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United Deadly Force / UNDF

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Welcome to our organizations’ page.

United Deadly Force is a Private mercenaries Company that uses highly trained military special forces.
We provide security and transport services. We are dead serious when it comes to completing our objective



Galactic Engineering Logistic Unit Movement

GELUM was formed from as a response to support the military effort against the first alien conflict with the Tevarin in 2545. During the war standard freight transport ships were easily overtaken and captured or destroyed. In the need for Humanity to adapt to the new threat many human along with alien alliance manufactures and engineering firms began developing new weapons, ships, and tactics to fight the war. Out of this effort GELUM was formed and considered a prime advisor to the UEE Military.

Today GELUM’s UNDF, CEO Lycan under the flag of the United Deadly Force (UNDF) leads fleets and tactics. These fleets are comprised of elite battle-hardened units that coordinate tactics and movement in any combat or non-combat situation. UNDF’s Chairman The-Game provides guidance and support for all activities and specializes in combat engagement.

As part of our services we provide an all-inclusive secure point to point shipping for Military or Private cargo. This premium service includes our battle transports and battle groups. Each route is scouted and secured before transport is made.
We also provide variants of the premium services at a lower cost for those low risk cargo runs.

NOTICE: UNDF is a Military and Government contractor and will not willingly participate in those activities that jeopardize their status with said entries. UNDF reserves the right to refuse service or use deadly force on those who break their contract.

If you like to contact us. Go to the “The UNDF (United Deadly Force’s discord) Server

If you want to join the organization. Read The manifesto and Use The Join us now button on top.


The United Deadly Force are recruiting join us now!!!

We are aiming for a elite group of mercenaries for high risk tasks and missions.
This group of mercenaries will be the military task force of The UNDF.

We are not just mercenaries. We are. United Deadly Force

What Are Looking For:
  • Hardcore or Casual players.
  • Team leaders (combat)
  • Pilots (combat)
  • Scouts (combat)
  • Explorers (non combat)
  • Bounty Hunters (combat)
  • Marines (FPS) players (combat)
  • Traders (non combat)
  • (non combat) =Under the protection of the United Deadly Force.

Your first time in the verse ?? We Then we have you covert !!!
We will take you step by step to the progress of Flying and some basic skills Like.

  • Quantum Jump
  • Missions
  • Mobiglas
  • Take-off,And landings
  • We have discord. Use it. !!!
    • You must be at least 16 years of age to join the organization .
    • You must have a suitable headset with microphone to make communication.
  • You must have a A Starter Package

We use discord for voice.

If you would like A chat with us go to the “The UNDF (United Deadly Force’s discord)
And follow the instructions there

If you want to join a The organization and have a lot of fun Please use the Join us now button (Top Of This Page)

We look forward to your application!!

United Deadly Force


General Rules and Expectations

All members will, at all times, represent and display their allegiance through the use of the proper tags (avatars, signatures, etc.).
This requirement extends to both the RSI and UNDF forums, as well as on discord,

• Members will avoid public confrontations or internal arguments at all costs as it reflects poorly upon not only you, but also upon the United Deadly Force .
• Members will respect one another
• At all times, members will show respect to officers by listening to them and following their lead.
• Absolutely no racism, sexism, or any other forms of prejudice will be tolerated.
• Do not, under any circumstance, reply to attacks topics.
• Treat all guests with a welcoming and respectful attitude.
• Under no circumstances can any UNDF member be a main organisation member of another fleet. (Affiliated is allowed)

Fleet Rules and Guidelines:
• Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to engage allied forces.
• Cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game, are highly unacceptable.
• Members will follow the lead of their division officer / command team and complete assigned tasks.
• Absolute no piracy and grieving when wearing a UNDF tag!!!

Discord Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines:
•No mic spamming.
•No chatbox spamming.
•No excessive private messaging or poking of officers. Officers will get back to you when time permits.
•Stick to the appropriately assigned discord channels for your current game or activity. i.e.

Forums Rules,
•Refer to General Rules listed above. ( update 09-08-2020 )