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Prosperitas per diversitas




All of us here at the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate hope to host a large and thriving community, which values sharing a fun experience while respecting each other. Our aim as a community is to offer all our members an enjoyable and socially immersive experience regardless of commitment level or play style. Our goal as an organization is to provide a large and active community to offer support, advice and a collective knowledge to give our members an advantage in the Star Citizen Universe. Our mission statement: to have as much fun as possible, and achieve success in all our endeavours, individually and as an organization.


The Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate is a syndicate organization as we believe this allows us to achieve our mission statement in the fairest way possible to all our members. We have devised a series of elected members and councils to enable the voices of all members to be heard. Interests such as military, exploration, trading, mercenary (including piracy), and mining will be equally represented. Equality between players of different commitment levels and time zones will always be present and emphasised in any decision. In order to maintain this commitment to equality and fairness amongst our community, a high council will oversee the council decisions, regardless of scale or subject matter.
In these regards, the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate has adopted a democratic system, which is to say representatives will be elected for the aforementioned councils by all members of the organization. The council will always be open and fair to all members of the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. We have decided on a fair and simple system for a clear reason: coming from an already large and thriving forum community, comprised of many different people from around the world, we understand that everyone is different. Regardless of your commitment, play style, or interests we want you to enjoy your stay with the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. We can achieve this through our system as it represents each member equally and eliminates any implications on your in game time and your real life commitments.


It’s very simple – we don’t require anything from you. All we ask is that you try to have fun while being mindful and respectful to others, and that you follow our one rule: don’t kill, extort, or steal from any member of the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. If you want to join then submit an application via the RSI website and if you like, you can fill out our voluntary questionnaire which will help inform us what our members are interested in. Feel free to visit our community forum at and head over to the PC Gaming section where you will find a dedicated thread to the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate.


Below are the divisions that will represent the interests of players who wish to partake in a given aspect of Star Citizen. Embracing our open concept, you’re free to participate in as many divisions as you wish, and at any commitment level. There are no restrictions placed on joining a given division. Each division will have its own elected representatives, who will represent their division’s interests in a general council. All of which will be governed by the high council in order to easily regulate and ensure equality amongst the represented divisions.


The military division plays a diverse role within the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. In its current form, the military division operates in a flexible manner, allowing this branch to offer assistance to many of the other divisions. Not only can the military fight for our ideologies and sovereignty in the Star Citizen universe, but it can also provide valuable services such as escorting, surveillance, security, and enforcement.

A unique feature to the military division is volunteer drafting. Should the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate be up against a fearsome opponent, we may call upon members of all divisions to help in the fight. This is completely voluntary – again, this is NOT obligatory.


Exploration plays an important part in the Star Citizen universe. The nature of this division has implications for all other divisions in the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. From discovering new resources for mining and trade to discovering a new jump point and requiring military assistance, the implications for this group are wide and far reaching. Being a large and open community, you’re free to explore the cosmos by yourself or you can gather a large group of friends to form a deep space expedition team. Rest assured this division will conduct large expeditions and provide a plan of attack based upon the cumulative interests of the members involved in this group. The advantage of being an adventurer within the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate is the flexibility and resources we can offer you. Whatever way you may wish to go “where no man has gone before,” you can count on the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate to be there at every galactic step to assist your endeavours.


Let’s face it; money makes the world go round. This is no less true in the universe of Star Citizen. If you’ve got big plans to be a renowned entrepreneur, then you’ll be happy to hear that we plan on supporting all our Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate businessmen to the best of our abilities. By being a member in our large organization, we can offer you a plethora of business connections and potential partners. In addition to this, you can also expect ‘insider access’ amongst the other divisions endeavours. Many things can be achieved within this division, such as trade agreements amongst other large organizations, or even a bilateral arrangement amongst other divisions within the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate. All of this can benefit you and of course, keeping with our open philosophy, you’re free to conduct your business under your policies and with whomever you wish to conduct business with. Again, we want all endeavours to be successful in Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate, both individually and as a group.


While other organizations take a firm stance on mercenary work and piracy, the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate keeps its open philosophy intact. As such, we have a dedicated division to act as a voice for all those interested in this activity. Again, the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate prides itself on equality and fairness between all members, and thus between all divisions. We won’t take a stance in regards to whether this activity is right or wrong, if you’re good or bad. We’re more concerned with: “are you having fun or not?” Do you want to gather a group of mercenaries to collect a bounty? If that’s your idea of fun then we support it. Anything from bounty hunting to pirating is okay in our books. All we ask is that you’re smart about your endeavours and consider any implications you may create for the Linus Tech Tips Conglomerate and your fellow members.


As the game comes closer to launch, it is becoming clearer that mining will have a huge impact on player’s decisions in-game and the economy of the universe. Encompassing aspects of exploration and commerce, the mining division will benefit from being able to interact and request resources and assistance from other division members. If you’re solely interested in mining, you can rely on the exploration division to find the resources and the trade division to sell it for you. On the other hand, you can involve yourself in all three aspects and do all the work yourself. It’s totally up to you; we encourage you to play the game how you want to. Being part of a large organization can offer many advantages when it comes to mining. Some of the equipment required is extremely expensive for a solo operator. As a division with elected representatives, you can decide where to mine, and for what resources, and gather large sums of capital as a group to purchase that expensive piece of equipment.


Core Values

Generally speaking, as long as the following rules are met you should never find yourself subject to disciplinary action:

  1. Ensure a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Ensure the privacy of our members and that of others.
  3. Comply with both US and Canadian law
  4. “Don’t be a dick” – Wil Wheaton.
  5. “Be excellent to each other” – Bill and Ted.
  6. Don’t steal from, kill or extort any member within the group.