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United Republic / UNREP

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If want to have fun, be part of a great community and advance like no other.

What are you waiting for ?



We are hiring!

We are searching active members for one of following positions:

Recruitment Officiers: (up to 7)

Member Management: (2x)

Branding/Marketing: (2x)

Webmaster: (1x)

If you’re interrested, contact us via pm or write it directly in your application.


Introducing Member-Stretchgoals

every time we reach a new member milestone you get something back from us


60 members
Forum banner for download
main-member exclusive: forum banner with your name on it
You can dowload the banner * HERE *
70 members
frequent history updates
main-member exclusive: your name in one of our stories
80 members
fully written out and designed Manifesto with the concept explained as pdf for download
main-member exclusive: all main-members until this point will gain veteran rank in game
100 members
own Organization website
the website will be online SOON
200 members
merchandise store
main-member exclusive: exclusive merchandise

500 members
own Teamspeak channel


2593-2639: some planets dissolve from the UEE, as they aren’t happy with the reckless way of the UEE

2638: Senator Assan Kieren from Terra has to disappear, as the advocacy is after him

2639: Assan Kieren secretly forms the United Republic out of the dissolved Planets

2650: Assan Kieren gets assassinated by a unknown Bounty Hunter; some people believe he was hired by the UEE, but nothing can be proven

2793: After the overthrow of the UEE’s government a peace and commercial agreement is signed by Erin Toi and the presidents of the UEE on Terra


Our goal is to build a strong community with advantages and fun for everybody. Whether you want to be totally free in what you do or you want to participate in an organized/hardcore structure. (more on this below) YOU’R WELCOME!
Further we try to gain influence in the PU both economy and military wise to create something big.
If we have enough members at the launch of the game , we want to claim a sector with perfect conditions to build a great economy to help our organization and you – the members – to advance in the game.

If want to have fun, be part of a great community and advance like no other.
What are you waiting for ?




What makes United Republich special?

We think that our Organization has a place for everybody wheter you want hardcore role-play action or just a network of nice people.
United Republic is the place to go!
Also we will update our History frequently with new episodes.

What are the advantages as a Main Member?

As a Main Member you are able to join our Main Navy and work for the Republic in one of our various factorys or as a trader etc.


Our goals:

- building a big and strong community
- fun
- archiving an efficient economy
- … and a strong Navy

Our base rules:

- Real life comes first!
- Follow the rules of the Organization!
- Any form of racism or sexism is not tolerated in any way!
- No flaming!