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Roberts Space Industries ®

Star Striders / UNEARTHALL

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Engineering

We exist to explore, find relics, salvage ancient wrecks, create amazing ships, discover secrets of dead civilizations, make contact with alien races, uncover the mysteries of the Galaxy, or just chill. If you desire such things, or simply have wanderlust, then this organization is for you.


One group of people unified under a purpose, to seek out all that the galaxy has hidden from us. From then on till the end of the universe we shall wander, seek, learn, create, and share.


To seek all mysteries that lay about the Galaxy, discover, salvage, meet new alien races, find new technology, create amazing ships and sometimes just hang out and chill.

We hope to use the group as a means of gathering people who just want do these things or to simply immerse themselves in the world, as well as find safety in numbers so we can do so in relative comfort. Though we do not completely shirk combat, combat is not our focus and we will not engage in it too often. We want to keep most of our goals loose and flexible like this as to not restrict or demand to much of the members as this Org’s overall purpose is to relax and have fun. We intend this to be a group that people can just drop in when they wish and be able to fly with like minded people but be able to leave when they wish


-Be respectful to other members regardless of rank.
-All members have a say.
-Have fun!