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United German Commanders / UGC

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    Bounty Hunting

Stubbornly independent community founded by settlers originating from central Europe on Sol 3 in 2969. The people are known for their weird sense of humour, the annual beer festival in the colorful crystal caves and their strong dark beer.


In 2969 a.D. a couple of settlers followed their dream of independence and searched for a new home where they can live in peace.
The settlers soon reached a System and found nothing but dead planets without any atmospheres. They decided to install a meager outpost which they could use to trade with the resources found on the planets.

They soon found rich caverns beneath the surface of a planet stuffed which vast crystals of all colours.
After many trial and errors the first farm and harvest facility was built by monks.
The settler now could feed themselves.

The reflection of the local sun in the crystal caves gave their crop a special taste unique in the galaxy.
The monks also did bring an old receipt which was the original for the now famous “UGC Dark Beer”.
This fine drink was soon known as the strongest beverage in the known universe.

Legends say that half a litre of this beverage can get a “strong bavarian” (old and hard drinking tribe from earth) drunk for many hours.
Till this day this receipt has not been written down and just gets passed from monk to monk.

Because of the classy beer the systems outpost began to grow steadily and many independence-minded pilots sought their fortune here.
Soon the faction “United German Commanders” was born and began to build a coriolis station.
The faction is known for their strong will to remain independent and their great feast at the end of september where many tourists from all of the galaxy travel to have fun and celebrate the “UGC Dark Beer” and other beverage for the not so hard drinking ones.


The UGC is a democratic organization with an elected council deciding on daily matters. For important decisions every member has a vote. First and foremost we are caring for our members and not for any of the powers, every Commander is free to follow his own agenda as long as he respects members and helps when others or the group are in trouble. We have merchants, explorers, bounty hunters, miners,…every profession with one notable exception: no piracy or murder (shoot down non group-members that have a clean record) is allowed!
We want to help make the galaxy a more hospitable place for our members and the members of the pilots federation. At the moment we are testing fun events for our members, too…if they are succesful we hope we can invite more Commanders to some party events.


‘Seven principles of the UGC

1. All members have equal rights. Representatives from the ranks of the UGC – called the ‘council of 3’ – will be elected periodically.
The council will be formed by 3 elected members from the UGC.
Elected representatives of the UGC get extended competences.
2. Members of the UGC are not allowed to attack other members except for training fights and duels both sides have agreed to.
3. Members of the UGC are working to bring ‘law and order’. Piracy is out of the question.
4. Members of the UGC are acting independent of faction preferences.
Common goals and agreements of the UGC are a main topic and should be respected.
5. Members of the UGC are bound to professional discretion concerning internal agreements.
These agreements are not allowed to be shared with the public without internal consent.
6. Alliances with clans and factions will only be put into effect with a vote by the majority of the members and
a consultation with the elected representatives.
7. Negotiations with clans and factions will take place at an internal ‘round table’ with the elected representatives of the UGC.