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Those Guys with Ships / VERSECAST

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Those Guys with Ships began in the summer of 2014 with three guys, some ships, and a whole lot of excitement for the upcoming best damn space sim ever!, Caleb and Gl33p were the guys, Star Citizen is the game! Filling our RSI Organization with friends to play with was our goal. Starting the Versecast podcast was our plan for achieving that goal.

In January of 2019 and Gl33p handed off the Guy in Charge role to Wolf Larsen! Wolf has a ton of experience working with groups in and out of gaming. We are all excited for this change and the future of the Org!


Those Guys with Ships is at its heart a casual social Organization. Our aim is to create a place where anyone who is interested can join others who share their desire to play Star Citizen. It doesn’t matter what ship or ships a person has, nor how good they are at flying those ships. It doesn’t matter how much time a person has to commit to playing the game. All anyone needs to be one of us is a desire to play the game with friends.

Everyone is welcome to come play in whatever ship they have whenever they can for as little or as long as they want.

Our only requirement is that people be respectful of others within the group and of the group as a whole. We expect that people will behave appropriately in the forums, on Discord, and when within earshot of others in voice chat. We expect people to not use membership in the group for disingenuous purposes. Though we endorse playing any of the roles explicitly supported by the game’s rules and mechanics, the Those Guys with Ships Organization is not intended to be an exploitable in-fiction enterprise.

The journey to Star Citizen launch is a marathon, not a sprint. While we wait TGwS are playing other games too! Anyone is welcome to join us on our gaming community Discord server. Come out and play with us!


Originally founded by, Caleb and Gl33p, the responsibility for administering the Those Guys with Ships Organization currently rests upon Wolf Larsen., Gl33p and Caleb are emeritus Founders.

In January of 2018, after 187 episodes, the Versecast podcast was reborn as The Versecast 2.OH! vodcast. The show’s renewed focus was intended to emphasize our gaming community’s primary focus. That focus is having friendly friends to play the online games we love with.

In January of 2019 the Versecast podcast was retired and the Guy in Charge role was handed over to noted community member Wolf Larsen.