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Varangian Forge / VFORGE

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The Varangian Forge

Forging camaraderie among spacefarers, united by valor, loyalty, and a thirst for adventure.

Together we shape our future, hammer our names into stars, and burn impurities.

Help us as we pump the bellows and p=shape the white metal of fate!


Founding and Early Days:

In the distant past of the 30th century, a group of like-minded spacefarers, inspired by the legendary Varangian Guard of ancient Earth, came together with a shared vision. These pioneers, led by a charismatic and experienced captain named Erik “The Shield” Thorsen, sought to build a brotherhood that embodied the values of honor, loyalty, and martial prowess. Thus, the Varangian Forge was born.

The early days were challenging, as the fledgling organization navigated the vastness of space, carving out a reputation for itself. They began by offering their services as elite mercenaries and explorers, quickly gaining renown for their effectiveness and unwavering principles. Their base of operations was a heavily fortified space station known as “The Anvil,” strategically located in a resource-rich sector.

Expansion and Consolidation:

As their reputation grew, so did their numbers. The Varangian Forge attracted skilled pilots, fearless marines, and astute traders from all corners of the galaxy. They forged alliances with several influential factions, ensuring mutual protection and economic benefits. During this period, they expanded their fleet, acquiring advanced ships and cutting-edge technology to bolster their operational capabilities.

The Forge also established several outposts and mining operations, securing vital resources that fueled their growth. They were not just warriors, but also builders, creating thriving communities wherever they settled. These efforts were guided by their motto: “Strength through Unity.”

Notable Campaigns and Achievements:

Over the years, Varangian Forge undertook numerous high-profile missions that cemented their status as one of the most formidable organizations in the universe. Some of their most notable achievements include:

The Siege of Krelos IV: The Forge played a crucial role in lifting the siege on the colony of Krelos IV, where they outmaneuvered a superior enemy force through brilliant tactics and sheer determination.

Operation Starfire: A daring deep-space rescue mission that saved hundreds of civilians from a failing space station threatened by a massive asteroid storm.

The Concordia Pact: They brokered a peace treaty between two warring planetary systems, showcasing their diplomatic acumen and commitment to peace.

Present Day:

Today, the Varangian Forge stands as a beacon of strength and integrity in an often chaotic galaxy. Their ranks are filled with veterans and newcomers alike, all bound by a code of honor and the spirit of camaraderie. The Anvil remains their primary stronghold, a testament to their enduring legacy.

The organization continues to thrive, taking on contracts that align with its values and expanding its influence across the stars. They remain vigilant, ever ready to defend their allies, explore uncharted territories, and face whatever challenges the universe throws at them.


Forged in the Stars, United by Steel

In the cold void of space, where the only certainty is the unknown, we are the Varangian Forge. We are a brotherhood, bound not by blood, but by the fire of our shared trials and the steel of our unwavering resolve. Our creed is simple yet profound: we sharpen our steel on steel, we stand as one in the shield wall, and we embrace our rough around the edges nature.

Sharpening Steel on Steel:

We believe that strength is forged through challenge. Each member of the Varangian Forge hones their skills and fortifies their spirit by facing adversity head-on. We welcome the crucible of battle, the rigors of exploration, and the demands of survival in the harshest environments. Through these trials, we become sharper, stronger, and more resilient. In our ranks, every skirmish is a lesson, every setback a stepping stone to greater glory.

The Shield Wall:

Unity is our shield. In the Varangian Forge, we understand that our true power lies in our collective strength. Like the ancient Varangians of Earth, we form an impenetrable shield wall, each member a vital link in the chain of our defense. We protect our own, and we face our enemies together, shoulder to shoulder. Loyalty and camaraderie are the cornerstones of our existence; betrayal and selfishness have no place among us. When one of us is threatened, we all rise to the challenge.

Rough Around the Edges:

We are not polished diplomats or genteel aristocrats. We are warriors, explorers, and survivors, marked by the scars of countless battles and the grit of hard-earned experience. Our rough edges are a testament to our journey, our flaws a reminder of our humanity. We speak plainly, act decisively, and live boldly. In the Varangian Forge, there is no room for pretense. We value authenticity and the rugged individualism that each member brings to our fold.

Our Oath:

We, the Varangian Forge, swear to uphold these principles:

  • To embrace the forge of adversity, continually honing our skills and spirits.
  • To stand united in the shield wall, protecting and supporting our brethren.
  • To accept and celebrate our rough edges, valuing the strength they represent.
  • We pledge to be the vanguard in the face of danger, the stalwart defenders of our allies, and the relentless seekers of adventure. In the vast expanse of the universe, we carve our legacy with the sharpness of our steel, the unity of our shield wall, and the indomitable spirit of our rough and ready nature.

Join Us:

To those who seek a place where strength, unity, and authenticity reign supreme, the Varangian Forge welcomes you. Stand with us, sharpen your steel, and add your strength to our shield wall. Together, we will conquer the stars and forge a future of boundless possibilities.


We, the members of Varangian Forge, establish this charter to affirm our commitment to our shared values and to guide our collective endeavors. Rooted in the traditions of the ancient Varangians and inspired by the boundless potential of the cosmos, we strive to create a community where strength, unity, and authenticity are paramount. This charter serves as the foundation of our organization, outlining our principles, structure, and operations.

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name of Organization

The name of our organization shall be Varangian Forge.

Section 2: Purpose of Organization

Our purpose is to foster a community of like-minded spacefarers dedicated to mutual support, honorable conduct, and the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors within the Star Citizen universe.

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Membership Requirements

All members must be at least 18 years old.
Members must possess a resilient and thick skin, capable of handling criticism and adversity with maturity.
Members must commit to upholding the values outlined in this charter.

Section 2: Membership Conduct

Members must treat one another with respect and consideration, refraining from personal attacks, harassment, or any form of toxic behavior.
Discussions related to politics and religion should remain light-hearted and should not be taken seriously.
NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is restricted to designated channels accessible only to members with the NSFW role, which is invite-only and granted at the discretion of organization leaders.

Section 3: Conflict Resolution

Members are encouraged to resolve conflicts amongst themselves as mature adults.
If a conflict becomes unresolvable, members should reach out to an officer for mediation.
Should an officer need to step in without being prompted, both parties involved will be subject to disciplinary action.

Section 4: Expulsion

Any member found to be acting contrary to the values and rules of Varangian Forge may be subject to expulsion after a review by the leadership team.

Article III: Governance

Section 1: Leadership Structure

The organization shall be led by a council of officers, including a Founder, Commanders, and other designated roles as necessary.
Officers shall be responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the organization and its members.

Section 2: Officer Responsibilities

Officers shall oversee membership recruitment, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and the overall welfare of the organization.
Officers shall ensure that the organization’s values and rules are upheld consistently.

Section 3: Decision Making

Major decisions affecting the organization shall be made by the council of officers, with input from the general membership when appropriate.
Decisions shall be made transparently and communicated clearly to all members.

Article IV: Operations

Section 1: Activities

Varangian Forge shall engage in a variety of activities, including but not limited to exploration, combat missions, trading, and community events.
Members are encouraged to participate actively and contribute to the organization’s endeavors.

Section 2: Communication

The primary communication platform for Varangian Forge shall be a secure, encrypted server (e.g., Discord) with appropriate channels for different topics and activities.
Members are expected to use these channels respectfully and follow the established guidelines for communication.

Section 3: Security

Operational Security (OPSEC) is paramount. Sensitive information should be shared only on a need-to-know basis and through secure channels. Members should be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or breaches to the officers immediately.

Article V: Amendments

Section 1: Proposal of Amendments

Any member may propose an amendment to this charter.
Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the council of officers.

Section 2: Approval of Amendments

Amendments shall be discussed and voted on by the council of officers.
An amendment shall be adopted if it receives a majority vote from the officers.

Article VI: Dissolution

Section 1: Voluntary Dissolution

The organization may be dissolved voluntarily by a unanimous vote of the council of officers.

Section 2: Distribution of Assets

Upon dissolution, any remaining assets shall be distributed in a manner agreed upon by the officers, preferably to benefit the broader Star Citizen community.