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Invictus Private Security / UNDEFEATED

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Some have claimed to be descendants of the lost Squadron 12 or the remnants of the heroic 391st. Still others swear they were born of that gallant charge into a Tevarin stronghold moments after losing their commander. That would explain the tenacity of an Invictus pilot and their single-minded approach to mission completion.

Ask any member of Invictus Private Security about their origins and they will tell you any number of tales as grand as the drink you may pour them. And that may be their most defining trait; they are what you need them to be; more precisely, what you pay them to be.

Invictus Private Security is a group of like-minded players looking to create a strong community. We run planned operations set up by multiple organization members and are always welcome to new ideas and suggestions. Whether you’re a veteran player or new to the ‘verse you can find a home with Invictus.


“Freedom comes at a cost of more than lives and credits. It requires commitment, dedication, and a willingness to do what’s unpopular to accomplish what’s right. It must be ready to crush any opposition that threatens it.”

-Ivar Messer

Freedom. From the Tevarin. From the Vanduul. From the UEE. From tyranny. Freedom to do what we must when necessary. Invictus Private Security is not simply a mercenary outfit. We fight for the universal freedoms of all citizens in the ‘verse to pursue their goals. To build. To expand. And to thrive. We stand ready to fight for your freedom as you embark on your journey to claim your part of the ever-expanding known Universe.

From reconnaissance and pacification of hostile territory to providing a mobile security package for your fleet, be it an armada or simple cargo runs. IPS has the knowledge and experience to provide you with peace of mind and surety of investment.


Invictus is a mercenary group. As such, our rules of engagement may vary mission to mission. For the most part we operate within UEE law, but have been known to take lucrative contracts that may step outside UEE regulations.