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Underdark / UND3RDARK

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling


Underdark was created to bridge the gap between a typical criminal syndicate and a well led, cohesive empire. As far as we are concerned there is no law but our own. Why buy cargo when it is free for the taking? Why pay import fees when a skilled pilot can bypass security? Why bow to an outsider when a well-placed bullet will settle the debate once and for all? Piracy, smuggling and assassination are means to an end. With a strong focus on teamwork, cohesion and tactical game-play, our divisions work together seamlessly towards our shared goals.

To foster a highly active community of outlaw players with a drive to operate at the highest possible caliber. A community of mates not just fellow members. To acquire the utmost possible wealth and power through strategic criminal enterprise.

Total control over a powerful, profit-driven empire through trade monopoly, acquisition of territory, and an elite member base.

• Real life comes first. Always!
• Activeness
• Comradery
• Drive to be the best
• Desire to learn
• Appreciation of a strategic approach to operations

For all information about UNDERDARK, check out our official website here


Who Are We?

A Far-Reaching Criminal Syndicate
A Structured, Efficient Empire
A Team With Heavy Focus On Cohesive, Tactical, Gameplay Across All Levels
An organisation that encompasses a large range of varied careers and roles
A Group With An Understanding That Real Life Always Comes First
And Above All: We Are Dedicated to Action!

Underdark was created to bridge the gap between a typical criminal syndicate and a well led, cohesive empire. As far as we are concerned there is no law but our own. Why buy cargo when it is free for the taking? Why pay import fees when a skilled pilot can bypass security? Why bow to an outsider when a well-placed bullet will settle the debate once and for all? Piracy, smuggling and assassination are means to an end. With a strong focus on teamwork, cohesion and tactical gameplay, our divisions work together seamlessly towards our shared goals. Whether we’re supporting an individual on a solo mission, or planning a raiding operation involving a hundred members and multiple divisions…
An empire built only in blood however, has an unsteady foundation. We will kill to get our due, but we are not indiscriminate. After all, what trader would surrender if they knew it meant death? No, we do not kill so long as there are better options. Yet to be clear, nothing shall stand in the way of what we deem ours. Furthermore, Underdark will be present in all roles of Star Citizen. Explorers, miners and traders are also welcome to call our empire home and they play a vital and valued role in our operations. These members of our non-aggressive branches will be able to operate in safely in even the most lawless of systems.

As an Empire, our primary goal is to locate and build a suitable home base, from there we shall proceed to grow our network and powerbase. Once said headquarters is fully operational, Underdark can finally settle into its ultimate directive. At this stage, we will focus on expanding all sectors of the organisation. We will be able to implement the totality our services including ship hire, member armoury, and bounty bailouts. We will research and develop new weapons and systems. Our military will grow in both skill and size, taking more contracts while also working for the direct benefit of the Org. The smuggling network will be vast and invisible. Our pirates will be unstoppable and our hunters second to none. All said and done, Underdark will be a feared and powerful force in the galaxy.

What we offer


Currently in the alpha, our prime objective is to be highly active. We already have several weekly sessions that serve as training as well as a chance to have some fun. Currently we are covering Multicrewing, with large ships and escorts, boarding exercises, and operations in the PU. Please note these sessions are in no way mandatory.

A place for all skill levels:

One of the primary reason behind the creation of UNDERDARK was to develop a dedicated criminal organisation for both casual and hardcore gamers.
Our members are placed where they can thrive in the gameplay style of their choice. For those hardcore players, you will be connected with like-minded individuals at your level and will have several serious training sessions which you can choose to join. If you prefer to take things a little slower however, fear not. You too will find others who share a similar mindset and who enjoy our less demanding gameplay events. Furthermore, our team is always willing to have a private session with any member to show you the ropes.

UNDERDARK is for the members:

The last thing we want to create is another “Zerg Swarm Org”. Instead, we will grow at a slower pace, developing our command chain and organization structure as we go. This means that once Star Citizen is released, we will be able to proceed our operations fully, at 100% efficiency. What this means for you, the member, is that you will be valued individually and have a say in the running of UNDERDARK.

A Syndicate with a purpose:

As you probably already know, the purpose behind UNDERDARK is simple:
To create a self-sufficient criminal empire.
The drive to create this Empire means that you will be working with an efficient and organised team for more than just vast profit. (Although we do love a good bit of vast profit). UNDERDARK has been built from the ground up to support this singular goal, so we can effectively maintain a network of different careers without deteriorating.

A Global Organisation

In order to operate as effectively as possible, we are recruiting members from across the globe. Our multitude of sessions have been set up to ensure most members, regardless of their timezone, have a convenient time to join in. So no matter where you come from, there is a place for you in UNDERDARK.


Naturally, you will often want to strike out on your own, and when you do, you will have the full support of the UNDERDARK empire. We offer the following to all our members:
  • Information on potential targets or jobs
  • Jump routes
  • Discounts from ALL merchants within UNDERDARK controlled space
  • Exclusive access to our collection of high-end equipment
  • Equipment Hire
  • Ship hire
  • Somewhere to recruit crewmembers and/or teammates
  • Bounty bail-out plans
  • Safe haven from law enforcement
  • A location to sell and buy illegally acquired goods

Affiliates welcome:

You may find yourself liking the idea of UNDERDARK, but you are already loyal to another organization. That’s fine! As an affiliate you will be considered a citizen of our empire and will still have the basic privileges that our full members have. This includes free access into our territory as well as being able to use some of our aforementioned services.


Underdark’s basic layout has been divided into divisions and branches according to functionality. We have three divisions (Katana, Scythe, Dagger), led by directors, and each of these has three branches within them, under the command of admirals.


“Libera et Impera”
Katana is Underdark’s sword and shield. Member’s in Katana can choose to join our Infantry, Navy, or Special Forces who specialise in tactical piracy operations. We are also arranging several long-standing military contracts with other organisations to ensure our military is always on the move.

  • Pilot
  • C&C Officer
  • Flight Support Crew
  • Engineer
  • Gunner
  • Ship Surgeon
  • S&R Specialist
  • Rifleman
  • Element Leader
  • Medic
  • Communications Officer
  • Tactical Advisor
  • Tactical Overseer
  • Special Operative
  • Force Recon
  • Black Ops
  • Elite Protection
  • First Response
  • Surgical Strikes
  • Extermination

“Aurum et Opes”
The purpose of Scythe is to achieve wealth through production and logistics. Be it smuggling transport of questionable goods, Restricted mining operations, or the development of technology which is dangerous or downright illegal; Scythe is dedicated to those with the fortitude it takes to fill their coffers.

  • Ship Captain
  • Ship Crewmember
  • Outpost Overseer
  • Logistics Manager
  • Economy Analyst
  • Negotiator
  • Pilot
  • Scan Operator
  • Beam Operator
  • Cargo Operator
  • Refinery Operator
  • Operation Manager
  • Contractor
  • Biologist
  • Engineer
  • Astronomer
  • Xenologist
  • R&D Agent

“Ignorantia est mortis”
Acting closely with the other divisions, Dagger is Underdark’s eyes and ears. First and foremost, Dagger runs all espionage, info gathering and exploratory undertakings. Our hunters are also with Dagger, where they can find contracts throughout the galaxy and have the opportunity to work jobs for Underdark itself.

  • Assassin
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Specialist
  • Tracker
  • Contractor
  • Overseer
  • Agent
  • Analyst
  • Hacker
  • Info Runner
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Operation Command
  • Ship Captain
  • Ship Crew
  • Fleet Support
  • Scout
  • Colonist
  • Navigation Specialist
  • Fleet Command
History Logs

2947-30-01 13:06 // Ascorpion founded the organization
2947-05-02 07:03 // Underdark hosts its' first training session
2947-08-02 15:44 // The Underdark website goes live
2947-09-02 07:56 // Underdark hits 10 members!
2947-09-02 06:31 // Underdark hits 20 members!
2947-08-10 09:19 // Underdark hits 50 members!


1. Any purposely offensive behaviour is not acceptable. By the same token, don’t whine, if you feel you have been offended
2. Any concerns or issues you may have are to be brought to Underdark command
3. Griefing of any kind is not tolerated
4. Do not act against, in any way, a member or ally of Underdark
5. A microphone is preferable but not mandatory to membership

1. All targets are to be given the chance to surrender
2. To kill or destroy the property of any individual unnecessarily is strictly prohibited
3. If a target surrenders, you are to leave them with a predetermined amount of their goods and a method of safely reaching their destination

1. During operations, members must follow the instructions Underdark Officers
2. During the mission brief, members are encouraged to air any opinions or ideas they may have with regards to the operations
3. Members must be able to accept criticism
4. By the same token, members are encouraged to criticise any part of an operation, so long as it is done politely
5. Members are encouraged to comment on the After Action Report of an operation, which will be posted on Spectrum after each session

Ranking Members
1. Must respect all members of Underdark
2. MUST have a microphone and ability to voice communicate
3. Must be active within the Underdark community
4. Must lead by example with regards to operation procedure
5. Must be available to assist other members and settle disputes
6. Must respect the Chain of Command
7. Ranking members are also encouraged to offer their assistance in administrative matters

Note: Certain rules for Underdark Ranking Members, particularly those regarding activity, can differ in scope depending on an individuals specific rank.