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Vatallus / VATALLUS

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We are an organization that is continually working to distinguish ourselves through our high level of play, organization, and professionalism.


< In Game Lore >

< Vatallus – The Name >

A portmanteau of the Latin “vasallus” (servant) and “vitalis” (life force). A most fitting name, Vatallus members are often described as servants of the cause. There is a long history of members of Vatallus striving for the betterment of the brigade while ignoring the lure of personal gain. So strong is the belief in this philosophy, the organization almost takes on the characteristics of a single entity. This pervasive doctrine often leads to members being described as zealots.

< Rise of Vatallus >

Vatallus began as a group of human colonists, scientists, and explorers who found themselves on the frontiers of space during the very beginnings of the Messer era, at the formation of the Empire. Humans were sent to research and colonize a planet that later was discovered to harbor dormant alien life. At first these expeditions were peaceful, meaning to bring insight to the Empire. However, conflict erupted, and the UEE tightened their grip with the enforcement of military doctrines, and backed up by naval support, dissent grew within the ranks of the colony.

Once the short-lived conflict with the alien species was over, the UEE did not relent, instead reinforcing their position and looming over the human populace which had established itself within several outposts and cities. Those who had been researching the alien technology, having become disillusioned with UEE oversight and regulations, turned on the Empire, inciting a prolonged cold war.

As turmoil in the inner systems of human space flared up following the installation of the Imperator, enforcement on the edge of known space was difficult due to internal politics within the core human worlds. Thus, the Vatallus movement was born. Seeking to recover and repurpose the alien technology, they actively worked against the UEE; covertly at first, then openly in prolonged conflict, while the attentions of the Imperator were elsewhere.

Vatallus constructed a secret base-city known as Robenia, far from the UEE elements on the planet, where “traitorous” research could be continued. The city was named after the ancient Earth plant of the same name, not only for the thorny, pointed appearance of Vatallus constructions but for the insidious nature of the experimentation being conducted therein.

Integrating the alien technology into their own propulsion, armor, and weaponry while building this outpost required vast amounts of power, and raids were conducted to steal power cores from UEE settlements and ships.

This proved greatly successful, until the turmoil in the core worlds from the reforming of the UEE under Messer doctrines was complete…

< The Umbral War >

Vatallus had managed to integrate enough alien technology into their arsenals that they initiated open hostilities with the UEE over control of the planet. It was here that the downfall of Vatallus began, as the alien technology they had merged into their stolen power core would ultimately prove to be unstable.

The power core initially exceeded output expectations, giving enough energy to allow Vatallus to oppose their oppressors, however, deep within the core an undetectable cascade brought about by the fusion of human and alien technologies had begun- ultimately sealing their fate.

Furthermore, the UEE could no longer simply allow Vatallus to function outside their jurisdiction, and began their own campaign. Inner turmoil from the reorganization of the core worlds had been resolved, and this lead to a refocus on the neglected fringes of space. The UEE dispatched a task force known as operation Lepidoptera to quell the insurrection, and literally consume Robenia.

The enhanced core reactor of Robenia city began not to only damage the surface of the planet, but the city’s super-structure as well. Spacial distortions arced from the former jump drive reactor through the composite structure of the alien building materials that attenuated the energy, acting as a giant repeater, and collapsed segments of the planet around the city with uncontrolled gravitational forces from modified gravity generators. These depressions crushed Vatallus structures, and rendered the city without power. Some form of alien influence would seem to be to blame, or perhaps a failure to understand and properly integrate the technology.

This turn of events, leaving them mostly defenseless, caused Vatallus to flee from the oncoming UEE assault. When the task group arrived, they eradicated any trace of Vatallus presence, and those unfortunate enough to not escape in time. The new power of the UEE was wielded as a cleansing flame, seeking to destroy any knowledge of the conflict, or the dangerous alien research.

Officially redacted from UEE records, ill fitted to the narrative of the Messer doctrines at the time, particularly with regard to rogue agents of the UEE experimenting with dangerous alien technology. Officially, Vatallus never existed, and like before, using this to their advantage they faded into the shadows to regroup and rebuild.

< Present Day >

Vatallus have long been searching for the ability to maintain their autonomy. They seek out new sources of ancient alien technology to duplicate, and perfect, in order to stay independent of the UEE. Sometimes this involves salvaging alien ships such as those from the more recent Vanduul threats, or delving deep into ancient alien ruins on planetary bodies.

In recent times, due to growing conflict with the Vanduul, later generations of Vatallus have revealed themselves in order to take advantage of the turmoil on the edges of UEE space to forge their own path in the ‘Verse.

In rememberance of the fallen Robenia, Vatallus wings are called by the names of poisonous plants- perhaps as a gesture of continual defiance.

< Present Day – UEE Relations >

Although they are no friends of the UEE in present day, they do not go out of their way to engage in open combat, preferring instead to remain neutral and stick to their own means. Sometimes this is in line with local laws, sometimes not. Their dedication is to their own.

Their history has lead their prior structure; today remaining one of an organized military and using those assets to protect their own interests.

< Out of Game >

We are a gaming group with a long history and we focus on teamwork and shared insanity (the good kind).

Vatallus is a gaming community formed in late 2009, with insights from many different game genes (FPS, MMO, Sandbox, flight-sims; just to name a few). Originally founded by a group of veterans and new players in a flying MMO known as Ace Online, we quickly became one strongest entities not by numbers, levels or gear, but by the dedication and teamwork of our members. We also refined a player based coordinate system to give accurate information for players to use.


< Independence >

The main objective of Vatallus is to be free from the control of the United Empire of Earth. Fostering this independence has been the nature of Vatallus regardless of who holds the reins of power- in this case the UEE. Vatallus is organized like a military, though largely without the rigidity that normal chains of command lend themselves to. Each member knows their responsibilities, and carries them out accordingly. Although Vatallus has leaders, the goal has always been for members to fall into whichever roles they naturally find themselves drawn to.

Although looking for independence from the UEE, Vatallus is not opposed to working with the UEE’s allies. Vatallus seeks to place it’s goals above or around the law that is imposed should they directly conflict, but do not go out of their way to cause trouble.

The ability to act according to our own sovereignty is a key to their success.

< Harvesting Technology, Conflict and Exploration>

Vatallus believes that the key to Independence is not relying on human technology from human worlds under the influence of the UEE, instead acquiring, studying, and integrating alien knowledge and artifacts into existing human endeavors. This has lead to the exploration and forcible “liberation” of alien tech and other resources from planets and research facilities.

The vast frontier of space provides an opportunity for Vatallus to expand and explore, largely undetected by the UEE. Occupying themselves by looking for worlds that may have held alien civilizations, tracking down and discovering lost knowledge, or by making contact with previously unknown species. Anything that is be found is rigorously scrutinized and refined into usable goods.

Vatallus does not strive to break local laws, but will circumvent any laws which oppose the organizational goals. This means planets that are classified as “Restricted” by the UEE may find themselves infiltrated by Vatallus units.

< Structure >

As the nature of the organization invariably leads it to combat, members of Vatallus are expected to be prepared for action. As a militaristic organization, this means that Vatallus ships and crew are always battle-ready. Vatallus is willing to work with anyone that does not oppose its goals.


< Full Charter >

The Vatallus Charter is a document designed to get everyone on the same page within our organization. It describes the goals and procedures we use to be successful.

Our full charter is a living document that is presently around 50 pages long that includes the full roles and responsibilities for ranks and our members. It is available upon verbal request through joining our Teamspeak server.

This document is updated and maintained by members of Vatallus. It is expected to be read and improved upon by suggestions from our members.

Teamspeak 3 is absolutely mandatory for Vatallus members. If you cannot speak, we still expect people to listen. Please connect to the Teamspeak server at:

The Charter will evolve and change as it needs to, in order to fall in line with the development of Star Citizen and to fit our needs as we grow.

< Summary >

In lieu of presenting such a large document on one page, below is the summary of how we conduct ourselves.

Vatallus is a gaming group that focuses on teamwork, coordination, and camaraderie. We believe that focusing on improving the group as a whole is more important than developing single standout players.

Joining and being a part of Vatallus is adhering to the philosophy of being part of a whole, and while your individual contributions are praised, the purpose lift those around you and achieve something greater then a personal victory.

Above all else, Vatallus members help Vatallus members, and this has always been the case. We don’t sell or trade within our organization- if there is a hole, we fill it.

While we appear distant and aloof to outsiders, we strive for a camaraderie which is unmatched by other organizations.

Teamspeak 3 is absolutely mandatory for Vatallus members. Even if you cannot speak, we still need you to be able to listen. Please connect to the Teamspeak server at:

< Expectations of All Members >

  • Be a proper human being
  • Adhere to the chain of command
  • Respect other gamers- inside and outside of the Organization
  • Notify other members of any planned or unplanned absences as soon as you can (real life comes first)
  • Exhibit professionalism – be at your best, represent Vatallus in a positive manner, show your interest
  • Do not cheat

Although real life does take precedence, try to be active as often as possible. If you know that you’re going to be inactive for any length of time, please inform the organization. If you fail to inform us and the absence goes for an extended period of time, you may be removed or someone else may step into your rank.