be no perks, rewards or other benefits given to Officers or high ranking members. All are equal and all will be rewarded and treated equal.
    The only benefit of being an officer is administrative work, and commitment to the Organizations and it’s members.
    But any future plans for the organization will be made by officers. This doesn’t necessary mean that all members won’t be heard and taken into account.
    How ever, the more you give to the Organization the more respect and honor you will recessive.
    The more you put in, the more you get in return.

  • Ask not what your organization can do for you, but what your can do for your organization.



#0: Manglende overholdelse af følgende kan resultere i udelukkelse fra organisationen!

#1: Som medlem accepterer du og overholder disse betingelser, og du har læst manifestet!

#2: I organisationen angriber vi ikke andre medlemmer !!!

#3: Skulle der være en tvist mellem medlemmerne, bed organisationen om at fungere som en domstol.

  • Et afstemningssystem vil blive gennemført, og medlemmerne træffer en afgørelse
  • Medlemmer med relationer til de stridende (uenige) parter kan ikke deltage. Æresystemet er det eneste vi har.

#4: Dårlig, umodne opførsel vil ikke blive tolereret, det samme for racisme, seksuel chikane, flammende, trolling osv. Der vil blive givet maks. 2Advarsler !!!

#5: Fusk eller udnyttelse af spillet, uanset om det er gennem brug af 3party-programmer eller fejl i spillet, accepteres ikke !!!!!

#6: Tag IKKE initiativet, uprovokeret eller ej uden for spilets Lore(roleplay/game mechanics) til at angribe andre, og det er ikke grundlaget for at påberåbe sig organisationerne indblanding. Denne organisation er primært til forsvar og beskyttelse af vores medlemmer, ejendom, rettigheder og generel bevægelse i verset (vi er ikke her for at lave fjender).

  • Hvad betyder det?
    Simpelt set, lad være med at flyve rundt og uberettiget angribe alle, og ødelægge en andens dag ved at crashe dit skib ind i deres, fordi du har LTI eller en dårlig dag.
    Vær i karakter, hvis du er en bounty-hunter, behøver du ikke være flink overfor din “bounty”. Hvis du møder en pirat, skal du selvfølgelig ikke håbe på det bedste, men tage dine foranstaltninger.

#7: Hvis du bliver angrebet, har du tilladelse til at bruge ethvert middel til at stoppe angriberen og bede medlemmer om hjælp. Men lad være med at eskalere situationen efterfølgende, eller angribe andre, der ikke deltog selvom de er hans / hendes venner eller organisationsmedlemmer. Vi tager os af vores egen, men søger ikke at lave fjender med store organisationer, medmindre vi skal.

#8: Vi udføre ikke eller acceptere pirateri i denne organisation.
Men vi accepterer og praktiserer “privateering” også kendt som godkendt pirateri.

  • Hvad betyder det?
    Forskellen mellem pirateri og “privateering” er, at pirater angriber ved lejlighed og vælger ikke deres ofre.
    “Privateering” er pirateri, men det er med accept af organisationen. Så vi angriber ikke tilfældigt, men kun dem vi er i krig med, dem organisationen har klassificeret som fjender.
    Og pirater er som standard klassificeret som fjender.

Bemærk dog, selv om pirater og fjender frit kan angribes efter eget valg, skal du overholde UEE’s-love. Hvis disse love tillader dig at angribe dem inden for UEE’s-territorie, har du tilladelse til det. Hvis ikke så gør det uden for UEE’s-territorie.

#9: Vi ville så meget som muligt forsøge at arbejde med UEE og ikke komme under deres radar med hensyn til “reputation”. Men det betyder ikke, at vi ikke udføre handlinger, der er imod UEE, vi sørger bare for, at det ikke bliver opdaget af UEE eller bliver til et problem for organisationen, og dens eksistens i UEE’s-territorie.

English version.

Code of Conduct

#0: Failure to comply with the following may result in exclusion from the organization!

#1: As a member you agree and comply with these conditions and you have read the Manifesto!

#2: In the organization we don’t attack other members!!!

#3: Should there be a dispute between members, ask the organization to act as a tribunal.

  • A voting system will be implemented and the members will decide your fate
  • People with ties to the warring(disagreeing) parties may not participate. The honor system is the only one we have.

#4: Bad, immature behavior will not be tolerated, the same for racism, sexual harassment, flaming, trolling, etc.. Max 2warnings will be given!!!

#5: Cheating or exploitation, whether it is through the use of 3party programs or bugs in the game is not accepted!!!!!

#6: Do NOT take the initiative, unprovoked or otherwise outside the game’s Lore to attack others, and it is not the basis for invoking the organizations interfering. This organization is primarily for the defense and protection of our own members, property, rights and general movement in the verse(we are not here to make enemies).

  • What does that mean?
    Simply put, don’t just go around and willy-nilly attacking everyone and ruining someones day or ramming your ship into theirs because you have LTI, or a bad day.
    Be in character, if your are a bounty-hunter you don’t need to be nice to your bounty. If you meet a pirate, you do not let your guard down and hope for the best.

#7: If you are being attacked, you are authorized to use any means to stop the attacker and ask fellow members for assistance. But do not take it any further and attack others not participating even if they are his/hers friends or organization members. We take care of our own, but try not to make enemies with large organizations unless we have to.

#8: We do not preform of condole piracy in this organization.
But we do accept and practice privateering.

  • What does that mean?
    The difference between piracy and privateering is that pirates do not discriminate or select their victims.
    Privateering is piracy, but it’s is with the acceptance of the organization. So we do not attack random, but only those we are at war with, those the organization have classified as enemies.
    And pirates are by default classified as enemies.

Note however, though pirates and enemies are free to be attacked at your discretion, you must obey the UEE laws. If they allow you to attack them within UEE territory go right ahead. Otherwise take it outside UEE territory.

#9: As much as possible we would try to work with the UEE and not get under their radar in terms of standing/criminality. But that does not mean that we do not preform acts that are against the UEE, we just make sure it does not get descovered by the UEE or a problem for the organization and it’s existance in the UEE terrotory.