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United Nations of Earth and Luna / UNEL

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Per Angusta Ad Augusta
“Through difficulties to honors”


The United Nations (UN) is a sovereign federation of formerly-independent nation-states that spans across several territories on Earth and Luna, within the Sol system and Milky Way galaxy.

It was founded in 1945 after World War II as an international organization facilitating cooperation in, among other areas, international law. Throughout the 21st century, Earth’s national governments were on a continuous decrease in administrative power. After the damage done to the planet’s ecosystem reached extreme levels, the world’s nations decided to finally put aside their individual interests and international differences and achieve global unification. The UN Secretariat subsequently became the executive leader of all humanity and remained so until the Martian colony was granted independence from the UN.


The United Nations is the centralized political body of Earth, having been founded from the remnants of Earth’s sovereign nations. Instead of having separate governments for each country, the UN wields authoritative power over all of Earth and Luna, however it is still maintains devolution and is comprised of semi-autonomous sub-regions.


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