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Valhalla Syndicate / VALHALLAS

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

We are a Syndicate that is focused on Piracy & making money illegally throughout the Solar System

We accept players of all experience, but those who show commitment, loyalty, help with growth, and help their fellow Pirates will ascend our ranks & obtain special privileges.


Valhalla Syndicate was founded by GETTRDUNN & ICENATION who met in the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility. ICENATION better known as “ICE” a Top Wanted criminal sentenced to 11 years in the Facility for a collection of murders, not wanting to stay any longer met GETTRDUNN better known as “Gett”, both then began to create a plan to escape the Facility. After the plan was made, Gett was then released earlier than expected for good behaviour, he left the facility & began to prepare to execute the plan. ICE now after a few hours, & a few near death experiences finally escaped the Facility, but he was not in the clear yet. Hours went by & ICE’s oxygen began to run out, and what’s even worse is a patrol of Security Officers was noticed in the distance by ICE & was nearing his location. Thankfully, GETTRDUNN finally arrived to ICE’s location with his ship, & so ICENATION then made a desperate RUN for freedom. As he began to run the Security Officers behind him in the distance started to open fire onto ICE trying to take him down, GETTRDUNN then quickly opened his ships lower ramp, & began laying suppressing fire for ICENATION with his ship’s guns cutting down some Officers as ICE ran to the ship ramp. Now onboard, ICE & Gett then went into the planets obit & Quantum Jumped to safety.

When both of them were safe, ICE, & Gett then began to discuss about forming a Syndicate, but not just any Syndicate, one that has a close bond, help support for each other, & a close brotherhood. They both wanted a Syndicate for Pirates, Criminals, Mercenaries, Hitmen, & Smugglers BUT ONLY for those who will actually commit for the Syndicate, & who will put their life on the line for their fellow Syndicate Members. Our founders then formed “Valhalla Syndicate” naming the Syndicate after “Valhalla” in Asgard, as both GETTRDUNN & ICENATION believed strongly in “Valhalla” making them both not fear Death at all


Valhalla Syndicates Intention & prime focus:
- Piracy ☠
- Stealing
- Robbing
- Killing others if provoked ☠
- Smuggling
- Protection
- Hit Contracts ☠
- Mercenary work

Just about ANY work as long LOTS of money is involved

This Syndicate Literally copied & pasted our Syndicate’s Manifesto as they are to lazy to make their own. Please help us by reporting their page for Copyright. For proof go look at both Syndicate’s starting dates…


Syndicate Rules:
- Do not be a Jerk to other members
- Do not cause drama within the Syndicate
- Real life comes first, try to help the Syndicate, & others whenever you can
- Always help your brothers & sisters if assistance is requested (e.g Help provide protection from Bounty Hunters)
- Have fun, don’t take this game & things too serious
(Failure to follow will be a kick from Syndicate)