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Valinor Aerospace Ltd. / VALINOR

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Welcome to Valinor Aerospace Ltd.!

We are a millennium-old science corporation with a proud history in
Exploration & Aerospace Engineering.

We are also the premier Star Citizen role-play group
at 400 members and growing!
Please visit our community links below for more details!


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We are nearing the dawn of the 31st century.

Thirteen-hundred years since Galileo, mankind has emerged from the Dark Ages, survived its technological adolescence, and now crowd out the stars. All of this was possible because of a few brave men and women who championed the spirit of science – who sought truth, knowledge, and the means to make the world a better place. These forward-thinking visionaries often struggled against the opinions of the ignorant and misinformed, and resisted the temptations of the wealthy, powerful, but greedy. Throughout history, science was often misunderstood, misused, and abused – but almost always by those in the the financial and political arenas, and never by those who truly understand and embrace the “Spirit of Science”.

This is the spirit Valinor Aerospace holds to.

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Corporate History

Valinor Aerospace Ltd. stands apart from the sea of interstellar mega-corporations whose sole interest is in profit and power. The scale of its operations may be small compared to the industry giants, but it has a long and proud history dating all the way back to 2078 – of which very few human organizations can boast.

Following the completion of Dr. Childress’ monumental quantum drive in 2075 – and the revival of public interest for space exploration that followed – Valinor Aerospace was founded by international entrepreneur and secular humanist L. E. Silmaril and his wife, E. S.. Gilthoniel, in the hopes of uniting mankind by advancing us further into the stars. Inspired by the late Dr. Carl Sagan’s visions for humanity’s cosmic future, Valinor Aerospace re-examined the concepts behind the antiquated NASA Project Orion – and in 2097, unveiled humanity’s first fully-functional nuclear fission rocket engine, Elanor, capable of 4.8% of light speed. This historical achievement paved way for many nuclear rocket designs to follow, including the monumental fusion-powered Poseidon design by RSI in 2214 (10% light speed capable). In 2229, Valinor Aerospace once again made history by unveiling humanity’s first anti-matter catalyzed fusion rocket engine, Elenath, capable of 17% of light speed. This invention came too late for adaptation by the famed (though ill-fated) Artemis mission of 2232, which had already opted for the tried-and-true Poseiden engine. Elenath did, however, become a popular choice for the high-end spacecraft market, and was a favorite for those who could afford the premium.

Outside of its scientific pursuits, Valinor Aerospace has a long tradition of social progressivism, and has always been known for its secular humanist philosophies and support for animal rights (and later, alien rights) movements. Valinor Aerospace co-founder E. S. Gilthoniel had a strong interest in intelligent marine life, and was famous for her words, “We as a species have always been fascinated with finding extra-terrestrial intelligence, yet we hardly made any effort to understand and communicate with terrestrial intelligence.”

Mrs. Gilthoniel independently founded the Mithlond Oceanography Institute toward the end of her life – an organization renowned for the complete decipher of cetacean languages in 2082, and subsequently the passing of several international laws which – for the first time – legally recognized sentience outside of the human species. The ripple effect of these laws are now widely attributed to the ultimate prevention of the Earth’s ecosystem collapse in the early half of the 22nd century, and its preservation afterwards. Mithlond Oceanography Institute persists to this day, and remains the prime consultant to terraforming corporations for establishing stable ocean systems off-worlds.

After the First Contact event in 2438, Valinor Aerospace was among the first human corporations to establish a trading relationship with the Banu. The company’s xenophilic stance became controversial during the 26th century, when it publicly criticized the UPE government for the Xi’An cold war and the annexation of the Tevarin. This move proved costly to Valinor Aerospace: Between 2530 and 2580, Valinor Aerospace lost over 40% of its customer base, most of whom were Earth-side clients.

Sensing the onset of a dictatorial Dark Age for humanity (with the UPE being restructured into the UEE), Valinor Aerospace relocated its corporate headquarters to the then-newly-founded Terra colony, where the Earth-based imperial presence was less suffocating and the company’s xenophilic outlook was more widely-accepted. On Terra, Valinor Aerospace slowly re-established its roots – with the Second Tevarin War (2603-2610) proving highly unpopular with the public, and outcry over the (alleged) assassination of the Terran Senator Assan Kieren in 2638, Valinor Aerospace’s humanitarian, philosophies gained a strong support on Terra over the course of the 27th century.

In 2789, Valinor Aerospace – along with several other Terra-based corporations, all at great risk of incurring UEE trade embargo – voiced public support for Terran Senator Terrence Akari’s decision to independantly broker a peace treaty with the Xi’An. Fortunately, Valinor Aerospace avoided the potential political repercussions when rebellion broke out on Earth following the Massacre of Garron II in 2792. With the new progressive government in charge of Sol territories, Valinor Aerospace was once again free to establish a market segment for itself on Earth – though its main operations remained on Terra. The company has since then taken part in several key UEE projects – including the construction of the Ark in 2800 and the ongoing construction of the SynthWorld.

Valinor Aerospace is currently one of the most prominent and well-respected businesses on Terra, with a monolithic headquarter over twelve-hundred meters in height and totaling 300 stories, located right in the heart of downtown Prime. Should you ever visit this beautiful planet, feel free to reserve a tour of our corporate offices.

Corporate Emblems

Valinor Aerospace has two corporate emblems, both designed by company co-founder E. S. Gilthoniel. She and her husband, L. E. Silmaril, were both admirers of 20th century British author J. R. R. Tolkien, and various elements of Valinor Aerospace were derived from his works. The word “Valinor” refers to the sacred dwelling place of the Valar – the gods of the fictional world of Arda, also known as the “Undying Lands”. Within the context of our company, Valinor represents an ideal – a place of truth and knowledge that we may only reach through scientific advancements, self-discovery, and enlightenment.

– = Valinor Aerospace Corporate Emblems = -

To the left is our corporate logo, of which you may already be familiar with. It is typically presented alongside the company name and decorates the hulls of our corporate spacecrafts. The winding curves of the letters “V” and “A” form a road, which represents the “Path to the Heavens”. In Tolkien’s fictional works, the Elves journey to Valinor through a special passage called “The Straight Road”, and the road presented by this emblem draws upon its analogy to humanity’s journey into the stars.

To the right is our rarely-seen corporate heraldry. The white gazelle represents Lórien, the Vala known as the “Keeper of Dreams”. Upon his branching horns, humanity most ancient dreams – those of Stars – are held aloft.

Both emblems contain a set of three bright stars, representing the three Silmarils (sacred star-jewels from Tolkien’s works). These stars symbolize “Truth, Knowledge, Discovery”.


Useful links: Discord | V.A.S. Recruitment Thread

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Valinor Aerospace was founded by great idealists, and to this day, we still adhere to their ideologies:
  1. Self-enlightenment through acquisition of knowledge and rational reasoning.
  2. Betterment of the “human spirit” through a strong education that promotes free thinking.
  3. Betterment of the human condition through advancement of science and social progress.
  4. Pursuit of understanding, cooperation, and peace between all sentient species.

We hold a romantic view of the cosmos, and we seek to better our understanding of its mysteries and beauty. As such, the primary objectives of our corporation are:

  • Space Exploration: Learning about the unknown is at the very heart of science. Therefore, space exploration is at the forefront of our scientific pursuits. You will find our tireless teams of scientists and field researchers operating beyond the boundaries of charted space, sending back new discoveries every day.
  • Science & Research: Valinor Aerospace has its earliest roots in aerospace engineering, and we have always been a forerunner in technological innovation when it comes to spacecraft components. To this day, our proud team of engineers still builds some of the best and most prestigious aerospace hardware in the galaxy. Not only are our high-performance parts favored by many high-end spacecraft manufacturers, but we also specialize in customizing and fine-tuning ship systems. If you wish to find a company to push your ship’s engines, power plants, and weapon systems beyond the limits of what you thought was possible, you will not find a better team than ours to do the job.

Furthermore, our corporation has several secondary objectives:

  • Interstellar Commerce: While the accumulation of wealth isn’t the primary goal of Valinor Aerospace, we do maintain a strong trading relationship with most human colonies to finance our scientific pursuits. Furthermore, inline with our desire to see peace and understanding between different species, we have a special emphasis on inter-species trading and partnership. Many of our traders operate well beyond UEE borders. Do not be surprised to find alien crew members on our ships and space stations as well – we were one of the first human corporations to standardize “open-door” hiring policies.
  • Fleet Logistics: With so many of our ships operating on the fringes of charted space, it is necessary to resupply them efficiently. Valinor Aerospace maintains a number of trade & supply stations in the frontiers, as well as our own fleet of supply & refueling vessels. Freelancers as well as members of other corporations are welcome to utilize the convenience of our services for a minimal fee.
  • Fleet Security: While Valinor Aerospace has traditionally held a pacifist outlook, the rise of interstellar piracy has made it necessary for corporations operating in the fringe sectors to maintain a sizable fleet of armed escorts for their science & trading vessels. Valinor Aerospace is no exception. Our Fleet Security division has been serving the public trust and securing shipping lanes from the menace of piracy since 2652.


Useful links: Discord | V.A.S. Recruitment Thread

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Below are our organization’s policies. Please read through them carefully before applying!


  • Only polite, mature, and responsible individuals may apply – preferably players over 18 years of age, but exceptions can be made. Valinor Aerospace aims to provide a pleasant, “drama-free” environment for all members. We will not tolerate problematic individuals who disrupt the harmony of our community.


  • Valinor Aerospace aims to provide an immersive, narrative-driven atmosphere for all members. I believe this is inline with the emphasis on immersion Chris Roberts has given to the Star Citizen project. We will therefore have a strong role-play orientation, with the goal of nurturing a strong team of creative writers and becoming the leader of the role-playing community in Star Citizen. Many of us will role-play both in game and on forums, in addition to writing fan-fictions. Participation isn’t required, but it is encouraged.


  • Multi-guild membership is allowed – but not encouraged – and should only be done for role-playing/narrative purposes (for example, if you want a character who focuses on bounty hunting and mercenary work, then he or she would be allowed to join a mercenary company). Do not spread yourself too thin – while our gameplay hours policy may be fairly lenient, we would prefer if you remain active with us. Inactive members are subject to dismissal.


  • As an “ethical” organization, all members of Valinor Aerospace are strictly forbidden from engaging in acts of piracy. If you wish to play out the role of a pirate or otherwise “morally-grey” character, please pick an RP-friendly group that supports this.


  • We operate on the principle of common decency. Be friendly and courteous to all players, including those who fly alone or are in other organizations. In the game, if you see a stranger in trouble, and are in the position to help, then you should assist him or her to the best of your abilities.


  • Unlike most gaming guilds, voice communication will NOT be mandatory. Many people, including myself, are microphone-shy. I personally also find text-based communication to be less distracting and immersion-breaking during gameplay. However, I understand many people like to have a voice chatroom to interact with fellow players, and I respect their preferences. We have therefore acquired our own Dedicated Discord Server – feel free to drop by!


  • We are not a hardcore gamer group. We will not require you to put in a set amount of hours per week on gameplay, or force you to participate in group events. Real life comes first!


  • Players from all nations are welcome! We are an international group with about 40% of the members located in Europe and 10% in Oceania/Asia. We will likely elect activity coordinators for each timezone in game.