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Van Diemen's Volunteers Defence Corporation / VDV

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The Van Diemen’s Volunteer Defence Corporation is a free band of citizens, united for the commonwealth of our members. We seek to expand upon the righteous ideals of the UEE and fight against terror and lawlessness.


The Van Diemen Volunteers ( VDV ) was formed by a resilient and battle hardened division of the UEE.

They were stationed on the border of UEE and Vanduul space and sustained heavy losses holding territory against the constant onslaught from this alien threat as well as many criminal factions living on the fringes.

These soldiers soon became disillusioned as the Major General in charge failed to support their ranks sufficiently in order to curtail the losses.
Years passed with this continued indifference to their plight.
The ranking officers had seen too much and could no longer stand by and allow the slaughter to continue unabated.
Here we see the creation of what is now known as the VDV.
These ranking officers decided it was time to part ways with the UEE and forge their own path.
Most of the division followed, loyal to those who had shown them unwavered support and brotherhood right from the start.
They took with them the same values for which they had fought and died.
They would still uphold the law and protect the innocent from all those that wish harm.
But in becoming the VDV they could do this unencumbered by the bureaucracy that had sent so many of their brothers and sisters to their deaths.

We stand for what is JUST
We stand together as ONE
We stand as the VDV


We are Volunteers

We are Free men and women united for the commonwealth of our members.

We are Citizens

We seek to expand UEE civilization and fight against terror and lawlessness by abiding and upholding the law.

We are Pioneers

We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of economical, technological and imperial expansion.


Article 1 Code of Conduct

The ‘Code of Conduct’ is the focus of Article 2. As a member of the Van Diemen’s Volunteers Defence Corporation (VDV) you agree and submit to the following.

Section 1 – Representation

The Code of Conduct applies when representing VDV in:

  • The Verse
  • All public and private forums
  • Discord channels
  • Social media

Section 2 – Expectation

The members of the VDV must, at all times comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The Organisation will not condone the activities of members who achieve results through violation of the law or unethical dealings. This includes:

  • Any payments for illegal acts
  • Indirect contributions
  • Rebates
  • Bribery

Section 3 – Professionalism

The Organisation does not permit any activity that fails to reflect the VDV’s best interests. The VDV has a strict vocab-guideline for all of its members as to achieve both a professional and safe environment in which to operate. As such the VDV will not tolerate:

  • Any form of disrespect or discrimination towards anyone on the basis of ethnicity, race, sex, nationality, national origin, religion or lack thereof, and;
  • Curse words and blasphemy (against Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc.. or any other religion)

The VDV is historically and in reality a diverse group of citizens. so respect our history and one another.

Section 4 – Requirements

It is a privilege to be a member of the VDV and not a right. Membership to the VDV can be revoked if members break the governing rules.

  • The age of admittance into the Van Diemen’s Volunteers Defence Corporation is 17 +, any other applications are welcome to apply, however persons will be tested and scrutinized harder during the Recruitment and Enlisted period.

Article 2 Rules

The Van Diemen’s Volunteers Defence Corporation is a body governed by the regulations set by the High Command. These rules have been established to ensure the prosperity and that the mission and vision of the VDV remains intact. Those who break the doctrine will face exspulsion.

Section 1 – Terms & Conditions

The rules that govern the VDV and its actions are outlined but not limited to;

  • VDV members at all times will remain subordinate and loyal to the VDV. This means that active participation in organised events is required over any other organisation. Any disclosure of sensitive intel is strictly prohibited
  • Orders will be followed immediately and without question. This is to maximise efficiency in the VDV as it grows and to ensure that all members are capable of pulling their weight.
  • Respect at all times your subordinates and superiors without question. Professionalism is an essential part of the VDV’s mechanics. This ensures maximum proficiency.
  • Offensive language will not be tolerated. See Articl! 1 – Section 3. (a,b)
  • Do not commit any actions considered criminal by the VDV or you will face expulsion from the Org. See Article 1 – Section 2