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Usual Suspects / USUSPECTS

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We are the Usual Suspects, a collective of hackers, engineers, combat pilots and explorers united by a commitment to use our skills for the greater good. Guided by strong ethical standards, we delve into industrial operations and exploration and fighting – where necessary


In the sprawling cosmos of the Star Citizen universe, amidst the glimmer of distant stars and the silent ballet of celestial bodies, there emerged an organization as unique as it was enigmatic: The Usual Suspects. Rooted in the common idiom of “rounding up the usual suspects,” this organization defied the conventional narrative. Unlike the rogues and renegades often associated with the phrase, The Usual Suspects were heralds of justice, champions of the common good, utilizing skills often misused for nefarious purposes towards benevolent ends.

Founded in the mid-29th century, The Usual Suspects arose during a tumultuous period marked by rampant piracy, corporate espionage, and political corruption. In an era where the lines between right and wrong blurred, a group of like-minded individuals, disillusioned by the widespread misuse of technology and power, converged. They were hackers, engineers, explorers, and strategists, united by a shared ethos: to employ their exceptional skills for the welfare of the galactic populace, not for personal gain or fame.

Their beginnings were humble yet impactful. Operating from a nondescript base in a lesser-known star system, they first made headlines when they averted a major data breach that could have crippled several UEE systems. It was not just their success but their methods that caught the public eye; they used creative, unconventional tactics, often seen as borderline illicit, yet always aligned with a strong moral compass.

As their reputation grew, so did their scope of operations. The Usual Suspects delved into various fields – technology, industrial operations, and space exploration. They were not just fixated on the physical realms of space but were equally fascinated by the possibilities of creative problem-solving. They became known for their ability to devise unexpected solutions using available tools, often leaving their peers in awe.

Despite their successes, The Usual Suspects were not without their flaws. Their unconventional methods occasionally led them astray, sometimes overstepping boundaries in the heat of the moment. However, what set them apart was their willingness to own up to their mistakes, to learn, adapt, and ensure that the welfare of the many always outweighed the thrill of the challenge.

Their ethos of sharing and cooperation extended beyond their immediate operations. They frequently released their technological discoveries to the public, fostering a culture of open innovation and communal growth. Their contributions ranged from advanced industrial tools to new algorithms for efficient deep-space navigation.

In the annals of the Star Citizen universe, The Usual Suspects stand out as an embodiment of the duality of human nature. They are a testament to the idea that skills typically wielded for selfish ends could be repurposed for the greater good. They are not seeking accolades or fame; their satisfaction lay in the knowledge that their actions made the universe a safer, more equitable place.

As the stars continue their eternal dance, the legacy of The Usual Suspects endures. They remain a beacon, illuminating the path for those who believe in using their gifts to challenge the status quo, to protect the vulnerable, and to explore the unknown frontiers of space, technology, and morality. In a universe rife with uncertainty and danger, The Usual Suspects continue to be, paradoxically, the most reliable guardians of peace and progress.


  1. Don’t to to others what you don’t want to be done to you
  2. All things happen in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5. The Law of Fives is never wrong
  3. It is our firm believe that it’s a mistake to hold firm beliefs


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