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Validus / VALIDUS

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Founded in 2868 by a contingent of former UEE pilots and Marines, VALIDUS is a private military contractor, specialising in fleet protection and reconnaissance.

Initially based out of New Austin, Terra, they were able to secure a contract with the Miner’s Guild in The Old Hall to provide assistance for the Chronus Synthworld Construction, more commonly known as ‘Project Archangel’. They have continued to provide information and security services throughout the duration of the construction, and this has allowed them to expand, initially to having offices in Moscow and New York on Terra, and a small sales office in Croshaw. Their timing was impeccable, as Voyager Direct was founded in 2898, at which point Validus was able to pick up escort contracts as well as reach out towards the newly formed Origin Jumpworks on Earth, supplying both test pilots and vital marketing for the X3, 200 and 300 Series ships.
This fueled their coffers further, allowing galactic expansion, to facilities in Elysium, Banshee, Charon, and Kellog; the latter being where a contingent are assigned to QuarterDeck, which aids with fuel costs.

Shortly after Origin Jumpworks had established themselves, Validus suffered the loss of their founder and, faced with a shortfall in manpower, the successor relaxed the regulations on who could join Validus, opening recruitment to the younger generations with no military background, on the condition that they would spend their first 3 years of paid employment serving with Squadron 42, the UEE Volunteer Squadron.




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