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United Research and Space Association / URSA

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URSA, Building a better future.


Hydra Space Discovery was founded 2900. Founder Jacob Henderson and co-founder Paul Swanson wanted to start space exploration business together. Goal was to find valuable artifacts and gather information around the galaxy. At start it was two-man operation flying system to system and exploring planets. After ten years Jacob and Paul had come across many new places and plenty of old ones too. Income through space exploration was decent, but nothing big hadn’t come across them. However they did have few good asteroid belt locations in their data banks and with their savings they decided to invest on mining business and so corporation changed name to Hydra Industries in year 2915. They hired couple mining crews and business started going upwards.

At first Hydra Industries handled selling raw materials themselves. However after awhile volumes became larger and larger so they started using Bentley Trading Co as their primary trading partner. In year 2919 Hydra Industries bought Bentley Trading Co. The Mother company kept the name, but Bentley Trading Co was named Hydra Trading Co and it became subsidiary of Hydra Industries. In corporate buyout Stephanie Bentley, former CEO of Bentley Trading Co, became Head of Trading Department and CEO of Hydra Trading Co. Two-man operation became 50 people operation. In year 2925 young eager man named Mika “Villaovi” Kuusela joined corporation ranks. He began as a explorer in the company. At start he was one of the crew, but soon his skills was recognized by Jacob and Paul, so after 3 years Villaovi were commanding his own crew. He made crucial discoveries for the company and in the year 2932 he was appointed as a Head of Exploration Department. By the year 2935, there were over five hundred workers in the company. In the year 2935 Hydra Industries were able to buy Hammer and Steel Co, manufacturing corporation. Because Hydra Industries were divided to couple subsidiaries, Jacob Henderson thought that it would be best merge to one big corporation and so began corporate fusion in year 2935. Jonathan Marston became Head of Trading Department in the year 2935. In year 2936 fusion was complete and corporation was kept its name, Hydra Industries. Over 2000 people were working in corporation and business was blooming.

17th of June, 2937 was day of sorrow for the corporation. Jacob Henderson was found dead in his bed. His heart gave out. Corporation mourned its loss. As being Co-Founder Paul Swanson took over Jacob’s responsibilities. Soon after that everything started spiralling out of control. Corporation was losing credits and people in the company were unpaid. Dissatifaction started to rise up among the workers. People started leaving the company and they took everything with them what they could. Mining crews took ships. In the year 2940 Stephanie Bentley resigned and starter her retirement. Jonathan took over Stephanie’s responsibilities. However there wasn’t much to do. Most of the manufacturing plants were shut down and business partners stated that corporation didn’t have enough credit anymore. Mika started investigating matter. Corporation accounts were depleted by Paul Swanson and he was nowhere to be found. In the year 2941 Jonathan Marston resigned, because there wasn’t much to do in the corporation. Reputation was gone, accounts were empty, only thing left was Mika’s MISC Freelancer. Hydra Industries declared bankruptcy in year 2941. After that Mika registered new corporation to in his name and issued statement what was happened with the previous corporation. So began building of the Ursa Technological Solutions in the year 2942. Villaovi went back to his first job, being explorer and he has been on that road ever since looking for new business partners. In year 2952 corporation re-branded into United Research and Space Association.

Key Members of the Corporation

Jacob Henderson CEO of Hydra Space Discovery (2900 – 2915)
CEO of Hydra Industries (2915 – 2936)
CEO of Hydra Industries (2936 – 2937) Deceased 17.6.2937
Jonathan Marston Head of Trading Department (2935 – 2941)
Head of Manufacturing Department (2940 – 2941) Resigned
Mika Kuusela Head of Exploration Department (2932 – 2941)
Head of Mining Department (2937 – 2941)
CEO of Hydra Industries (2941 – 2942)
CEO of Ursa Technological Solutions (2942 – 2952
CEO of United Research and Space Association (2952 –
Paul Swanson Head of Mining Department (2915 – 2937)
Head of Manufacturing Department (2935 – 2937)
CEO of Hydra Industries (2937 – 2941) Contract terminated
Stephanie Bentley CEO of Bentley Trading Co (2898 – 2919)
CEO of Hydra Trading Co (2919 – 2936)
Head of Trading Department (2919 – 2935)
Head of Manufacturing Department (2937 – 2940) Retired


The world is always changing, evolving. We in United Research and Space Association create opportunities to all like minded citizens through loyalty, honesty and honor. We shall provide all citizens safe and secure environment to work, to innovate so we can also change, evolve as a corporation.

Our goal is provide best services to all citizens of UEE, to help fellow citizen his or hers time of need. Whether it is exploration or mining or trading or manufacturing that you need, we will provide it to you with excellence. We will grow slowly and steadily for you. Our corporation is determined meet your needs best way possible.

So we want you to rise up to the challenge. Challenge yourselves, challenge us and together we will rise and bring wealth and glory to the corporation.


General guidelines to all members


* Only make full-hearted promises and stand by them


* We are human beings and we act like it. Everyone matters to us


* Everyone should strive to excellence. Always do your very best


* Be loyal to your co-workers and customers


* Always try improve yourself and corporation