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Incoming Transmission…
ZztT-This is-zztZt-requesting backup-TzZT-Pyro Syste-TzZt
Signal Lost.

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We are a proud member of Cognition Corp.


H4 was founded in 2944 by two friends to do what the UEE government was too hesitant to do at the time; Take the fight to the Vanduul. Driven by the loss of multiple systems to humanity’s greatest menace, they set out to create a private military company capable of supporting itself and providing assistance to others along the way.

Eventually, the founders received a promising communication: an invitation to be one of the founding member organizations of Cognition Corp. New recruits joined, and the four divisions were created, expanding the scope of operations. H4 began undertaking combat missions within the Stanton system by late 2945 to aid the local security forces in dealing with the criminal presence undermining the war effort, and to establish their own rudimentary logistics network in the area.

As of 2953, H4 has assisted Stanton’s corporate security firms and the UEE military in reducing criminal activity by conducting countless drug raids, combat flights, EVA/ground missions, and rescue services, even destroying a Vanduul scouting party that appeared in the system shortly after the Battle of Vega.

H4 continues operations within the Stanton system to this day, preparing for new missions in nearby systems…

2944-12-22 – H4 is founded.
2945-03-13 – H4 joins Cognition Corp.
2945-07-16 – The “Big Four” command system is established, using the acronym W.E.S.T. – Weapons, Exploration, Stealth, and Trading.
2946-08-2 – H4 reaches 50 members!

H4 flies with:
Cognition Corp.
Operation Pitchfork
Fortitude Corp.
Xenotech Industries
Archon Intergalactic
Interstellar Diplomacy
Interstellar Logistics & Transport Service
Wolves of Odin


H4 is an organization split into four divisions – Weapons, Exploration, Stealth, and Trading. We are particularly focused on researching and fighting the Vanduul menace. We aim to be self sufficient, and to establish an efficient logistics network, while building outposts and bases along the way.

We are a member of Cognition Corp.
We will be participating in Operation Pitchfork


If so, please feel free to join our Discord! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


Rules and Regulations
- Don’t be an ass. We’re all just trying to have fun here.
- Respect your teammates, but feel free to rib like hell.
- Absolutely no griefing (e.g. pad-ramming (Refer to rule #1!)).

The “Big Four” are the leading members of H4’s divisions and each have a unique commanding role. Remember W.E.S.T.!
Weapons – dragonsl1200
Exploration – SdoR
Stealth – Shrieker
Trading – Hockeygamer22

How does the loaner ship system work?