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United Casual Confederation / UNITEDCC

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“Connect, Conquer, Explore, Casual and United,” encapsulates the spirit of the United Casual Confederation. It’s a rallying cry for all who seek adventure, friendship, and a sense of belonging in the vastness of space. Join us, and together, let’s embark on an epic adventure through the stars.


History of the United Casual Confederation

Founded in the heart of the United Empire of Earth, the United Casual Confederation (UCC) emerged as a beacon of unity and strength, bringing together pilots, soldiers, miners, and individuals from all walks of life. Born out of a shared desire for camaraderie, adventure, and a sense of belonging, the UCC quickly established itself as a haven for citizens seeking casual yet competitive fun within the vast expanse of the Star Citizen universe.

From its humble beginnings, the UCC attracted members from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table. United by a common passion for Star Citizen and a commitment to supporting one another, the members of the UCC forged lasting friendships and alliances that transcended the verse.

As the organization grew in size and influence, its members found themselves facing a myriad of challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving galaxy of Star Citizen. Pilots soared through the stars, charting new courses and discovering uncharted territories. Soldiers stood firm against threats both foreign and domestic, defending the interests of the UEE and its citizens. Miners delved deep into the bowels of asteroids and planets, extracting precious resources to fuel the expansion of the UCC.

But beyond their individual roles and responsibilities, the members of the UCC shared a common goal: to shape the galaxy according to their own vision and values. Together, united in purpose and determination, they embarked on epic quests, participated in fierce battles, and carved out their own place in the cosmos.

Through it all, the United Casual Confederation remained steadfast in its commitment to its community where every member felt valued, respected, and united. Whether they were exploring the far reaches of space, engaging in intense dogfights, or simply hanging out in a space tavern, the members of the UCC knew that they were part of something special—a community bound together by friendship, camaraderie, and a shared love for Star Citizen.

As the UCC continues to chart its course through the stars, its members stand ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead, knowing that together, united as one, they will shape the destiny of the galaxy and leave their mark on the annals of history. So let us raise our virtual glasses to the adventures that lie ahead, for the stars await us, and the journey is ours to share.



In the vast expanse of the Star Citizen universe, we, the members of the United Casual Confederation (UCC), stand united as a beacon of strength, unity, and camaraderie. We come from all corners of the United Empire of Earth, bringing with us our diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Together, we form a community bound by our shared passion for Star Citizen and our commitment to shaping the galaxy according to our own vision and values.


We envision a galaxy where every member of the UCC can explore, create, and thrive in an environment that is welcoming and supportive. We aspire to build a community where every voice is heard, every contribution is valued, and every member feels empowered to pursue their passions to the fullest.


Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant and dynamic community within the Star Citizen universe, where citizens can come together to enjoy the game at their own pace, engage in friendly competition, and forge lasting friendships. We strive to create an environment that fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and mutual respect, while also embracing the spirit of casual gaming and recognizing the real-life responsibilities and obligations that our members face.

Core Values

Unity: We believe in the power of unity and collaboration, recognizing that together, we are stronger and more resilient than we could ever be alone. We stand by each other through triumph and adversity, supporting one another in our shared pursuit of being the best.

  • Camaraderie:* We cherish the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that unite us, recognizing that our strength lies not just in our numbers, but in the bonds forge in the verse.

Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fair play in all our interactions, both within the organization and in our dealings with others. We believe in transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, and we hold ourselves to these principles in everything we do.

Fun: Above all, we believe that Star Citizen should be fun, enjoyable, and fulfilling. We encourage our members to pursue their gaming passions with enthusiasm and excitement, embracing the thrill of exploration, discovery, and adventure that the Star Citizen universe has to offer.


As members of the United Casual Confederation, we pledge to uphold these principles and values, striving to create a community that is as welcoming, vibrant and dynamic. Together, united in purpose and determination, we will continue to shape the destiny of the galaxy and leave our mark on the annals of history. So let us raise our virtual glasses to the adventures that lie ahead, for the stars await us, and the journey is ours to share.


Article I: Name and Purpose

1.1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the United Casual Confederation, hereinafter referred to as “UCC”.

1.2. Purpose: The purpose of the UCC in Star Citizen is to create a welcoming community for casual gamers, providing a space where members can enjoy the game at their own pace, collaborate with fellow citizens, and partake in various activities and adventures within the Star Citizen universe. The UCC aims to foster camaraderie, friendship, and mutual support among its members, while also promoting the values of integrity, inclusivity, and respect.

Article II: Membership

2.1. Eligibility: Membership in the UCC is open to all individuals who share the organization’s values and principles, regardless of gaming experience, skill level, or playtime availability.

2.2. Admission: Prospective members may apply for membership by submitting an application through the designated channels and agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this charter.

2.3. Rights and Responsibilities: All members of the UCC are entitled to participate in the organization’s activities, events, and discussions. Members are expected to conduct themselves with respect, integrity, and sportsmanship, both within the organization and in their interactions with other players in the Star Citizen community.

Article III: Organization Structure

3.1. Leadership: The UCC shall be led by a governing body, consisting of elected officers who are responsible for overseeing the organization’s operations, coordinating events, and upholding the values and principles of the UCC.

3.2. Departments: The organization may establish various departments or divisions to facilitate specific aspects of gameplay, such as exploration, trade, combat, and social activities. Each department shall be led by a designated officer or team of officers responsible for coordinating activities within their respective areas of focus.

Article IV: Code of Conduct

4.1. Respect: Members of the UCC shall treat each other with respect, dignity, and courtesy at all times, regardless of differences in opinion, background, or playstyle.

4.2. Integrity: Members shall conduct themselves with honesty, transparency, and integrity in all their interactions, both within the organization and in their dealings with external parties.

4.3. Sportsmanship: Members shall adhere to the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, and ethical conduct in their gameplay activities, refraining from cheating, exploiting, or engaging in behavior that detracts from the enjoyment of others.

Article V: Decision-Making

5.1. Voting: Major decisions affecting the organization, such as changes to the charter, election of officers, and adoption of new policies, shall be decided by a vote among the membership, with each member entitled to one vote.

5.2. Quorum: A quorum consisting of a specified percentage of active members shall be required for any vote to be valid, as determined by the governing body.

Article VI: Dissolution

6.1. In the event that the UCC is dissolved or disbanded, any remaining assets, funds, or resources shall be distributed in accordance with the decisions of the governing body, with due consideration given to the interests of the membership.