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- Universal Research for Astral Nature & Investigative Astroarcheology

Exploring deep space and provide highly trained and specialized incursion teams, search and rescue missions, discovery and escorts.


The Urania Foundation is one of the longest running exploration organizations in the Universe, with an unrivalled record of initiating dozens of expeditions in its long history, achieving many “verse firsts” in exploration, pioneering, prospecting, technology discoveries, charting , artefacts recovery as well as testing special equipment in the field and developing leadership skills.

2895 Urania Foundation is created with a private Trust investment with the purpouse of human exploration and alien technology study and acquisition with the Headquarters base in Rome Earth.

2897 Urania Foundation opens the first office on Rethor and opens a cooperation with the local university and a fund investment for graduate students.

2899 Urania Foundation acquisition of the Ketea group a former hunting and paramilitary group whose assets where absorbed by the organization.

2900 Urania Foundation creates the Urania Defence department for protection of expeditions and PMC business.

2906 Urania Foundation acquisition of the Alenia Aerospace a former Italian Earth origin aerospace company

2910 Urania Foundation acquisition of Vanduul manufacts after the Battle of SQ42 against Vanduuls for an UEE commission study.

2911 Urania Foundation opens first office on Terra.

2912 Urania Foundation relocates its main headquarter to Terra Prima .

2916 Urania Foundation launches the Explorers Academy—an alternative grad school for college students interested in the fields of biotech, nanotech, cybernetics , astrophysics, Xenology , Astroarcheology and Terraforming. Top graduates of the program are offered positions at Urania .

2922 Urania Foundation opens several first office on Davien and open cooperative work with Aegis Dynamics.

2935 Urania Alenia Aerospace produces its first prototype of space vessel , the Urania Corvette for the RSI company, technical material will be after used by RSI for production of subsequent corvette class.

2945 Urania Foundation partecipates in the exploration of Oya system.

2946 Urania Foundation Enterprise a colonization project Hesperia Venture with acquisition of several COOU Pioneer class vessels.

2947 Urania Foundation mission exploration of Cabal III searching for terraforming materials, contact with Vanduul forces the mission to be receded.

2947 Urania Alenia Aerospace partecipates in the distribution and testing of the Aegis prototype Raven



The URANIA Foundation supports hundreds of research, exploration, and study projects in every part of the Universe every year and we have for decades.
To add to the impact our support can have, we also call out a few specific areas and projec ts that help focus attention, make new discoveries, and bring timely protection to Alien fauna, cultures, and ecosystems.

Explore our current portfolio of initiatives, and get the latest updates from them below.

Urania exists to bring together like-minded explorers and scientists and to encourage pioneering exploration and Spacewide scientific expeditions focusing on scientific, spacegraphical, educative and communitarian aid projects, particularly in alien environments.

The URANIA members are engaged in several research and cartographic activities. These include not only the mapping and discovery of unknown zones of space as well as the mapping of new jump point locations, but also drift scan work comprised of data collection and analysis on data. The stellar systemic researchs involve data collection and analysis at the different wavelengths, modern statistical methods, solar Ionospheric Disturbance data collection, survey of space anomalies, event detection , planetary mapping , exploration and prospectiong.

Alien studies focus

URANIA’s science, technology and mission management office for the exploration of exoplanets. The program’s primary goals, as described in the 2947 Urania Science Plan, are to discover planets around other stars, to characterize their properties and to identify planets that could harbor life.

Study possible alien fauna , flora and intelligent life forms, analyze and active field research for Xenoarcheology and biology with a special focus on alien artefacts and technologies.


Scientific research on field

The primary mission of the URANIA is to help humanity by conducting and promoting breakthrough, innovative scientific research Versewide on complementary, integrative, and traditional medicine therapies, new forms of energy, consciousness, scientific anomalies, and other scientific subjects. In addition, URANIA seeks to identify, digitize, and preserve all writings and other materials , and to provide a global platform through its URANIA Digital Library, whereby such materials can be made freely available to the world.

Secondly, based on research and investigatory findings, URANIA ’s mission is to promote the development of extraordinary Exogenic devices, artefacts and products, especially in the biomedical, energy, agricultural, archeological and environmental fields. By doing this, we hope to help improve the quality and enjoyment of life for humanity.
Vision of URANIA

The vision of URANIA is to be one of the major scientific research and investigatory institutes in the known Universe :

1) doing scientific research on alien field and in outspace unreacheable by normal means, investigating complementary, integrative, and traditional scientific fields, uncover new energy sources, consciousness, scientific anomalies, and other subjects to help humanity;

2) promoting the development of breakthrough, extraordinary devices, products, and services to help humanity solve the problems they face. .

We are an activist scientific organization, leading and pushing the boundaries of research and the innovative, pioneering development of extraordinary services, technologies, and products worldwide to help solve the major problems of humanity.


Our inboundaries Planetary Expeditions are designed to immerse you in a safe environment and fascinating cultures, draw out the uniqueness of each destination through enriching and authentic experiences.Our Journeys are led by knowledgeable local guides, feature small groups and accessible prices, and bring you closer to people and cultures all around the verse.
Private study Expeditions

Explore planets or points of interests independently with all the benefits of traveling with urania Foundation infrastructures on a private journey with the travel companions and dates of your choosing. We offer full protection and the space knowledge to grant you the maximum professionality of our experts.Send your high Scientists or explorers on assignment with Urania foundation to explore inspiring destinations in depth alongside our experts and trip leaders.
Space Voyages

Wind through dramatic and exotic space scenery or observe scenes of everyday life, experiencing the Verse through the nostalgic lens of spaceship travel.Experience fascinating places as far-flung as Banu Planets or the wild jungles of Oso on one epic journey, traveling with a team of experts in the comfort of a VIP-configured Spaceship.
Active Natural Adventures

Explore by foot, by rover or spaceship, and even by local creature mounts on an active adventure. These itineraries combine spectacular places, physical challenge, and cultural interaction. Limited to 16 travelers, each trip has a designated activity level, from easy to ultimate challenge, so travelers can choose according to their ability. Explore the exotic new worlds, experience the alien fauna and take part to the discoveries of new species together with out experts on field. Our newest trips, offered with Urania Adventures, blend fun, hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters, and more free time and choices.


Mineral prospecting and exploration are costly and time consuming activities that involves several stages of investigation depending on the level of geological knowledge.

The first stage involves locating prospective deposits. To do this Urania geologists use their knowledge of ore genesis and occurrence. Geologic environments that are associated with the wanted type of mineral deposit are target of investigation. Methods such as geological surface mapping and sampling, geophysical measurements and geochemical analysis is often applied at an early stage to pin out potential deposits. After a deposit has been located, the next stage is to map the deposit in more detail to evaluate grade and tonnage of the mineral occurrence. The deposit is then drilled to investigate and sample the mineralization in depth. The density of the drilling is determined by the wanted level of geologic confidence and project economics.


Hunting and Study of Alien fauna

We conduct several hunting expeditions from small exotic creatures to the largest ones on Alien Planets from The jungles of Oso,to the depths on Ellis IV up to the sprawling deserts of Caliban which are sure to be a thrilling experience.
Our professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Biggest ones as well as the plains game of Alien Planets. Our commitment is to capture and study esotic creatures or flora in order to advange humanity knowledge of the universe.
During Alien safaris in each planetary landing area we make use a couple of centrally located hunting camps near the various regionsin which the hunting safaris are conducted.
unting and Study of Alien fauna

We conduct several hunting expeditions from small exotic creatures to the largest ones on Alien Planets from The jungles of Oso,to the depths on Ellis IV up to the sprawling deserts of Caliban which are sure to be a thrilling experience.
Our professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Biggest ones as well as the plains game of Alien Planets. Our commitment is to capture and study esotic creatures or flora in order to advange humanity knowledge of the universe.
During Alien safaris in each planetary landing area we make use a couple of centrally located hunting camps near the various regionsin which the hunting safaris are conducted.


Urania Defence Intelligence & Security (UDE)

Urania Defense is the security arm of the Urania foundation subsidiary and works in conjunction with out scientific and logistic experts as military contractor company (PMC), provider of effective solutions to business, governments and organisations pursuing success in challenging hostile alien environments.
We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert risk analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the-ground protection and support.
Our global operations and extensive network of reliable local sources provide invaluable insights to clients on successfully navigating challenges in their areas of operations.
We support clients to enter new markets, set up and secure their operations and provide on-going consultation services, so they can focus on their core business and achieve organisational success.

Our committment statement

Our mission is to provide professional services that exceed our clients expectations and needs, with integrity and professionalism. Urania Defense strives to engineer unique security solutions for our clients to stay relevant in the real verse.
Our responsibility is to give our clients peace of mind, as well as continue to proactively revolutionize emerging security systems to set us apart from the competition
We will conduct research and development, use state-of-the-art equipment and review our methods of operation in a never ending effort to continually improve the quality of the products and services we offer designing a system that will help security and facility directors handle the increasing complexity of security networks, derive beneficial information from their security systems and deliver unique security solutions.


Urania Defense understands the sensitivity, and nature of the operations we under take. Therefore, we apply strict rules of confidentiality, to our work and clients. These rules are reflected in our contractual obligations, corporate code, and employment terms.
Our code of confidentiality is absolute, and our security procedures are rigorously enforced to ensure protection, both for the client and ourselves. Expertizes:

Threat assessment and risk analysis – Introduction to PMC Firearms Training Advanced Single operative Foot formations – VIP+4 “BOX” Convoy – arrivals / departures Elements of the PDS Team – roles and responsibilities Providing Security in High Risk Areas – SOP Convoy and motorcade procedures Firearms Advanced Training in Team High Rosk foot formations – VIP+5 “DIAMOND” AOP Drills High Risk urban movement – SWAT Tactics Land warfare: force-on-force Incursion in hostile environment – HOI Rescue mission – RES Hunting specialist – Hunt

Security Services

Local Protection Service

Terrorism, stalking, kidnapping and other such similar activities have increased in recent times. Executive protection is now a very essential service required by both individuals and corporations.
Urania Defense will provide on site executive protection service for vehicles, expeditions, business, personal belongings as well as threats against persons.
Urania Defense will provide you services that best fit your needs and that is why we are above the rest. Our services are based on a thorough assessment of impending threat and evaluation of client’s current situation.
Urania Defense provides effective and efficient body guarding services. We provide this security service at our client’s convenience, that is, we let our clients enjoy their distance and freedom whilst at the same time our watchful guards are looking after them.
Urania Defense understands that guarding an individual or a family does not necessarily mean being seen with them at all times. Our discrete personnel provide excellent protection without crowding the space of the client.

Expeditions and Convoy Protection

Government & commercial entities require specifically focused and accurate detailed information on the stability and local security when transporting equipment, humanitarian aid or high value scientific research equipment. This information is an important part of operational planning and is synchronized with pre-emptive and responsive security measures when travelling in developing countries or remote locations.

Statistics show that hijacking, theft and armed attacks on vehicles in transit travelling through difficult and hostile environments have become the main targets of criminal organizations and terrorist groups looking to finance further activities.

Our convoy service is an effective and a pre-emptive security measure minimizing your exposure to a criminal or insurgent incident when transporting valuable items to destinations or performing on site studies in challenging or problematic locations in planets or space sectors with ongoing security issues.Taking care of location assembly and logistical defence setup our convoy security specialists are highly trained and all process exceptional skills and experience from operating in changing environments.

To be a Personal Protection Escort for a Client or Principal is a task of immense pride and responsibility. Our Escort Section Team members are Qualified and trained to be efficient, courteous, diligent and to act with integrity in all they do.

Urania Defense has years of experience of providing the highest levels of Client Protection and has a wide range of experience from low visual operations to very high profile operations in the public eye.

Our Close Protection Personal Escorts can travel with you to any destination. If you require specific language skills please advise us of this as soon as possible.

Reconnaissence and incursion

Urania Defense is experienced in handling the most delicate and complex hostile environments reconnaissence and intelligence gathering operations as well as recovery of precious artifacts and rescue of people from dangerous places. All assignments are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality.
Urania Defense agents perform a variety of investigative services to obtain just about any information you may think of on any environment or hostile territories in space or land. We also specialize in background checks, computer forensics, information gathering and investigative research. We combine equipment with experienced and trained private investigators, to become the better choice for investigation services. Our incursion squads are small team of experts particurarly trained for operating in hostile environments, alien worlds and urban sites.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.