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Universal Logistics Solutions / ULS

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Universal Logistics Solutions (ULS) is based on filling gaps in existing supply chains and supporting units operating in the field. ULS specializes in pre-supplying, re-supplying, and recovering assets. ULS teams are also capable of scouting, observation, and reconnaissance operations.


Universal Logistic Services began as a grouping of ex-military personnel who longed for a company that supported their world view and provided a familiar structure. Originally coined Tactical Logistics, the company was re-branded after expanding to include security and data service personnel. ULS now moves forward to provide customized dynamic solutions to tactical and corporate operations.


Universal Logistics Solutions is defined by the belief that small changes can have great outcomes.

We support teams and operations in the field, be it economic, exploration, or combat. ULS provides training, pre-supply, re-supply, extractions and recovery for assets. Our secondary field is in exploration and data gathering operations.

We view tasks with a military mindset, believing that discipline can bring some order to chaos. We believe in promoting experts to lead in their field. We utilize Agile Team structure.


Mission First.

The team supports its members and the team is made greater by its members.

Follow the Rules of Engagement and Standard Operating Procedures.

Take control of the situation.

Render Humanitarian Aid where possible and without endangering yourself or others.