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Welcome to the United Republic Fleet. A fleet where everyone has a voice.

United Republic Fleet is a casual member governed organization for mature players that also have lives.

URF let’s you play your way and connect with others who play the same. All why letting you help shape the org.


In my over 15 years of playing MMO type games I have noticed some core problems with most every single gaming organization I have been apart of.

1) Poor leadership and lack of vision

2) inefficiency and ineffectiveness

3) inequality and unfair treatment of members.

I find that most all organizations suffer from same pitfalls that have destroyed nations. Yet people still jump into subjection under a tyrannical dictatorial org leader. It never usually starts out that way but the organizations lacks checks and balances to keep it from happening, which in most cases happens sooner or later. The lack of democracy and value of input of the members creates disunity, divisions and low morale.

Many orgs have also never let their members truly shine in the areas of their interest. Usually anyone that has been around for awhile is given more trusted roles and those that are newer simply just take orders from the people in leadership. Many people have very unique interests and specialization and welcome a position of responsibility and simply want to do more to contribute and to have fair recognition for those contributions.

Organizations additionally are quick to pacify any input that does not align with a single leaders momentary desires.

But there is a different way…

What if an organization was truly molded by its members, if each member had a voice and was given the opportunity to shine in their area of interest and connect with like minded people.

What if leadership was their to support the members and simply set vision rather than attempting to force domineering control over its members.

What if ranks and roles were determined based upon merit and skill rather than politics.

That way is United Republic Fleet


The United Republic Fleet core values:

To provide a member governed mature organizational structure to maximize the game play experience for a wide range of players.

To provide members with the tools and resources to not only enjoy the game but also to grow personally.

To provide members with a helpful gaming community that treats all players with kindness and respect.


As a founder I simply will set vision for the organization, a broad overview of general goals and core values that will be what we seek to be characterized as by a whole. Anyone who agrees with these goals and values may be welcomed into our organization with open arms.

Once a member, you can enjoy the game you’re way and connect with others who share your interests. We don’t want people to feel restricted and want people to enjoy the game how they see fit.

The only time a rigid structure will be adhered to is when a member voluntarily agrees to participate in events where clear command structures is necessary such as co-ordinated tactical operations.

The player is also given the freedom that at any time he or she may choose to discontinue their participation for the remainder of the event with no consequences to them. We understand everyone has different lives, responsibilities and desires. We want people to enjoy the game their way and allow the flexibility to do just that.

Members will have opportunity to use and grow in their areas of interest both in game interests and out. Graphic designers, photographers, writers, filmography, composers and any one who wants to can use the organization to sharpen and grow their real life interests by contributing anyway they would like.

Members who wish to participate through in-game methods can specialize in various in-game professions and use that knowledge and experience to teach, lead and help others.

Members will also be given recognition based on their contributions and skills and to what degree they have contributed.

Leadership will primarily be for the purposes of supporting other members. Rule making and dealing with infractions will be left to specific member elected sub-councils with council members elected for a set term period. This helps rules to be enforced fairly and evenly.

An Elder council will be elected by the people to act as a Supreme Court of sorts that will handle appeals and task sub-councils with objectives. The Elder council will also have 1-2 appointments by the Founder.

All members except probationary members will have the right to vote on issues and to elect council and elder council members


United Republic Fleet Rules:

1. Members shall respect and be kind to all players regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, political views, religious views or play style.

2. Members shall treat all players with equality.

3. Members shall limit discussion about politics and religion and any other controversial topics to personal private discussions.

4. Members shall limit profanity as much as possible.

5. Members shall not post or discuss sexually explicit or suggestive material.

6. Members shall not create an environment of negativity or disunity.

7. Members shall not abuse ranks or privileges.

8. Members shall strive for open and honest communication.

9. Members shall be given the right to vote and participate in governance of the organization.

10. Members shall be given the right to appeal leadership decisions.