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We are UINS. We are Mercenaries for hire. We fight, we trade, we explore, mine and salvage. We will play on the right or wrong side of the law, and will take any job is the pay is right. Get in contact if you want to use our services.


Up In Smoke was founded as a group of friends and elite pilots back in SC 2.0. We have since grown and changed with the game, and will continue to do so.

Please check our Manifest and Charter above for more details…


Up In Smoke is a Mercenary organisation. We consist of elite pilots, traders, explorers, etc. We cover all aspects of the game that will make us money, whether it’s legal or not, if the price is right, we are doing it.

Our services are for hire. Need a bounty chased? Escort for your traders? Someone assassinated? Whatever it is that needs doing, if you have the cash, we have the pilots to get the job done, and we don’t shy away from the dirty work.

Law means nothing to us. Nothing is black and white, we operate in the grey, and have no affiliation to any faction, doctrine or nation.

So if you need our services and have the cash, get in touch…


Currently, most of our members maintain Public Enemy status, or a full crime stat, and there for recieve money in game for killing players. This is nothing personal, it’s how we play. If you see us and don’t want a fight, either let us know in chat, or run. That being said, we do have a very strict set of rules that we all adhere too:

  • We DO NOT pad camp at spawn points
  • We DO try to help new players, and anyone needing help. Stuck needing a lift? Getting pad camped at spawn? Need backup on a mission or just help with learning the game? If wee are on your server, give us a shout, we are always willing to help those that require it
  • We DO NOT destroy ships repairing at Cry Astro, or sat parked at Kareah or Hex. We will give players enough time to take off and get combat ready before opening fire

*We DO NOT attack new players. If we are going to attack a target that hasn’t fired on us, we will make our intentions obvious to give the player a chance to run, or prepare to defend themselves

  • We DO NOT get involved in salt or drama in game chat. We will give GF after combat, and respect other players. If people are being abusive to us or anyone in chat, our members will ignore and/or close chat.

These are our rules. If you see a UINS member not following these rules, please notify our Leaders or Officers.