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Roberts Space Industries ®

Unforgivables / UNFORGIVE

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

Welcome to our Org Profile. Feel free to browse the member list and check our Recruitment section if you wish to join us.

This is our discord link


The Unforgivables were formed from an officer class group of individuals from a larger proto-pirate organization. The Unforgivables are dedicated group of people who were supplying military equipment, logistics, and administrative services to a larger, multi-hundred ship pirate group led by a mad man.

The Unforgivables sought to excise themselves from this prototypical organization and move to something more advanced, democratic, and less subject to the whims of inane dictator. Something more profitable.

We sliced off our own head and cut off our own limbs to hone ourselves into a core of active and talented individuals, a unified mercenary force available to the highest bidder. We seek inherent conflict with no force and hold no grudges, but we will defend ourselves if attacked, by utterly destroying our foes into nothingness.

If in our quest for profits, freedom, and opportunity some forces have to be cleansed, so be it.


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